Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weigh In 7/22/12 BRING IT

So I set this goal that I want to reach 170 by Aug 2nd.  That was last week when I weighed in at 177.  This weeks weigh in and I am at 174.8  that is 2.9 pounds lost this week.  I am so HAPPY.  I still have 10 days till my goal.  Will I reach it I don't know.  but I am really happy with that number.  Even more so since I haven't tallied my points for 2 weeks.   Two days ago I started Green Coffee Extract.  We will see where that takes me.  I also only got to the gym 2 days and didn't do elliptical all week.  so a 2.9 loss is GREAT (though I did set up a garage sale and that was lifting and stairs.  Also kept me busy and not eating)

This week I will only get 2 days of pump in.  maybe some elliptical and i think Sam and I will head to the beach a day or 2.

Also my sister informs me that I now weigh less than her.  I never thought that would happen.  ;)

I need to loose as much as i can cuz we are going to IL Aug 2nd and as we all know there are no points in Dekalb. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Green Coffee Extract

I stumbled on this by accident.  I went to msnbc to look for info on the CO shooting at Batman movie and saw a link to Dr. Oz and talking about Green Coffee Extract.  Now I am not a fan of Dr. Oz.  The man contradicts himself a lot.  What is bad for you one day is good for you the next and vise versa.  So I went with what he said and looked up more information on it.  From what I seen and results from reviews on the shopping sites, this looks promising.  Basically what it does is prevent the release of glucose in the blood stream and with that the body uses energy from the fat instead.  It also may aid in heating up the body which will melt the fat.   From the Dr. Oz video, he tested it on 2 women.  The women didn't change anything in their life style.  One women lost 2# and one lost 6#.  in FIVE DAYS....I have seen on some of the reviews where one person lost 1# a day.  So I guess we will see what happens to me.  I also have been taking other vitamins,  Cinnamon for curbing the sugar eating, K2 for my varicose veins, CLA for metabolism, a pill for my hair and skin,  B12 for metabolism.  Add to that Phase 2 for minimizing the carbs.  I just started GCE today.  so i don't think i will have any instant result on Sunday.  But I have been doing great this week food and fitness wise so we shall see what is up with my loss.  I have 12 days, I want to be as close to 170 as i can