Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday's almost over!!!

how did you do? my christmas with the family isn't until Friday so we shall see. Dh normally makes rib roast but this year he decided to do Steaks instead. which i am ok with. i don't really care for rib roast. We also do ham for the little ones. I am making 7 layer dessert. yeah so so so HIGH in points.

Kids are off school and I thought i wouldn't be able to get to the gym but i have been able to get to Pump twice this week. Friday is still iffy. Inlaws will be here and not sure if i can sneak away. i have an elliptical so i can pop on that if need be. The scale has me back down to 193.8. that is good. Dh on the other hand gained 5#. probably from all the Toffay's he has been eating. They are evil but they are out of my sight cuz if not they would so be resting on my hips. Dh also hasn't worked out since who knows when. I just remembered we do our girls trip to MOA, a lot of walking so it should be all good. I hope the girls want to go to Stir crazy. i been wanting to eat there ever since i heard it was opening. Stir Fry, yummy

For those of you who don't know. Body Pump is now available to purchase for home use. So if you don't have a gym membership or your gym don't offer Pump. you can now do it at home. it is an awesome workout. works every part of your body. I been doing it 3x a week. when i tell family what i do they just say "ok" but when they see what the work out is they are "Awesome good for you" And if the Grannies in my class can do it, so can you.

Food Find Stouffer's Easy Skillet. OMG they are so good. One bag is 2 servings and they are GREAT portions. (i do add a little extra broccoli and shrimp or chicken to mine) The points factor from 7-9pts for a serving. Pretty much what you get in those WW meals but more food. So far I have tried Garlic Shrimp (my fave) Shrimp Fried Rice (yummy) Dh has tried Chicken and Vegetable (that was nummy) Chicken Alfredo (the sauce was a bit runny, dh prefers the WW bag one. says flavor is better) Today i picked up Chicken and dumplings for the man. They also have Garlic chicken (if it is like the shrimp one YUMMY) Beef and Broccoli (another asian one i have to try) Chicken teriyaki. Cheesy meatball rigatoni, ugh i can't think of the rest. One bag is $4 at walmart and if it is just you put other serving away and it heats up great the next day.

New years brings a lot of people with their resolutions to loose weight. since I am already on that train, i guess i will have to think of something else. I expect Pump class is going to be crazy insane next week. Need to make sure i get there early so i get my spot in back.

I am excited about the inlaws coming cuz my SiL hasn't seen me since Jan last year. that was 60# ago. I love when family sees you after a big loss.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weigh In 12-24-11 ugh

I went up 1.5 pounds this week. UGH I blame dh. I bought some Toffay candy at Aldi. 1 package. I split it with dh and then dh said "why didn't you get more, go back tomorrow" So i went and got more. 9 BOXES. The temptation was too much. i told him to freeze them. So we did. Ahhh better. Until he keeps bringing them in the house. So i need to learn not to check his drawer.

Oh and I am camping out in the Crimson Tent. So that could be it also. I have been broken for a week now. this is the longest for me. But is super light, there are times I think I am done but then I go to the bathroom and bright red.

This week my fitness wasn't the greatest either. If i would have done what i normally done I probably would have just been even. but I missed B.P on Monday but i did do the elliptical (doc appointment) Tuesday missed W.F (dentist) no elliptical though, Wednesday i made it to Body pump, Thursday missed W.F (Sam's program) no elliptical again. Friday i got to B.P. So yeah my normal 5-6 workouts were down to 2.5. No wonder I gained.

Next week is going to be a challenge, i can do B.P probably but not sure I want to do W.F. what i do all depends on what time the kids get up and if i can sneak out. Dh is off work so I am sure i can but we shall see. Inlaws get in on Thursday so i probably will miss B.P on Friday. Depends on when our trip to MOA is going to be.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weigh In 12-17-11

Well today I come in at a .5 lb loss. I am ok with that. a loss is a loss right and any loss in December is GREAT. As we all know holiday's pack on the pounds, which is why so many people make weight loss as there new years resolution. I am expecting a HUGE crowd in my gym classes come Jan. going to have to make sure we get there early on Pump days. I am at 194.2. I initially had my next goal set at 180 but my next goal is going to be 186. WHY? Because my sister told me she is at 187. so my next goal is to be below her weight. Yeah in hopes to get her motivated again that I am creeping up on her.. 7lbs away

My musings for the week. There are times when I look down at my legs when walking up the stairs and thing "wow are these my legs" or I will be driving and look at my hands on the wheel and think, "man my hands look thin" I also don't shy away from the camera like i use to. I actually took a picture of myself the other day with my new phone. I liked it. I sent it to my family and my mom in her, oh so motherly love says "you are getting your pretty back, keep it up" While you can take that as a compliment i thought..."love you to mom that you thought i was ugly" I know my mom loves me. But still that caught me off guard. ;) Though don't catch me with my cloths off cuz Ewwww!!!! but I am going to have to live with that for awhile till I 1. loose more and 2. save money. But yeah Ewwww!

I am excited about the holidays in a few days. BiL's family is coming. The last time they seen us was Jan. I was 60lbs heavier then. Then after that I am excited about March, Scrapbooking crop. Yep, i was 60+lbs heavier that time too.

Another gripe i have is people telling me or even just saying "you know if you cut out sugar the weight will just melt off" I am sorry but i don't want to cut out sugar. Yes, i know the weight will come off, i will feel better, blah blah blah. but I FEEL GREAT, I am happy about my loss and I am happy that i can still eat things i enjoy in moderation. Why should i mess with a good thing? I like chocolate, I like desserts. Sure i can't eat them like i use to but I can still eat them from time to time. So don't even bother telling me about the sugar thing cuz (fingers in ears) La La La La I can't hear you.

Next week, ugh going to be rough on my workouts. Monday I have OB appointment. wasn't thinking but it is Body pump day. But i will do elliptical that day. Tuesday Dentist during water fitness. ugh. Well there is a B.P class at 12:10, so i guess i will go then. Wednesday, B.P. all good that day. but Thursday there is a holiday program for Sam and in laws are coming in for that. it is also during Water Fitness time. So i may have to do B.P that day at 12:10 also if Sam cooperates (DH is home so he can watch her) Friday is up in the air will be out of school. it is B.P day. DH will be home so i will probably be OK sneaking out with Sam and going to workout. then the kids will be on holiday break till the 3rd of January. what to do what to do. that is all up in the air on whether the kids will behave for me to go out to the gym. or will it be a workout at home deal. Thank goodness we have an elliptical and some fitness Xbox games.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekends are hard for me

I have a hard time sticking to the plan and always over eat. I was doing good yesterday, survived McD's but then i ate some brownie cheesecake things. urg. Today I am doing OK, big breakfast of 1 fried egg, 1 piece toast, hash browns with light cheese and 2 slices (aprx) of bacon. Lunch was hot dog with bun, snack some Kellogg crackers. now I am thinking of making a salad and starting my dinner. (ham and taters) Though Salad isn't going to be as nummy as i have no red onion. :( i will put yellow on but just isn't the same.

I found a recipe for some nummy creamy garlic shrimp but when i pointed it out OOOOH BOY! I am going to have to take a closer look at it and see if i can lighten it up some. (light butter instead of real)

I know some say don't deny myself and that will cause me to fall. I really am not denying myself of anything. Sure i would love McDonald's but i would feel so guilty and bad about myself if i ate all my points in one meal. And Really McD's isn't worth my daily points. If i am going to waste that many points i am going to go to a sit down or buffet. Something worth it. I did have some of my dd's fries and they were good. I had pizza that night from Dominoes. thank goodness i didn't get McDonald's I occasionally have some chocolate bars. That is what i love about WW, is I can have from time to time. And really look where that guilt has got me. almost 60# lighter.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weigh In 12-10-11 I missed eating Fast food guilt free

Weigh in today. I am 1.7lbs lighter. whoo hooo. 194.7 Almost at 60lbs loss. (though since i am not sure what my start weight really was, i probably am at 60lbs loss) I also found I am 8lbs away from catching up to my second sister. HA HA. Things i did different this week. Watched what I ate. I kept better track of what i ate. Normally weekends are a down fall for me and i don't watch what i eat then i am playing catch up all week to at least register a loss. Today i am doing good. Sure i ate too much pizza for dinner but I think I am ok with pts. I had about 15 points this afternoon so no more eating for tonite and if i do it will have to be either a salad or light kettle corn.

Today I took Sam to Mcdonalds. oh how I miss that place. I use to able to go into those fast food place guilt free, get a value meal and eat, with a real soda, full of sugar. Today Sam had a happy meal and i had a sampling of her fries and then 2 side salads. which i found weren't as low in points as I thought cuz the dressing is EIGHT points for one package and they say that is a serving. OMG thankfully I normally will only eat half a package for 2 salads so it is all good. But i found myself watching people and feeling envious of them and what they were eating. I wish i could go into McD's and just say, "I want a number what ever with a coke." but knowing that my Filet O' Fish is like 12pts (guessing) and fries are like 8pt and the soda is probably a good 6pts. 26 points for one meal when my DAILY points is 29 (well 26 really but i was doing good on 29 so i kept it there) I just cant in good faith go in there and have a value meal. It is killing me also that i keep hearing commercials for the new and Improved fries at Burger King. I want to go and try them but I haven't yet. i am thinking I will go after B.P or W.F next week. maybe if i keep my breakfest light and eat it righter after I am working out when my metabolism is in high burn gear, it wont be so bad.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Would you like to make it a meal"

Today I had Subway for lunch. It is a great meal. I usually get a foot long ($5) then eat half with ice water and then take the other half home for lunch the next day. I also get mayo on the side as the packets they give you are light. But I always find it funny that they always ask "would you like to make it a meal today" HUH I am eating Bread, cheese, veggies. that is a meal. how is adding chips and a soda making it a meal. What it is making is my scale to go up and my ass to get bigger. Seriously Subways White chocolate and Macadamia cookies are SIX POINTS. Oh but they are so good but now that i know they are 6 points I won't be getting them again. My half sub is 9 points. hmmm cookie or sub. which is bigger and better for you. The other thing that bugged me is I sat there listening to everyone and so many people said "I would like a POP with that" sorry dude it is a SODA. not pop.

