Saturday, November 7, 2015

so wellbutrine. and Plexus slim

So I am still waiting for the side effect of curbing appetite and binges but nothing.  I am a little thirstier which is good cuz i need more water.  But i don't think this stuff is working.  My libido is a little more.

Plexus slim.   i saw a co working using this.  mind you she is a tiny little sprite.  so she brought me a sample.  it is yummy.  she said it helps her hunger between meals.  this is good.  i need this cuz man between meals I feel hungry and it can't be always thirsty as i go up and drink water.  I got the combo of the accelerator and block.  The block really is just white kidney beans which is what i have here.  but eh. 

we shall see

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I have been having a hard time keeping my weight in check.  I know i need to drink more water.  I know I stopped going to the gym but I am still very active at work.  I think I eat ok.  but my scale is creeping toward 200 and I don't like it.  So I was talking to my seester, and she got on phentermine to just help her get her to a level where she can maintain.  Said I should talk to my doctor about getting on that.  well she was hesitant to give me that for who knows why.  she did prescribe Belviq but then the insurance denied me and since it was $225 out of pocket.  It wasn't feasible to do out of pocket.  So plan B was Wellbutrine.  I said "prescribe that one cuz even if the insurance denies it, the cost out of pocket isn't as high"  So here I am day 4 of welbutrine.   It really isn't a weight loss drug.  It is an antidepressant, but the side effect is weight loss.  So now we see.  Today I am starting 2 pills a day.  That second pill is going to be tough as I always forget it.  Morning pill is easy cuz I already have been taking pills in the morning.

That brings me to my morning pill.  I started Le-vel's thrive again.  No luck.  No loss, No appetite curbing.  nothing.    So I am done with that. 

I will check in next week with an update on how things are going.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Le Vel and Thrive

So I took my last set of pills the other day.  I still have patches left since they sent me the wrong set with my last order.  Once those are done I am done.  They didn't really do anything for me beyond some energy.   I didnt have the HUGE boost of energy others say.  I didn't get any weight loss.  I didn't have my appetite curb.  Cravings still there.  Some say they had energy and were able to kick the soda.  Nope Na Da here.   I guess I will have to try something else.  I was looking at Skinny Fiber but YIKES it is pricey.  course so was Level.  skinny fiber you can get 6 bottles for $179 so i guess it isn't that bad and I was paying just under that for one month of pills and patches for Level.  But finding anyone who has actually used it and lost is hard.  Sure I see a lot of stories but are they true. 

One thing I dis like about LeVel. is that there is no support system.  With Visalus there was groups and i could ask any question and get help.  with LeVel.  i have no clue if i am doing anything right.  it don't really give you instructions.  just take the pill then 20 min later slap on the patch. 

So far the only diet program that worked for me was Weight Watchers

So anyone try anything out there and it worked. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weight loss. UGH

trying to lose and failing miserably.  If hubby hadn't pushed me to find a job then I would still be going to the gym.  I started gaining when I stopped.  I can't workout at home.  I just can't.  there is no one to push me.  at the gym I sucked it up and kept going.  Everyone was watching.  No one is watching here so if I want to sit out or quit early.  who is to stop me.  Also water.  I don't drink enuf.  I know it.  When I am working it is impossible to get enuf.  Unless I think about it and grab a drink every time I pass the water fountain.

Weight loss programs I have tried

Weight watchers.  This works.  until i plateaued

ViSalus -  good shakes but didn't lose anything. 

Thrive by Le-Vel.  Not a weight loss program but they do say one of the side effects is Weight loss and appetite suppression.  um not for me.  My appetite is the same.  and I lost no weight

Anyway.  trying to lose as much as I can by end of a competition with my sisters and mom.  going to try and get more water in and going to try and get some workouts in

Friday, June 26, 2015

Goodbye Le-vel

well this is going to be my last month on thrive by Le-vel.  it isn't worth the money.  I haven't lost anything on it or feel like my appetite is less.  I know this is really just a side effect on some but i was so hopeful.  I do feel slightly more pep but not enuf to warrant the cost of it.  i am sure i can find something else to get that Pep.  i just got replacement patches as they sent me the wrong ones.  if it was a preference of color that is one thing but i ordered and paid extra for the ultra and they sent me the regular.  so now i have 2 months of patches.  not sure if i want to order one month of vitamins to go with the second patch set or just take some multi vitamins.  i probably will just take a multi. I know there is many who have had success with thrive but i am just not one of them.  i also lost nothing with Visalus but i do love the shake flavor and will continue with those for my am breakfest when i don't have time to eat (early mornings on the way to work)  IF anyone has a weight loss plan let me know.  In the last few months i have put on 20 pounds.  i know it is me...i have fallen to bad habits.  stopped drinking water as often and eating more junk then usual.  i think i am going to try doing some weight watchers again.  (ha try.  i been saying i am going to try a lot)

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Well I have been on Thrive for over 7 weeks.  No loss...NONE...I haven't seen a decrease in appetite.  I think I have more energy but I don't know...hard to tell.  I know I need to drink more water but drinking water at work is nearly impossible and drinking at home is eh.  I have to have ice but my ice maker is broken.  I use to buy ice and fill it but now it won't even give me the ice.  It is stuck.  I so need a new fridge.  I also use to be so diligent with what I am eating and how much I am eating but I lost it and am having a hard time getting it back.  Partly cuz I work so long sometimes and when I get home I don't want to cook so I either eat something quick and easy or I get take out.   I also know I need to get better sleep.  Now that I am done with my binge of Gilmore Girls I should have less late nights. 

Anyway...I just wanted to give you an update

Monday, May 4, 2015

I am on week 3 of Thrive by LeVel

I don't know what to think about this.   I think it is giving more energy but as far as the weight loss side effect.  I have lost nothing.   I am down 1# this week but that is nothing  new I have done that without  thrive.   I am torn if I want to get more when I run out.  If I do I think I will just get the dft patches and pills and skip the shake as I prefer Visalus.  Any one have any Thrive success stories.