Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Long time no post

I know I kinda fell off the wagon a bit on posting.  I just don't like how blogger switched the layout of everything.  Still don't.

I have still been trucking a long.  I see my last post I talked about how I was 177.  Well I have been yo yo'ing all around.  Despite me still working out religiously (about 6 days a week) Adding a grueling Body Attack to the mix.  Watching what I eat (no bad me hasn't been logging food but I swear I have been good)   I have been stuck in the low 180's.  I know I am horrible with tracking food and taking my vitamins.  SO....I noticed my friend talking about something called Body by Vi shakes.  It is from a company called Visalus.  It is touted the shake that tastes like a cake.  I have always been iffy on meal replacement stuff.  You things like SlimFast and whey protein mixes.  They just scare me and seem like they wouldn't be very tasty.  So I got a sample from my friends sister and I tried.  Dude, it does taste like a cake.  Doing more searches online I found the recipes that use this shake are endless.   Who don't like eating strawberry cheesecake for breakfast and it being healthy for you?  YUM!  So I signed up.  I started my shakes.  I was only going to replace 1 meal cuz really, I didn't think I could do 2.  Surprisingly it wasn't too hard to do 2.  So now I am doing 2.  I always do a shake for breakfast but I do switch up my 2nd shake with lunch or dinner.  The first week on the shakes, I lost 2.7 pounds.  Now I have been perusing a support group and see people losing 7+ pounds the first week but that is their first week of food editing ( my new term  as it isn't a diet but an edit) and we all know that the first week is usually the biggest loss.  I have been food editing for 2 years so my loss wasn't that great, but still 2.7# after gaining for the last few weeks is AWESOME.   I am trying to get down as much as I can as my family is doing this biggest loser thing.  I have 2 weeks till final weigh in.

On the shakes I have more energy.  I don't have to remember my vitamins cuz they are in the shake.  The flavors are endless which is one of the downsides to most meal replacements shakes, you are stuck with the same 2-3 flavors.  Visalus has recipes..ones I have tried are Snickers, ButterFinger, OrangeJulius (not my fave) White chocolate Caramel Cappicino (yum), Strawberry Cheesecake (one of my faves) Girl Scout Samoya cookie, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter cup and Almond Joy.  But there is soooooo many more.  I tried one day to not have shakes cuz it was my splurge day but I felt awful.  I guess I will have to go easy on splurge.  I have even got dh having shakes.   The Shakes are pretty reasonable in cost.  A little over $100 for 2 bags that should last you a month.  Cost per shake is about $2 (slightly more depending what you mix it with, I do half almond milk and half skim milk) but you can do just water.

So I am going to try and keep posting and see where I go with this Body By Vi Shakes.  I am trying to lose 10# to start cuz I want the I Lost it Shirt.  I also would like to get down to at least 170 before I go in for my varicose vein treatment, because there is a few of my usual workouts that I am going to have to give up for a little bit (Body Attack, the squats and lunges and probably the back track in Body Pump.

Oh I also want to mention my bff and I are going to be doing the color run this summer.  how exciting.  We will probably run and walk it.