The other funny happened this AM. Hubby was watching Good morning america and there was a report on a women who lost 100lbs on weight watchers. He was all "see she lost 100 lbs" and I am like "What, what does that have to do with me. I have lost 60# already. I am still working on loosing more." Ugh, plus that women is taller than me. Also she told them that she lost it in little bits. which is what I am doing. I told him i have goals. This is coming from the person who really isn't watching as closely as he should be and he stopped exercising. This is also him telling me about this as I was heading out the door to go to body pump. it just upset me a little cuz he is acting like I am giving up and stopping. NO I am not. I still exercise at least once a day (sometimes twice) and watch what i eat. I soooo want to try those new BK fries i keep hearing the commercial for but i haven't yet. If you want to read the article or see the video clip, you can go here

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weigh In 12-3-11

Well this weeks weigh in puts me at .2lbs up. Not surprising since i didn't really keep track of what i was eating. I thought it would probably be higher since i had a pastry from Panera's and way to many slices of pizza on Friday. New week

This week they also rolled out upgrades to Weight Watchers Points Plus. I don't know all the new things yet. What i do know, they took 3points away from me. But gave us the option to change that if we cared to. I was doing good on 29points so i put it back. if i find myself plateau i will lower it. I also know they are planning on rolling out sometime in the future a scanner app. Not exactly sure how that will work compared to the scanner app i already have but we will see. I do not fully understand the Activity thing.

I am assuming they switched the points and option to change it for those people who are complaining that they have TOO many points and they are just not loosing weight on the new program. I don't know, i seem to not have any problems.

Last month there were 22 days i could go to the gym (i don't do weekends) of those days I went 17 days. Of the 5 days that I didn't go. One I went on a field trip with my son's class and walked for 3hrs. Second day it was a holiday. and Third day It was black Friday shopping and I walked and shopped for 12hrs. I think that is pretty good. This month started and I am so far 50/50. missed Thursday cuz of car issues. though i probably would have been OK to go. I wish my dh would look at the 10min workout infomercial i put on his tivo. though of late he hasn't been working out AT ALL. last time he stepped on the elliptical was Wednesday. to him it is a chore. To me it is a means to an end. It is all how you look at it. Sure i would love to not workout like i do cuz that would mean more time for me to do things i want but then what will happen.

Weekends are also rough for me food wise. I wish there was something i could do. but the temptations are wide. Today my workout consists of Snowblowing. i may or may not go on elliptical later.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weigh In 11/26/11 I DID IT...I SURVIVED

I survived THANKSGIVING with a LOSS. It was probably the black friday shopping we did. We shopped from 9pm to 7am. A lot of walking. I even had 2 eggs, 1 piece of toast, 4 slices of bacon and hashbrowns at about 4am. That and all that Baklava i ate all weekend. but it was soooo good.

Oh I forgot to tell you what I loss. I lost. 0.9 lbs. I am at 196.2

I put a small amount of each thing on my plate. serving sizes, and I still didn't eat it all. I got full quickly. Of course everyone around me was like, you need to eat more. MiL said "what would you tell your kids" I said, " i would tell them to eat a few more bites" BUT my kids are not loosing weight. they need to gain weight.

Later on when we were shopping I was hungry and she said "see if you would have ate more you wouldn't be hungry" UGH! I am so glad she don't live with us cuz my diet would surely be shot. For instance, I ran into the store to get something for DH and came out and she was sitting there eating peanut brittle. there was perfectly good and more nutritious fiber bars by her feet and she chose peanut brittle. though i think she forgot the bars were by her feet. Sure I am sure the peanut Brittle was good. Just like when i am standing in line and want a candy bar but I don't get it cuz i know a candy bar is 6pts. that is as much as a weight watchers meal.

Also when we were in Target I was telling her about my choice of getting longer pants and folding instead of picking up petites cuz i thought reselling them later would be easier if they were longer. She told me that i should keep some of my larger cloths in case I gain again. While everyone around me is telling me SELL SELL SELL. I am sorry but once i hit my goal and if my pants start getting tight then that is the time to check myself and getting back on track not put on my FAT cloths. She says it is a life style change. DUH! just becuz i reach my goal don't mean i stop watching my points and what i eat and stop exercising. She used my sister as an example of how someone lost it all and then gained back. Well my sister stopped watching what she ate and working out like she use to. I also told her that we need to start a savings for plastic surgery later to remove skin. and she was telling me. "just do exercises" there are no exercises that will tight skin. While she is all "yay you lost the weight" she isn't very supportive on other things.

This week I am going to be 'broken' I hope it is like last months. praying Monday starts working out again. This last week I only did 35 m on elliptical(Mon) 3hrs walking (tues) Body pump (wed), walking for 5+ hours (thurs-fri) So back to B.P, W.F, B.P/w.f, W.F and B.P routine.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weigh in 11-19-11

Well I am happy to say I am still in Onderland. When I stepped on the scale today I was sort of sad cuz i thought i gained a little but when i put the number in, nope I lost a little but a Loss is a loss. I lost .2 pounds. I am 197.1 whoo hoo.

Exercise is going great. i didn't get on the elliptical today but i been cleaning like mad all day. pushing that carpet shampooer is a workout. it is heavy to push. I also rotated a king size mattress all by myself. (not flipped but just rotated) I been tell dh we should do it and since I was cleaning I thought i would give it a try. Dh didn't believe me when i told him I did it by myself.

Clothing--i went out Friday cuz i had some kohls cash and a coupon to use and thought i would get a new pair of jeans. the 18W's i bought back in Sept are now loose. so i tried on pants. I ended up walking away with 14W pants. I even tried on regular non-W pants and i fit in 18's in those. whoo hooo. My legs still look nasty cuz of all the loose flabby skin. but thankfully is it winter and pants season. I also ordered new bra's I went from 44G to 40DDD. and the best part is these are PRETTY. My boobs are a sad sight too. I think dh better start a savings account for plastic surgery cuz boy I am going to need some work.

the Inlaws are coming for thanksgiving so it should be interesting. Thanksgiving, ahh all the good food but limited portions :( I will be working it off though with black friday shopping. I wish we could go to Body Pump on Friday but I know MiL is going to want to shop. I just want to take a family member to one of my classes so you can see what I am doing. yeah I kinda want to show off.

I am hoping to get the house done so Monday I can see if they will have a noon showing again and then I want to go see Breaking Dawn

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Found Myself In Onederland...Weigh In 11/12/11

Well it is another day another Weigh In and guess what. I officially can say I made it to Onederland. This weeks loss what a biggy. 4.6 lbs lost. WOW 197.3 the scale said today. I was worried cuz yesterday I stepped in afternoon and it said 201.5 and usually I fluctuate 2 lbs in the day. I also ate 2 arby's potato cakes and I was afraid it was going to bite me in the butt.

What did I do this week. well I kept track of my points. If I messed up or wanted something extra I worked out extra. My daily points are 29. My average is between 32-39 (more lower than the higher. I eat extra cuz I am working out like MAD.

Working out. what am I doing? Well I upped most my weights in Body pump. I added W.F to my Wednesday workout (i do B.P on that day) and if I can find time I do 35 min on the elliptical in the evening. I do about 1hr to 2hrs of working out daily 5 days a week. Weekends though are light. I usually only do 35min on Saturday on machine. today I didn't do anything. As I am TIRED. Dh has been keeping me up by watching tv at night. I find it highly rude but he seems to think nothing is the matter. His speaking "you are snoring so you are sleeping" that don't mean i am sleeping WELL. Last night he watched H.P. Deathly Hallows and I really wanted to see that again but i couldn't stay up all night.

Clothing, I really need some new yoga style pants. my jeans are Ok. I am in size 16W-18W. my shirts depend on the maker. I have a LOT of flabby skin. i need to remember to take my fish oil to help with that and I am trying Jergens Skin firming lotion. I am going to be ordering new bras and I know my chest is smaller. going from a 44G to a 40DDD. I don't know if they will fit as they still don't carry my bra size in store but I am getting closer to being able to buy bras off the rack. Today I got a new winter coat and a new pj bottom. I will get more later. my pj bottoms are all HUGE. my pj chemise shirts are all from before I was pj with sam and now they are sooo big but those are ok to wear cuz they are shirts but my pants are getting funny, uber long and then i step on them and walk out of them

I am excited about the Scrapbook Crop in March cuz no one has seen me since before I started the journey so it will be nice to see the reaction from people seeing me 60+ lighter.

Hubby is still struggling. but he has no self control. Today for me though is an off day. I woke up with a wicked cold sore, my top lip is swollen and sore, my face feel like infection is raging through it. so eating and drinking is hard so I am eating easy to pass my lips food. dinner is going to be buttered noodles and parm cheese. my go to not feel well food. going to have to make sure i get on machine either later tonite or tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Blatherings

Well today was an awesome day. well except this evening when no children are listening to me. not sure how many times i have said "get to bed" but yet they still are bouncing in and out of the rooms.

This AM the kids got up 15min before when i normally get them up. We were all in the car and trash out by 7:35. I stepped on the scale just to see where I am at (been at 200.2 for 2 days) and I was at 199.3 AWESOME. I got the best parking spot at the Centre. YEAH! since the kids were moving today i was able to get in 45min of water fitness before I went to B.P. I had to run into town for Salt for the dishwasher and dh said to go to Panera. (yes Panera for lunch YUMMY) It was just a great day

Points wise, I went over. went over by 10. i actually been going over pretty much all week lowest 4 and today is the highest BUT I been exercising like mad. Seriously been averaging anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours a day. Monday was B.P and Elliptical in evening. Tuesday was 90min water fitness and elliptical in evening. Today was W.F and B.P and elliptical in evening. tomorrow is 90min W.F. but not sure if I will get the elliptical in evening. depends if dh goes down to play his video game cuz then i will get to sneak on. I don't like to workout when he is in the room cuz either he is sleeping and having the TV on will bug him or he is in control of the TV.

other than my little overage I am doing good. now if i could just find energy to do my house work cuz really i have like what 2 weeks before the inlaws come for thanksgiving and my house is crazy messy

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weigh In 11-5-11

Yeah that picture about sums it up. No I am not in Onederland. I gain 0.2lbs this week. Why you say. Because 1. it was halloween and you know what means, little candies coming in this house. and 2. it was my Dh and I's birthday and you know what that means CAKE! I made dh a delicious cake that I couldn't stay away from. Home-made Cream cheese frosting that was the bomb. I was also broken this week and that made the fight to stay away from the chocolate even harder. But i guess 0.2lbs could have been worse with all that temptation above. Back on track this week.

Exercise wise I am doing GREAT. I worked out 6 out of the 7 days (tomorrow i am not sure if I will get anything in as dh sleeps in the room with the elliptical. I could probably do something on the Wii. I increased my weight on Friday in Body Pump. so not I am back down to crapping out on some of the reps but I will be able to push through it and eventually go up again. I was rocking it on Thursday in water fitness. I get more of a workout in the second class than the first. I did skip they gym on Tuesday but I cleaned out the garage so I still got a workout in.

This weeks plan is to TRY to keep track of what I eat and the points I take in. Continue with my workout. I also need to start cracking on my house cleaning as in 2.5 weeks I will be invaded by the inlaws and my MiL is a freak when it comes to house cleaning.

I am trying to use some skin firming lotion to help tighten the flabby skin, yuck. I also colored my hair today. I was feeling RED. :)

Well that is it in a nut shell.

One last thing (talking about women stuff, if you don't want to hear, stop reading NOW)

. I started BC pills to help with my cycles. I am happy to announce that my cycle came and went with barely a blip. no severe cramping and only spotty discharge (except day one which was brown and yucky) lasted 3 days and gone. so if that is how it will be I think I will not have to do the hysterectomy. YEAH

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wow That bag is heavy--am I being realistic or just careful

I know it has been awhile since I posted. OK it has only been a week. I skipped Weigh in. Well I didn't but i just didn't blog about it. I put on 0.7lb. So bummed. Yeah I know it is only 0.7lbs but Ugh i been working out like MAD. Sure I haven't been tracking much but I thought I was doing good not going CRAZY on the food. Apparently my thinking Muscle weighs more than fat don't fly. But it is so nice saying that. This weekend was a hard weekend as it was both DH and my birthday. DH took me out to eat on Saturday. i would have done OK but I ordered a blooming onion. Boy those are good. Then on Sunday I made a cake with cream cheese frosting (my first venture on the frosting) and man was that cake good. On top of it, today I am starting my cycle. OH JOY But fitness wise I am doing good. Sunday I did elliptical, Monday I did B.P, Tuesday I didn't go to the gym but i did clean out my garage all day (lifting, sweeping, walking) and i also did elliptical. Today I did both 35 in W.F and the hour class in B.P. I been averaging 5-6 days of working out a week. Today though I went up in weights on the back track and did good. now to see if I can go up in the chest workout. I just wish it wasn't such a big jump. back track I am pushing almost 20#. Chest and arms I am doing 4.4. squats I am doing 8.8. so if I go up in weights for chest and arms it will jump from 4.4 to the 8.8 that is the next number to go to. that is a big jump. I was thinking of wearing my wrist weights but that still will be 8.4lbs. i just don't know if I will be able to do that. I guess i could try it and if it don't work drop down again. Or i can use hand weights instead of the bar. then i could push 6lbs. i guess we will see on Friday.

I mentioned the garage. I was cleaning out the garage (wow i didn't get tired this time) and I came across these bags of mortar. They got hard being stored in the garage and I am not sure what to do with them. Maybe come spring i will take them to the dumpster on Saturday. But i noticed that the bags are 50# bags and HOLY CRAP they were heavy and all i could think was "DAMN and i was carrying that around on my body, no wonder i have more spring in my step these days"

Today in B.P I got to talking with a friend and she was saying her goal is to reach the pre-pregnancy weight. But her's is practically her weight out of school. I told her my goal is 150 or a size 10 jeans. I would be happy with 140. Anything under that is frosting on the cake. She asked what my WW weight is. Well for my height that is 115-120 but i don't think I will ever see that again. Am i just being realistic. She was shocked that I thought i couldn't reach that. But I am 39 years old. Sure I feel younger but really, I have had 3 kids, my body has changed, my metabolism has changed. I don't think I will ever see that weight again. So am i selling myself short. I did say that if i hit 140 I am not going to stick there. but I will be content there. I will continue working out and watching what I eat and if I go lower that is ok. But I am not going to bust my ass to get there. My sister weighs I think 122. I don't think I will ever be skinny like her. Am I just being realistic or do you think I am selling myself short. (ha short that is funny)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mid week meanderings

Well it is Wednesday that means today was Body pump. I was going to attempt to go to Water fitness and B.P but sadly i didn't get the garbage out before taking the kids to school. But that is ok because i did 35min on the elliptical. On the high points I didn't drop the tension down as much so i got a bit of a harder workout on it. normally i go I3R2 for 3min then I6R6 for 3min (I=incline R= resistance) Today though I did the second one at I6R7 so slightly harder. Tomorrow is Water Fitness 1hr30min. I probably won't get on elliptical unless dh comes down to play his video game in the evening. I really don't like doing elliptical with him watching.

I am not happy with my mid week scale check. Though really the only number that matters is Saturdays, Right. I am already at my 12 sessions for working out. actually today was day 13. i have to go at least 12 times for the insurance to cover $20 of my gym membership and when my membership is only $35 that money cuts the cost considerably. Sadly though our insurance is switching and I don't think the new will do the $20 payout. :( But thankfully for what I get for $35 it is actually pretty darn good. I think if my sister had a gym like mine she would go a lot. Almost all classes are free and they have free child care. a Ton of extra programs for minimal cost (children stuff, swim lessons and more) I am so glad the YMCA quit New Richmond. and that the town took over cuz the cost went down and service went up. LOVE IT.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weigh In Day 10-22-11 Funny

last week i was talking about how I gained .4 pounds and I was OK with it. it was only .4 pounds. well this week, while i lost 1.7 lbs. I am .4 pounds away from flipping Onderland. DAMN And i even figured out how to put a song on my blog (all be it with some ugly link) Oh well next week I will defiantly be in Onderland.

What did i do this week. Well I exercised 5 days (today I will probably go on elliptical if the man ever comes down stairs to play the computer. So that will be 6/7 days with Sunday being rest day. My schedule is Mon-Body Pump (B.P.) Tuesday- Water Fitness (W.F) Wed-B.P Thurs- W.F Friday- B.P and then Saturday Elliptical with tummy crunches at 15min mark. Occasionally i do little walking jaunts but really they don't burn much calories. so i haven't been counting it. i did 1.4 miles on Tuesday but it only burned like 50 calories.

Any of those days if i feel i went a little over board on snacks, I will do an additional 35 min with tummy crunches on the elliptical. I could even do some Wii or XBox fitness if I care too.

On Friday I increased a few of my weights in Body Pump, I talked to my sister, she said to go heavier, less reps if i want to build muscle and lighter/more reps if i want to tone. I think I want to build muscle right now becuz muscle helps boost metabolism. i will tone later. I still am lightest for the chest presses though, once i can get through the full set without having to pause a few times then I will increase my weights on that. though i wore a pair of my favorite pants and now know what i feel like and what I look like don't match. :( I also wish i could start tightening some of this flabby skin. Anyone have a recommend for a firming lotion.

Today we are going to old country buffet. last time i went was I think 2 months ago and that splurge put me back a bit. I am going to watch what i eat this time and they don't have the shrimp 5 ways which wasn't very good to begin with, I will have a salad though. i wonder if I can sneak in my own dressing :). No dessert for me today. it really wasn't that tasty to blow that many points on it. but if i do I will be sure to get on elliptical tomorrow too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Wednesday--Damn you Chocolate Cover peanuts

Why do you have to taste so good? I bought a bag the other day and I put them in little snack baggies in hopes to curb the eating. One baggie one serving. but NO today I ate 2. yesterday I ate 2. I am going to go on elliptical later though to ease the guilt from the second bag today.

Today I also went to Quiznos. Yes I checked the points before hand. Sadly they no longer have the side salad option on the menu. so I just got a small ham and cheese but dude left of the tomato. I swear I got a tomato last time. I left wanting more. I love Quizno's. I soooooo love it. I could eat a large no problem. it is sooooo good. Next time though I will be going to Subway because for the same price as that small (with ice water) I could have gotten a foot long at Subway. Sure I could have gotten a large at Quizno's but the difference is that Subway I can eat half (same points as my quiznos but more food) and put the other half for later. Quizno's really don't do well as left overs. Subway I also get spinach on there and I can get light mayo.

Body Pump was today. I find it funny how every time I go I find a new muscle that I didn't know was there. Today the class was HUGE. I should have figured that when I got to the Centre and there was no parking except on the street. Not sure what was up with that but I think most were at B.P. I almost didn't stay as the only spots were at the front and I don't want to be at front. but a spot opened up second row from the back and I squeezed in there. Todays muscles that are notice are the ones between my shoulder blades and my chest. The chest is funny becuz when i was doing the chest workout I was thinking "how can this be working my chest when I feel it in my arms" but i guess in it's own way I was working the chest. Tomorrow I have water fitness with Mia. I am a bit sad becuz the one person that I knew in class that I looked forward to seeing to chit chat with and commiserate after, is going to have to cancel her Centre membership for awhile due to lack of funds. :( She will be missed. Though I still will see her after school as our boys are best buddies this year. I also lost my little walking trips before getting the kids cuz my BFF started homeschooling one of her children and now our pick up schedules dont mix.

My BFF said it I look amazingly skinny, so I wonder if Body pump is helping me sculpt a little where Water Fitness is burning the fat. I don't feel thinner and my scale isn't saying it is so but i keep thinking in my head, Muscle weighs more than fat. I know I am building muscle.

So that is my mid week pondering.

oh I do have a question. Is there a good lotion to help firm up your skin. My legs are getting all flabby and loose. Good thing it is pants weather now but yeah it is kinda yucky feeling all mushy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weigh In day 10-15-11

Well today I am at .4 lbs heavier. While I am not very happy, I am not uber disappointed. I know what needs to be done. I need to start keeping track of what I am eating. which I totally am NOT. I need to reinstate the grazing plate (baby carrots, celery, cauliflower, green pepper and radishes) to much off of instead of munching on things i know i shouldn't.

Last weekend I got sick and was broken. So I ate stuff I shouldn't trying to find something I could taste or things that were easy cuz i didn't feel good. that also brought on me not working out fully until Wednesday with Body pump, then thursday with water fitness and then Friday Body pump. So i missed a B.P and W.F. class. I did do a little bit on tuesday (15m on elliptical)

I am thinking that it might be good for me to get one of those point clickers. I dont know. i do know that i want a better food scale and would love a point calculator. Yeah i know i have one on my phone but this one will also keep tally of my points too. I just don't know.

Today i am recovering from Friday's Body Pump. I really hurt myself. I think I will go on the elliptical later though.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid week ponderings

Well coming off being sick, bad reaction to my hair straightening attempt and being broken. Caused me to be tired and weak. Over the weekend i didn't really eat right as 1. i was sick and 2. i couldn't breath so i couldn't taste the food. I did work out last week through the beginning of getting sick but Saturday and Sunday kicked my ass. Monday my eyes were still sore from the bad reaction to the hair straightening thing I did. Tuesday I did do 15 min on the elliptical. I meant to do the other 15 later that evening but the night go away from me. I probably would have done the full 30 but my fan i use was down stairs and i really do need to get a different one for working out. one that blows at me instead of my back. Today I did Body Pump. yep i can feel that. I haven't weighed myself this week yet, i am scared to. I know the last time i weighed myself i was up 4lbs.

One thing i have a hard time with is munching. when i am home i want to eat, just to eat. I am bored and should be doing things but I don't so i want to eat. I am not even hungry right now and am fighting the urge to eat a fiber bar (my faux candy bar) Thankfully I will be getting the kids soon. I do still need to order some white Kidney bean supplement and some thing call L'argine or what ever it is called. i will look it up again from the friend I saw it from. ok here it is. i am putting it on here so i don't forget.

1. White Bean Extract to block absorption of starchy carbohydrates
2. L-Arginine Supplement to build muscle

I was thinking number 2 to help with Body Pump so i can do all the reps cuz i am finding I am pooping out. Try as i might i just can't keep up. Well i better head out, i want to stop at the store before getting the kids. making pan fried chicken. maybe i will put some tilapia in to defrost for me

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weigh In Day 10-8-2011

Well it is another week done. This week finds me at 1 lb heavier but I am also "broken" today. so that could be water weight from being "broken".
This last week I have also been sick with a head cold and my excercise has been kind of low this week due to low energy. Hoping next week will be a pick me up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday---it is hump day

Well here it is the middle of the week and excercise wise I am doing good. I missed Body pump on Monday because i had an eye exam but I did 35m elliptical. Tuesday I had Water Fitness but I have a cold and so i only stayed for 70m and not the full 90m. But to make up for that I did elliptical later on in the evening. Today was Body Pump. I took things light today because of my cold. I will probably do 35m on the elliptical later again. Someone has to use that machine we spent a pretty penny for cuz it sure isn't my husband. Yes, my husband pooped out on the excercising, he also took up smoking again but that is a whole other story. This lack of excercising is probably why he keeps yo yo'ing the same 2 pounds. up to 240 then down to 237. and up and down and up and down. This week I might have a weight gain as I am going to be broken. I also am no longer doing my walking before getting the kids but i might just do it with my ipod. My walking buddy no longer has a child at the elementary (a whole big other story) and that is who I walked with and we would end up at the elementary to get the kids :(

This Saturday we are doing a 2mile walk for and organization called TurningPoint. it helps Domestic Violence and sexual abuse. I can do charity walks but you won't see me doing no charity runs. This girl don't run unless my child's life or my life is in danger. Even when I was thin I hated running. HATED IT. now though i don't want no black eyes from getting smacked in the face by my chest.

Speaking of Chest. i been seeing ads for the Genie bra. anyone try those? i notice they had them at Bed Bath and Beyond and thought maybe if i had a coupon off I would try them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weigh In 10/1/2011 So Close

I am so close to Onederland that I can taste it. This Weeks weigh in has me at 200.2 Yeah i know I couldn't just loose .3 pounds to push me over. But technically i hit 200 and that was my first mini goal. i probably would have hit it if i had been more diligent with my food diary. I am just awful when it comes to pointing but it must be just right balance of fitness and points that I am still loosing

Dh and I are considering dropping WW but still pointing. since we both are bad about putting our points in and we really pretty much know what we are eating if we need to point something we can via online. I would keep it if there was a way to become lifetime online but there isn't. So if anyone knows a good place for food points similar to WW food list. that would be great. i have a couple restaurant sites.

Evil are the caramel chocolate coconut elf cookies. they taste just like girl scout cookies only they are 1pt more. 2 cookies are 4pts. but ahhh they are sooo good.

This week I am going to miss Monday's body pump as i have an eye appointment. today i hope to hop on the elliptical before dh takes us to eat.

On the health front I was told there is 2 options for my monthly cycle problems. BC pills (not for BC obviously) and partial hysterectomy. I am leaning towards the hysterectomy as it isn't guaranteed that the BC will help my issue and if it does i will be on it for life and it will probably cost just as much as the other option in the end. The problem with the hysterectomy is that I have read it could cause weight gain and I know that is mostly with full ones but i have read some stories online where the Partial also caused weight gain and i have worked too hard to loose these 50# that i am scared. I am not frightened of the procedure as I had 3 c sections so i know what to expect with abdominal surgery. i wonder if they could do a tummy tuck while they are down there ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was looking for a picture of my daughter at age 1 and I came across this picture. It is me 3 years ago. ugh

And this one is one i took a few days ago. Wow huh

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weigh In Day 9/24/11

Well I thought maybe there would be a loss this week. I worked out 5 days this week. I gained .7 lbs. But I am looking at it as Muscle gain because I added Body Pump to my work out regime. I am OK with this gain. While I am itching to get to Onederland. I am closer to it than I was 9 months ago. I have lost almost 50lbs and can feel it. I can't see it but I can feel it. My cloths are getting smaller, I have more energy and stamina.

Body Pump - Class one was OK, learned the moves and what I can and can't do and that I can't do it in Sketcher Shape ups. I was in pain Tuesday and was feeling better on Wednesday. Back to normal on Thursday.

class two- I did more, upped my weight on a couple exercises. Still had trouble doing all the bench press exercises and the lunges. But the new shoes helped a lot. I was in minor pain that day but the next day I was back to normal. I also brought a bottle of water and this helped A LOT

I am not sure if I want to add body pump to my Wednesday workout or just stick with Cheryl's water fitness class. Wednesday is my shorter class as I can't make it at 8 and end up missing the first 15min. I do need at least 3 aerobic workouts during the week and per I have read somewhere. Body pump don't raise the heart rate so I guess for now I will stick to just Monday and Friday. There is one exercise that I can't do and that is the Plank. My water fitness instructor joined the B.P class Friday and I found that she can't do it either and that was good to know since she is so much more in shape than me. The funny thing is I always feel a size smaller after B.P then when I went in.

On the job front. I haven't heard back from Archiver's and I kinda wasn't expecting it. I heard back from Target though and they declined me. :( So my next 2 choices are Joann's and Big Lots. Though the store I got the Joann's application from was Maplewood and I don't want to travel out there for work, I wonder if the Woodbury store is hiring. The only thing I don't like about searching for work is it messing up my gym schedule. :( Though working will stop the munching and I will be standing and moving more, but I love my water fitness classes and Body Pump is growing on me too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is there such a thing as Too Much?

For the last few days I have been doing A LOT of exercising. Friday I was walking, standing and moving from 10am -7pm, Saturday it was from 9am-3pm. Sunday was a day of rest it seems. Monday I went to Body Pump. Today was a big day. I did Water Fitness in the morning, before picking up kids walk with BFF. Then this evening we had to walk to the River to find leaves for Camden. He needs 5 different and that is hard to do when I only have 1 tree in the yard. So that was a mile walk with 2 kids and 2 fur kids. Normally I drive to the top of the trail and then walk the remaining but today we walked from our house straight and it was a GOOD walk. The River was gorgeous, I wish I could have enjoyed it more but Bailey was choking herself and Camden kept picking up caterpillars which would be OK except that meant I had both dogs. They had a set of stairs that i don't remember from last time and Marble wouldn't go up them. Needless to say I am hurting today. My legs are KILLING me and tomorrow is another water fitness day. I want to not workout tomorrow but I am going to. I am going to push through the pain. Speaking of, i need to get my suit dried for W.F. I just wonder is there a thing as Too Much exercising. I don't want to ruin what I got by doing too much. Ya know. Tomorrow is just W.F. with Sheryl for 45min. then Thursday is W.F. with Mia for 90min. Friday is Body Pump again. Rest day is Sat and Sun. I am just amazed at how much I am able to do now. How much more energy I have? I use to get frustrated when walking with the kids and we would just go down the road and back and here I walked all the way down to the River and back. I think that was about a mile. I think next year I will see if the man will get me a bike.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weigh In (on 9/17/11) and Body Pump

I know it is Monday but i did do weigh in on Saturday but my family was visiting so i didn't get a chance to get on my blog to update. This week I lost 2.4lbs, I am 2.2 lbs away from my first little goal of 200. This week I got 2 new pair of jeans and I love them. who knew. I also got a uber cute sweater. This weekend we went to Scrapfest and it was a lot of walking and standing and it wasn't so bad. I think 50 lbs ago I would have been DYING. but there was only a couple of times i took advantage of a chair or 2. Though next year i want to get this neat little tote with a chair on it but not becuz i am over weight but becuz it seems to be the trend (alot of skinny people were using the chairs) I am also loving cloths again. Finding it is nice to wear things other than yoga pants and jeans. I loved it when we went out for our anniversary on Sunday and I got to dress up. there is this one skirt I have and I LOVE IT.

BODY PUMP. OMG, I decide to take body pump today. Body Pump is a weight lifting class with music. it was fun, HARD but fun. My legs are hurting, my arms are hurting. and I am currently BEAT. ready for bed. So my fitness week will be Body Pump on Monday and Friday, Water fitness on Tues, Wed and thurs. this is until i get a job. I will post more on my other blog about Scrapfest 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

I love my doctor's scale ;)

I know most people say they hate jumping on the scale at the doctor office. But I was curious on how it will register compared to my own scale at home. It registered 1 lb lighter. AWESOME. Even more Awesome is that I am broken which i hope means that when i get un broken that my scale will fall even lower. If i watch myself (says the girl who ate way to many chocolate chip cookies yesterday)

Tomorrow is water fitness so that is good news if being broken cooperates. I can't use tampons on heavy days and today is uber light so i think tomorrow will be heavy.

Went to the doctor today about my vein. She says that is should go down with more weight loss and said i can use support hose to help in the winter. As for my cramping, she said i could have fibroids and sent me for an u/s. if i do i want to get them taken care of before my insurance changes. Part of me wishes that it is fibroids just cuz that is a reason for the pain. if it isn't then I am still stuck with the Deal with the pain stage.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weigh in 9/10/11 Flat Lined

No loss this week. I was kinda hopeful because 2 days ago I actually saw 203.5 but Sadly it didn't stick around. I did eat salty stuff at end of the week (Ham) I also didn't exercise much this week. I did 2 days of water fitness. and some elliptical i think a couple days. I had to miss Thursday as I had a job interview. I am not hopeful about that. I know it is my dream job working in scrapbooking but there are things that scare me. I am thinking maybe I will do better with a big box store like Target, Big Lot's, Maybe Joann's. So part of me is hoping they don't call back. I want to get out and work but i don't. ya know! it is just scary cuz i been a SAHM for 12 yrs. Also having my husband in charge of things he normally isn't. He has lead a cush life. I do 95% of the stuff around here, he does 5% and now he is going to have to help and he don't know how things run.

I am feeling yucky today, I do believe the old hag is coming tonite or tomorrow. So who knows if my none loss is due to water gain becuz of that. we will find out next Weigh in. Course my sisters and cousin are coming. Friday we will do Ton of walking at Scrapfest. so i think i should be ok.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Quiet and the Snacking

I thought when the kids went back to school it would be easier for me to stick to my weight loss plan but it isn't. I am finding that being in the quiet house (today is my first day of actually just staying home) I think about food and want to snack. It is HARD to resist. Though I have resisted the Chips Ahoy and the 2 packs of gushers that are in the kids snack drawer. On Tues, Wed and Thursdays i have WaterFit so i am out of the house a good portion of the day, so it really isn't tough. But today I feel like i been gorging on things but i guess when i just put in my pts, i am still ok. about 15pt left for the day. Tonite we are having spaghetti. YUM!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I submitted my application for Archivers over the weekend. It is a scary thing. I haven't worked for 13 years. now that the kids are all in school I would like to stick my toes in and make some play money. They called back today. The phone conversation went well but there is one hang up. SUNDAY. She says she requires all her employees to work every other Sunday. Now I don't know if it is full shift Sunday, part shift Sunday. but Sunday is the one day I couldn't work. Hubby says we can make it work. You see he works 3rd shift Sun-Wed. So Sunday he sleeps. he does go in at 8 in the evening. Hunter could watch the kids for few hours. it isn't like he will be alone, hubby will be upstairs should something arise and it is only 2 Sundays a month but ugh Sunday. The thought of working though makes me nervous. I know i will do amazingly since I am helpful to people when i am not working but I haven't worked for 12 years. Maybe i should just apply at Big Lots.

The other thing is it will totally mess with my working out. I will probably have to give up my gym membership cuz i just wont have time to go in. I will have to do elliptical. Of course though i will be on me feet working so that is exercise.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weigh In 9/3/11 :)

If you saw the post before this one. You know that I had a bad day yesterday. I went to a restaurant that isn't good for people who are trying to loose weight. Get with the program TGIF. Take some cues from Applebees. I guess if you want to eat at TGIF and are on WW order from the children's menu ;) I ate almost 2 days worth of points in one day. I have never gone over by that much. Well thankfully those extra points did NOT show up on the scale today. But they will come Monday so I have to be extra diligent with my points this week so I have a loss next Saturday. So my loss this week was 1.2 lbs. i am 5.2 pounds away from my first mini goal of 200. I want to get my hair done. I decided I want to do Keratin straightening and I need my gray covered. But first I have to find a place that does it (the straightening)

I need to get my house in order though as my family "might" be coming in 2 weeks. We are going to scrapfest. How is it that I kept thinking that I had another week. WTH this is if my family can figure out who is driving what and so on. Next week hubby leaves for his golf outing. Not sure how he will do considering he went golfing the other day and his arms are SORE.

I also am going to be apply for a job at Archivers scrapbook store. I am a bit nervous as I haven't had a real world job for 12 yrs. When I did, I didn't have kids so i didn't have to worry about being home at certain time, or what if one of the kids get sick, having to call in to work or leaving work early. Thankfully my kids aren't sick often.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you ever have a day

where you just went over your points soooo bad that you just say F**K IT. I have a day like that today. I ate the wrong thing at lunch. I should have looked at my phone site first. actually we should have gone to panera bread where i know i could have got something with in reason and had a sandwich for Saturday too. but NOOOOO we went to TGI Fridays. bad bad bad. i had the sirloin (good) but the shrimp scampi with it bad. (no noodles just the shrimp) 1 it was shell on, so i had to peel that off and 2. the points were insane for 4 flipping shrimp. For breakfast i had Guacamole and chips which it wasn't too bad. about 7pts. I am scared to put my points in for lunch. SCARED my steak and shrimp was 25pts (I am going to take off 4pt though as dh ate some of the steak) So i did my points for the day and i am at 43 pts. that is 14pts in the negative. i did have fitness points but it just sucks becuz I told myself when i weighed myself this am "if i just be good and eat right I will have lost 2lbs" so i am hoping beyond hope that what i ate today don't come back to bite me till Sunday. TGIF is now on my No No restaurant list. Applebees is my fave for their low point meals. it sucks cuz even when dh goes crazy. he still is in points usually. i couldn't even workout when i got home cuz DH was upstairs watching tv. i did get a walk in with my BFF so it was something. Next week buckle down and work out. oh going to add in another 3 points today. going to have a salad cuz i am just hungry. i really wanted my fish though. i guess lunch tomorrow

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kids are back at school

What does that have to do with my diet and fitness. Well diet wise i won't be tempted to munch what they are eating for lunch. I can eat better. Fitness- while i can't make it to the 8am class. i do make it for the second half of the 8am water fitness class and then continue on to the 9am class. that is 90min of water fitness. Not sure what it will mean for Wednesday though cuz i really don't care for the instructor at 9am. maybe if i push the kids to move it on Wednesdays then i can make it but Wednesday is also garbage day but if i can get the majority out to the curb Tuesday night then i will be OK. Kids back to school also means walking with my BFF. We both can't stand the stupid elementary pick up. No matter how many times you tell them the rules of the road. there are some that believe the rules don't apply to them. ONLY cross at the cross walk. walk your kids across don't let them go alone, don't let them out from the parking lot side (again don't let them cross alone) Don't crowd around the doors. there are signs at which your kids are suppose to wait. STOP with the hugging, greeting and asking how the day went at the door (again don't crowd it) people are trying to get past to their cars and you are blocking the way. SO my BFF and I park on nice days at the Middle school. walk over to elementary and then walk back. extra workout for me.

My daughter started Kindergarten this year. I didn't cry when i dropped her off today. i had tears at the brim of my eyes but i didn't cry. I hope she had a great day. She loved JrK

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weigh In 8/27/11----It's Only

First weigh in. I lost this week. only 0.6 pounds but a loss is a loss. I will take it. I worked out 4 days out of 7 (actual workouts) well I haven't registered today but i plan on moving furniture around and if hubby goes on his computer later I will do the elliptical and watch another episode of Royal pains. I do really need to keep a closer eye on my food. I am sure i have gone over a few days. Maybe when the kids head back to school it will be easier cuz then my munching will be less likely. Also with the kids going back my water fitness will be going from 60m to 90 min and I may or may not go to the gym on Friday. Monday i can do elliptical at home when hubby goes back to work.


Those 2 words are some of the worst words of dieting/food watching. My husband says it a lot and this is one of the reason he keeps loosing and gaining the same 5 pounds. He will eat something and will say "but it's only XX point" or "it's only a turkey stick" or "it's only this one time" But those It's Only's add up and this is causing him to go up and down. I know I am not an expert on weight loss, I am not a teacher. But I have lost 45pounds since the start of this. And my husband and his excuse of It's Only don't work. you have to be accountable for what you do and what you eat. If I gain, I know why and I don't say when i eat something i shouldn't "It's only" if i am going to splurge on something i know it will come back. If i feel i need to splurge on something i try to workout before i splurge so my body is in burn mode or i try to eat my splurge at the beginning of the week so i have all week to work extra hard to burn it. My husband also hasn't exercised all week, he kept saying "I will next week" that paired with his weird sleep schedule cause him to eat at the wrong times. (3rd shift) I have regular days. I wake up eat, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, maybe an evening snack (depends on how late i eat) Thursday Night was an It's only for hubby. he was up most the night (sleep schedule) and when i got up i saw that there was a cup on his side of the bed. He ate mini chips ahoy and milk. WHY not sure. there was stuff in the house better. if he wanted sweet he could have had a fiber bar. I had grapes, carrots, melon, salad making all for him to eat. but yet he goes for the cookies, not sure where that bag of licorice is. He needs to take charge of his diet and stop relying on me to feed him. On work days he looses. but on off days he don't. hmmm is that becuz i am making his meals for him on work days.

I got off track. The bottom line. Try to avoid the "It's Only" trap. be aware of what you are eating. if you don't know the points, call your buddy to look up the points for you. look them up on your phone and if you can't find out if it is ok to eat, avoid it. You never know, that It's Only could be 20pts and there goes 2/3 of your days points.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doing an Eating Life style change sucks sometimes!

I don't want to say Diet cuz really that isn't what I am doing. I am eating a lot of the stuff i always ate, just in moderation and serving size. More aware of what each is and do i have the points to eat it. BUT


I love endless pasta bowl. I usually get the Alfredo with Fettuchini and chicken and the spaghetti with 5 cheese marinara. OMG it is soooo good.

On another note, Hubby and I have eaten 3+ pounds of broccoli this week. i bought a bag on Friday from Sam's club and it is almost gone. I say Plus becuz i had some still in fridge. Also I ate 2+ in tomatoes. But i am kicking myself for not getting a couple bags of carrots cuz we are out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

So anywhere between a 16W and 18W

that is where i am. I went to Walmart in Hudson today and they had the JMS (Just My Size) jeans that I got a year or so ago. I can't wear those anymore cuz they are too big. My Walmart don't care JMS jeans anymore. So i went and tried on a pair of 18W (took a pair of 16W with me Just in case) the 18 were a bit snug and i thought about getting 20W but then thought to myself "self in a few weeks they will loosen up cuz you will be thinner" so i got the 18W pants. I wish they had more than 1 color but i guess i have those 16W i got from my friend's garage sale. Now to just get a couple pair of yoga style pants. My Niece gave me a bunch of cloths from my sister and some of those are 20W so will be doable even though they are sort of loose.

Microwave meals. i tried the Smart ones Fettuccine Alfredo and broccoli and it is NUMMY! though you need a little protein to fill or you still get a bit of a hunger. So today i made it and I added some extra broccoli (zero points) and shrimp (1 pt) it was a nice size serving for only 7pt meal. shrimp for 10 is only 1pt. If you don't like shrimp i am sure you could add some chicken into it. I would have never thought to eat broccoli with my fettuccine Alfredo.

Today i am going to mow the lawn and do elliptical. tomorrow is water fitness day. i really need to get into stillwater and see if they have swim suit. i am going to need 1-2 more to get me through the winter. the pool is killer on your suits

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weigh in Day 8/20/11

Wow i am back. turns out the issue with publishing my blog was IE. not sure why i didn't think to switch to Google Chrome is beyond me. i wonder if that is why i can't post responses to peoples blogs either

Well i am posting 3 new post today 1. is last weeks weigh in 2. is my mid week musings and 3 is today's weigh in.

Today's weigh in has be at a 2lb loss. Now before you say Yay, remember i also gained last week. this still put me 1 lb up where i was before. but at least its not a gain right and we are heading back down and oh I FLIPPING fit in 16W jeans. So i guess all in all it is a Yay.

Last night while in the bath i noticed my knees are showing up again. i also a took a picture of myself and saw that 1 of my chins made and exit. so those are all YAYS. I have more energy (though still looking for motivation) also the extra curricular stuff is AWESOME (at times ;) )Now if my heel will heal from when i stepped on that rock (and keep stepping on them, yeah yeah i know, SHOES! but barefoot is so comfy and that stupid snow thrower throws rocks in our grass.)

Now this week more water fitness, watch closer what i eat and NO MORE NUT ROLLS. Sam's club had those fiber plus bars in store, comes to about $2 a box but they only have the dk chocolate/almond and the chocolate chip combo box. no peanut butter and no coconut.

Today i think i talked dh to go to Ikea to look at desks and shelves. but he wants to go to fudruckers if we go. yeah way high points. so i am going to have to make sure i workout and eat light so i don't go over by much

Thursday, August 18, 2011


today i went to water fitness. i weighed myself and as long as i don't fall off the wagon i am good. back down to 206.9 after my nutroll binge and then i was broken. As for the shock, I stopped by my bff's garage sale to take a gander (i had to go to the library anyway) so i bought a pair of 16W pants. i knew i wasn't a 20W cuz the ones i have are loose and so even if the 16W didn't fit they would eventually. but when i got home and tried them on. they fit. sure they are a bit snug but i can button them, i can breath. so yeah i probably am a 18W but on the lower side of 18. whooo hooo considering that i started at 22/24W

now i hope this post with publish as i still can't post my weigh in day from last saturday. btw i gained 2lbs but i was also broken that weekend.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weigh In Day 8/13/11

Well today is weigh in day. Sad to say that i put on 2 lbs. but i am going to be broken later today (i can feel it) So i am hoping that it is from that. I am ok with it as gain from time to time is expected and i have lost it before and i will loose it again. As long as that 40+ lbs don't come back.

This week i bought myself 4 new shirts. i know i said i wouldn't buy new cloths till i hit 200 but i was school shopping and they were there. There are so many cute shirts out there but i didn't get them cuz they were too dressy. I am a SAHM I had to be honest and think where would i wear that. i can't justify buying a shirt if it only going to be worn a few times a year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Incredible shrinking me

I sometimes get amazed at how much i lost. but then i also think "man i was flipping huge" Today i went through different feelings. Water fitness. I felt awesome, i was working out, then I went to kohls where i tried on cloths and found that my fave pair of pants that made me feel good, actually looked aweful so i felt yucky again, but then i tried on a shirt that makes me look fabulous (even in crappy pants) bought 4 shirts and a sweater for myself today. i will look into pants later when i don't have kids in tow and can try them on without worrying about kids. so then i came home and worked out. Felt tired. Then i ate dinner and bad bad me made the kids food but couldn't let the noodle go to waste so i ate a bit of those. now i feel bad though i did work out for 1.5hrs today so i guess it is ok. But i feel FABULOUS again becuz when i was donating stuff to courage a bag ripped so i got a new bag and filled it. saw a pair of pj bottoms that didn't fit last year. and thought what the hey, so i set them aside. well i went to change my cloths and thought to try them on and OMG they freaking fit. not even a bit snug at all. last summer i couldn't even get them on. So great when my cloths tell me things that my eyes can't see.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weigh In 8-6-11 Take that DeKalb

2 weigh in's this week. if you add in the 1.1 pounds that i lost on Wednesday with the 3.3 pounds I lost today. i lost 4.4 pounds this week. TAKE THAT DEKALB and all your nummy food and hot breakfest at the hotel. i only worked out 2 times this week too. Course dh gained all he lost cuz he isn't working out like he use to. he also eats alot more than me. I know he is a guy and should eat more than me but here is an example. i made breakfest the other day. i made egg mc muffin sandwiches with hashbrowns. I made Hunter 3 regular sausage (5pts) but Hunter didn't want them. offered them to dh which he took. He just eats without thinking. i was making spaghetti and he wanted bread with it. when i was making it he said "that's not enuf" so you kinda get what i am saying. he also is a muncher. and he will eat and come back 20m later saying he is hungry. I am shocked at the loss this week as i really didn't workout much. i did 2 days of water fitness.

Now I want to say to those who think they can't loose weight and don't have the will power to do it. IF I CAN YOU CAN. I was a see food eater. if i saw it, i ate it. i didn't think about it. I went through life not thinking about what i ate and kept thinking "i didn't eat alot" when it turns out i did eat alot. 60+ points a day. didn't think twice about grabbing that candy bar at the check out. eating a big helping of chips. a cup of mashed potatoes. a full rack of BBQ ribs. I am now at eating serving sizes of things. Yes i can still eat all the types of food i use to but i eat it in serving sizes. i love mashed potatoes but i only have a half a cup. pizza sure. but not 2-3 pieces. 1 piece with a salad or steamed broccoli. you get the point. you can have the yummy stuff but you just have to stick to managable sizes. oh and if there is a food that is a trigger. don't buy it. Elfin Cookies are my downfall. Sour licorice is also bad bad bad. and if you do have something yummy, try eating it slowly. that small piece will last longer and you will savory it. (like doritos) one thing though that is hard is eating out when running errands. all the fast food joints are uber high in points. my fall back is usually Arby's with a jr. roast beef and salad (about 6-7 points) washed down with a ice water or a diet soda. a taco at taco bell is 4pts.

here is hoping my loss continues next week. i am 6lbs away from my mini goal of 200.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wiegh In 8-2-11

I know I am 4 days late on the weigh in but i was out of town for 6 days including my normal weigh in of Sat and no access to a scale. I wasn't sure how this vacay would effect my weight loss. I was out of town with my sister's eating alot more stuff that i thought i should. not sure about the pointage as my sister kept telling me "there is no points in naperville/dekalb" LOL Also my MiL's house isn't weight loss friendly. she had flipping king size hershey bars with almonds and yes i ate 1.5 of them. in my house i buy mini candy bars that are 2pts. i can eat one and be ok but you open a big and you just absent mindly eat it.

Anyway, i stepped on the scale when i walked in and while i did gain a pound from what i weighed myself on Wednesday before i left. i actually lost 1.1 pounds from my last weigh in on Saturday.

things i realized while i was gone is that I have a lap. 2. i can go up and down the stairs at the convention easier. i didn't tire or get winded. and 3. i have more pep in my step which my sister noticed that i moved a bit faster than her.

now i just need to go through the 4 bags of cloths i got from my broken sister and see what fits, what will go in my grown into pile and what i don't need. tomorrow i hope to go to water fitness in the am.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am going to miss weigh in this saturday

i am going out of town and won't be near a scale on Saturday. So weigh in is going to be delayed till Wednesday morning. but currently I am at 209.4. that puts me at 2lbs lighter than Saturday. now if i stick to eating right on the weekend which shouldn't be a problem since all the adults are either doing WW or something else. it should be ok. i have veggies and salads ready to go with me. I am also going to be hitting the fitness room i hope but definatly doing the pool. so i will be getting in my water fitness and probably teaching my siblings a bit about what i do. I am also excited as dh isn't complaining about me going and even gave me money to top off my garage sale money.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

weigh in day 7/23/11

Today i sit blogging while watching my garage sale. it is called the garage sale diet. Sweat your butt off during the humid and hottest days of the year. it was 95degrees with a heat index of 118 (at the highest) heat index means what it feels like. you are also so busy that you aren't munching and grazing on food and you are moving and standing around keeping active.

So this week i LOST yeah. i lost 1.7lbs. according to WW that is 35lbs lost. but according ot me that is 40lbs lost since the other scale was telling me lies and the new scale added 6lbs to my weight when we bought it. i am thinking that the new scale is right cuz when we would go to the doctor it would tell me heavier than at home.

I have 11lbs to go till i hit my first goal of 200 lbs. that also means that i will feel good getting me some new cloths. not alot of new cloths but some to tide me till my next goal of 180. oooh that sounds good, no longer in the 200's

Next week I am going to see my family. I hope they tell me where they see my weight loss. i don't see it yet. ok i do see it in my waist. my hour glass is coming back and i feel thinner as in i am not hiding in big cloths, i am buying more fitted. What else! I am not waking up stiff and sore. I can do the dancer's pose in water fitness. I will also be picking up some bags of cloths from my broken sister. so i hope there will be something in there to suppliment my closet. I also got some awesome shirts from a friend in FL.

now i hope i can stick to my diet next week. i should be ok since my sisters and mom will be there and we all have to eat light. :) they will have a fitness room at the hotel and a pool. Not to mention the assembly is where you have to go up and down steps so i should be ok, i won't be able to weigh in till Tuesday so see you then.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Garage sale time

I wonder how much weight i am going to loose getting this garage sale going becuz

1. it is hotter than hell out there. Seriously, the heat index is in the 100 degrees. so not only is it hot but humid. so you are virtually taking a shower every time you step out

2. I am active, moving boxes,walking around, standing

3. i am busy so no time to munch on stuff, also the heat suppresses the appetite.

As for number 2. I am thinking back to 40 pounds ago. I could never have set this garage sale up on my own. I would have been so tired and worn out but now that I think about this. I am not. I am doing so much with so much more energy and this is even me going to sleep late last night.

I sit and people watch and see over weight people and think "are they doing something about it or are the content with their weight. Do they know they can do something or do they just leave it be" Even when I was 40# heavier i was always aware of my weight. i hated it, i hated living like i was. i just didn't have the power to do something and stick to it. sure i was working out but I was taking in more calories than i should so it was doing nothing. Though i don't think i would be successful if my husband isn't doing it also. Maybe all these overweight people just need a friend or buddy to help them. I know my friend gave up on WW. She wanted to do it on her own. Maybe she would have stuck with it if she would have admitted to people, got a buddy, went with me to work out. I am not going to hide it. Gloss over it. I AM FAT!!! sure i am told i am a good person but this good person want to introduce her to a skinny person. I don't know if i would have been successful if i didn't have my friends and my family helping me along the way.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weigh In Day 7/16/11 UGH

So this weeks weigh in has me at gaining .6 pounds. Seriously. Well i guess there is no splurge day in my future. I am going to have to watch what i eat closely and I thought when i went out to the Buffet i was good with my choices. (well except the cheese cake) I stuck to one serving of taters, got the baked fish. sure i got breaded shrimp but it really wasn't alot. i got a half a cup of the pasta thingy. had a diet soda (was going to just do water but dh got soda before i said anything) grilled zuchinni. :( but that caused me to gain 2 lbs and it took all week to almost loose it. it was probably that damn cheese cake at the end. those are 8-10pts. and you know what, it wasn't even that good and it caused me to feel bloated. :(

This brings me to the question...what is the point of the 49 points if it is just going cause you to play catch up on your scale. i know i didn't use all those 49 points. they are there for times when you have a party to go to or want to eat out. but apparently for me if i use them then i fall off the wagon and play catch up all week. so i guess back to the grind. no splurge day today. This week i should loose something becuz i am setting up for the garage sale and it is suppose to be HOT so i will be sweating off the weight

Monday, July 11, 2011

Grazing Platter

I know if you are like me, you walk through the kitchen and grab things. If you have kids there are usually quite a few things that you grab that really shouldn't. For instance yesterday it was cookies, fritos, and almonds. sure while almonds are good for you they are high in points, so you have to be careful when eating them. Why did I grab those things? cuz our "snack" cupboard was bare. Today i went out and got some more 'snacks' Carrots, cauliflower, radishes, and green pepper. So i made myself a grazing platter consisting of those four things. I am lucky in that I can eat them without the need for dip. My hubby needs dip, sucks to be him. All of those are zero point foods and I just recently learned that Green Pepper is a food that boosts your metabolism. BONUS! So i set out my grazing platter and when i run through the kitchen I can guilt free grab away. Sure it isn't as tasty as the fritos or the cookies but it is good for you and filling. So what would you put on your grazing platter?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weigh In Day 7-9-11

Well i lost. course i knew i would since the first half of the week i was in emotional turmoil. I also excercised ok this week. today i am going on the elliptical as i talked the man to take me to Country Buffet for their Shrimp thing going on. Shrimp made 5 different ways and one of those ways is coconut shrimp. YUM.

Oh are you wondering what i lost this week. I lost 3 lbs. That means i am now below my weight that i was with my old scale which means i can start entering my weight again on WW. according to WW i am now down 34 lbs since my start weight but if you add on those 6 lbs the new scale added. that means i have lost a shocking 40 lbs. i have about 80 more to go so i am 1/3 their. but that also means i am 12 lbs away from my mini goal of 200. i am also light enuf to comfortably sit in folding chairs.

Sadly my weight loss is causing these veins on my lower leg to pop out. only on one leg but it is sooo disgusting. i think that is one thing that will have to probably be taken care of.

I am extra excited seeing my family in a few weeks becuz the last time they saw me i was 40# heavier.

I do find i am becoming a Weight Snob though. i look at people and wonder "why arent' you doing anything" "do you enjoy being so over weight you have to utilize the electronic carts at walmart" Even when i was 40# heavier i didn't use those stupid carts. the only time is when i was pregnant with Sam. I want to scream that IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am not an emotional eater

That is the thing i have learned with all this crap with hubby. He is giving me the silent treatment for gosh knows why. i literally woke up Sunday morning to him in a sour mood and not talking to me at all. he hasn't said but a few words to me in the last 4 days. Sunday it was mumbled "i am so sick of this marriage" Monday it was him beeping "i forgot my wallet" and today was "is bailey outside" oh and when i gave him a hug Monday or tuesday it was "come on i am trying to do ????" yep that is all he has said to me. Not sure what I did (if i did anything) or what is the issue. just know that he is not talking to me and internally when No one is looking I break down. I been putting on a good front but inside i am a wreck. I have also been under my points daily. when i am upset i have to force myself to eat.

I weighed myself for shits and giggles and it already registered i lost a pound.

On happy news. I finally tried the Special K cracker chips. and they are good. 3pts for 27 chips. that is a pretty good deal huh. Other happy news is that my garden is all flowering so we should have fresh veggies soon

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weigh In Day 7/1/11

Well i lost this week. I was 218.? last week and this week I am 215.2 I am one pound off of my weight on WW (what my old scale said i was. I am also 15# away from my first goal of 200. I think when i hit 200 i will see if dh will agree to me getting my hair professionally colored. next goal after 200 is 180. then after that 160. we will go down by 20lb. If i get to 140 I will be ok with that. Since I am short my ideal weight is like 115-120 but i am almost certain I will not get down to that. I would be happy with 150.

I wish i would have done WW sooner. All that time I was working out and nothing was coming off. i probably would be at goal by now. But i thought i wasn't eating alot. but it turns out my points for the day were like 60points. I would down 30 points just by eating a box of cookies on a splurge day or when i would eat the whole container of honey roasted cashews.

I have been noticing large people alot too. I see them and some of them seem so happy and put together and think "wow i wish i was so self confident about my size." they wear cute cloths and just seem to be put together but then i think that is probably cuz they have spouses that are ok with their size and love them for them. My neighbor is plus size and her husband is thin. there are just people out there who like pleasantly plump women. You would think my dh would be more understanding as he is not thin in the least.

Some other exciting news is, i bought size 9 underware. i think the last pair i had were 11's and they were starting to feel like i had bags on my butt. I think those will become that time of the month undies. I can now grab both ankles. now what i mean is when we do waterfitness. they have this after workout stretch where you reach in back and grab your ankle and it stretches the front of your leg. well i could only grab one ankle for the longest time. but now i can grab both. the left still take a bit of effort but i can grab it and that is all that matters.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weigh In 6/25/11 and Damn Elves

Nothing gained but nothing lost either. :( ok maybe there was but i don't remember what the number was after the point was. I really need to get back on track. somewhere along the way I have become too comfortable. Today though i fell off the wagon.

THOSE DAMN ELVES and their cookies.

I tried to stick to a serving. i tried so hard but then 3 cookies became 4 and 4 became 6 and so on. Finally I just said "here kids eat them" just to keep them out of my mouth. so now i have to either have a light lunch or a light dinner. It is 10:30 and i have 14points left for the day. I do have 8 activity points in case I need it and after dh leaves for work i think i will pop on the elliptical. I don't know why i bought those cookies in the first place. i have no control when it comes to elfin cookies. NONE AT ALL. Another thing i went off the wagon with this week was licorice. yep have to stay away from that. And those mini chocolate bars. i thought i was doing ok but i guess one day i had like 3-4 of them and at 2pts each that adds up. But in my defense I had a visit from my monthly witch and you all know how that goes.

It is a new week. I got meat for Sandwiches, i have my OG dressing for my salads. all will be right again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yeah it is that time we all DREAD


This year is my 20th reunion. i didn't make it to any others but i am kicking around the idea of going to this one. But this also makes me want to kick the weight loss in high gear. I know WW says try not to look more than 2lbs a week. But our reunion is in Aug and while i am considerably lighter than Jan. I am still not where i would like. I know, I know we all gain weight after school and there are some of us that are graced with good genes where we gain very little. and then there are some of us (ach hum) who are not only vertically challenged but gained alot of weight and as we all know on short people weight makes us look alot heavier than we are. So dependant on how much I can loose in the next 9 weeks is dependant on whether or not I will be going to this reunion. there is no way i will be at the 180 I would like to be. but if i could hit 200 that would be ok. But then I have to think about money. Oh crap, i just thought of something. i don't know if my dh will agree to me going out of town 2 weeekends in a row. i have a thing at then end of July too. (which reminds me i need to start pricing cloths to have a garage sale to earn money for that)

I been reading Facebook (amazing thing FB) and we have a reunion page and it just brings back alot of memories. My husband wont understand as he hated school but i enjoy school. Now that i think about it. Yeah at the time i couldn't wait to get out of there but now i miss it. We had fun. i wasn't popular but i wasn't a loner either. I had friends in ever clique and yeah i had fun.

On another note, my hubby got me a new camera and i am going to see if i can get a picture of me up. i wish i did a before picture but now i guess i can. maybe i can find a picture of me that my kids took without me knowing. but first i need to find my house. been doing alot of furniture moving and yard work today. I am not sure how many points I earned in Activity but yeah is should be over 10

Weigh In Day 6-18-11

Well I am down 1 pound from last week. almost to where i thought i was a few weeks ago before my scale died. i like what the old scale told me. I also like what my jeans told me yesterday. i have a pair of jeans that i got at a garage sale. that was before i got the pair from walmart. these i wore only when i went out but i didn't care for them cuz they were soo snug. even though they had some spandex in the jeans they just felt snug and were of a heavier denim. I even went so far as to put a rubber hair band on the button so that i can give me some extra give in the waist as it just was sooo snug. So we were going out yesterday and my other jeans were in the wash so i grabbed these. I was scared too. but when i put them on OMG. now they are too loose. I literally have about 3 inches in the waist and i had to pull them up from time to time. the butt area was baggy also. i went from needing extra give to needing a belt. I am still not going to buy new stuff till i hit 200 though. i have some bags of cloths by my mom from my broken sister and i am sure there are some smaller things in there. plus it is summer and my capri's are good but i think come fall i might need some new jeans.

Today (it really is the 19th) I am moving furniture around. i wonder how many points i get for doing that. it has house work but yeah this is beyond housework. Flipping 2 couches to the opposite sides of the house, shampooing the rugs (the shampooer is heavy) moving chairs and furniture around.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When is my eyes going to see what other's see

Alot of people keep telling me I am looking good and see the weight i have lost. but i don't see it. I think once i loose that fat blob that sits just below my knee then i will start to rejoice a little. I know my cloths are feeling looser and I need to seriously sit down and shorten a few of my pants cuz they are way Long on me due to loosing weight. i really don't want to go out and buy new just yet. when i hit my first goal maybe i will get some new pants. and right now it is summer so my capri's are good for a bit (course that is if it will warm up to capri weather. today is wet and gloomy and i put pants on but the bottoms got wet so i did a very 80's thing. i folded and rolled the bottoms (Come on girls you remember that, acid washed jeans folded and rolled with cardigan sweaters with collared shirt under and big hair)

this week i am going to try and hit waterfitness 4x. I am glad Emily isn't teaching on Friday. i never liked her teaching style. i don't know who Heidi is. but i will find out. tomorrow Mia isn't going to be teaching. The teacher we had today is teaching. she does things quick short jumping jacks that are killer on the lower legs. maybe that will help that fat blob i have.

On another WW blog i follow she asks what are some of my tool i can't live without

1. My WW calculator and WW scan points apps on my phone. I love the scan app becuz i can scan the bar codes and it will tell me the points. sometimes it don't come up so i have to go to the old calculator. i like that it is on my phone so i don't have to have to gadgets

2. WW online app for the phone. this way i can enter my food in where ever i maybe. it has resturants on there and i can look things up. sure there is some bumps that need to be ironned out on their end but i do love it

3. Metal dip cups. they are 1/4 cup so it is easy to measure things out and if you fill it half way that is 2tbsp of dressing.

4. food scale (though i need a WW one) i like it to measure out meat and know how much i eat. i don't use it ALL the time but it is great to have on hand

5. my scale. well when you are trying to loose weight you need to keep track on your loss and gains and if you gain go back and see where you F'd up.

6. Family and Friends. if it wasn't for them i probably would have fell off the wagon and even though some have stopped WW they are still there for encouragement and i hope that as they see me get smaller they may come back. even if they don't join WW they can see follow the plan that they learned when they were on there

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weigh In Day 6-11-11

Well it is weigh in day again. despite my new scale adding 6# on to my weight meaning that i was a fatter pig to begin with or that some where between Jan and now that it started to lie to us. i don't know but i will continue to weigh myself but not enter it into the WW site until i reach the weight that is in there. it is going to mess up the number. that being said. I lost 3# this week. YEAH probably more like 2# though i dont remember what the 0.? number was but since this week it said .9. I am thinking it really is 2lbs.

I thought for sure i would have plateau'd as i ate for crap yesterday. well actually the day was fine it was dinner that i screwed everything up by eating all you can eat beer battered walleye and then a piece of cheese cake. but i did workout twice yesterday so that is something right.

Tonite for dinner is walleye (not sure if i am going to do pan fried or broiled. hmm
with steamed broccoli and some sort of side.

I also need to get some more fiber bars as i am out and find myself wanting to eat things i shouldn't

Friday, June 10, 2011

today was going so great

and against my better judgement i got the all you can eat walley. problem with this is it is deep fried with beer batter. i think the broiled or even pan fried would have been better. i blame my hubby for not pushing me in the other direction. on top of that he got deep fried cheese curds. ugh... then when i got home i figured i F'd up my day might as well F it up more and had a piece of cheese cake. i used up all my weight loss points and some of the weekly cushion points. not a good thing to do the day before weigh in. damn damn damn. tomorrow is a new day but the sad thing is i am out of shredded light cheese for my salads :( well i am going to go upstairs and do the elliptical once more. at least it will burn off that cheesecake.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fighting (old post didn't publish doing so now)

Today has been hard. It seems I want something but not sure what. i been fighting the urge to eat and eat and eat all day. I am already at my limit for today's points. I want a fiber bar but what i really want is some oatmeal and sweetened condensed milk but at 7pts for a half a cup, i just don't have the points for that. I already ate some doritos and almost a whole zebra cake. not cuz it was good cuz really it didn't have much flavor (the zebra cake) but just cuz it was there. One good thing about summer break is i am not buying alot of junk food. i usually always have some sort of snack in the house to put in the kids lunches. i think i am going to munch on some carrots.

I can't wait for my garden to start producing so i can go out and grab some cucumbers or tomatoes and just munch away. YUM

Lawn Chairs

while my old scale was lying to me and the new scale is telling me stuff i don't want to hear. there are a few things to be happy about.

1. Even though I weigh more than i thought i did 2 weeks ago. I am still light enuf to sit on my folding lawn chair that i have had since camping 12 years ago. I always hate looking for camp chairs when the cheap ones the weight isn't high enuf but the expensive ones are too expensive

2. I am now the weight that my license says. Now to push to below that.

The kids have been off all this week for summer break so i haven't got much of a workout in but today i am going to go on the elliptical. Next week they start summer school so i can go to the Centre in the am and do Water fitness on tues, wed, thursday without being confined to the 2hr limit i have in kids kove. so i can do my full 90min and get hot tub time in

still not sure what i want to do with my weight. i will still weigh myself every week but part of me wants to not put it in my WW diary cuz it will say i gained when it truth it was the new scale. so maybe i will just hold off and put it in when i go to the weight i thought i was. but i will still keep track. i am not going to sluff off and not weigh myself and that really is the point right.

Today i totally had a lunch i shouldn't have which don't give me much for dinner tonight. so thinking a salad and a sandwich will be ok. or maybe just a salad we will see.

Monday, June 6, 2011

So it didn't lie :(

the 2nd new scale didn't lie. i am heavier than the old scale that means one of 2 things. 1. that i gained 6 lbs in the last week or 2. that the old scale had my starting weight wrong. i am going with option 2. becuz dh's weight is also off by the same amount which means I was a fatter cow than I thought back in Jan but this also means i still lost 32lbs :) yeah me Sadly though this also puts me back farther from my goal. But I think i know what i want for my mini 200 lb goal. I either want a mani/pedi or a massage or maybe a professional hair color. hmm My big goal when i reach the major weight loss i will be happy with 140-150 is a tattoo or 2. Not sure if my dh knows this or not.

Also i just found that i have 4 followers to my blog. EXciting. i have only had my sister since i started this. Anyway, thank you all for following me and listening to me ramble

Tonite for dinner is spaghetti. I know i know high carbs but i finally do manage to stay to 1 cup oh noodles or abouts. certainly not the big portion i use to eat and i have a salad with it.

Speaking of Salads. my dh came home and said that he was sick of salad. can you believe it. sick of salads. i could eat a salad every day if i chose to. he wants some other sides but i am at a wall with what to make. since it will be only for him (as my kids won't eat it for sure) I don't know what to make for him. Today he is having fruit with his meal. I just don't know how we 2 can be so different. i seriously could eat the same thing every week. if i only knew how to make 7 meals i could rotate them weekly and i would be ok with it. but he wants different not the same ol same ol. ugh and sometimes i just want classic, comfort food. and sometime i don't feel like cooking and i will just have a pb&j. but he wants something home cooked everyday if possible. i am just sick of cooking, cleaning up the mess only to cook again. rinse and repeat 3x a day (sometimes 4)

So if any of you followers know of any good side dishes you can make for 1 or 2. please pass them along. i would be much grateful