Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weigh In 8/27/11----It's Only

First weigh in. I lost this week. only 0.6 pounds but a loss is a loss. I will take it. I worked out 4 days out of 7 (actual workouts) well I haven't registered today but i plan on moving furniture around and if hubby goes on his computer later I will do the elliptical and watch another episode of Royal pains. I do really need to keep a closer eye on my food. I am sure i have gone over a few days. Maybe when the kids head back to school it will be easier cuz then my munching will be less likely. Also with the kids going back my water fitness will be going from 60m to 90 min and I may or may not go to the gym on Friday. Monday i can do elliptical at home when hubby goes back to work.


Those 2 words are some of the worst words of dieting/food watching. My husband says it a lot and this is one of the reason he keeps loosing and gaining the same 5 pounds. He will eat something and will say "but it's only XX point" or "it's only a turkey stick" or "it's only this one time" But those It's Only's add up and this is causing him to go up and down. I know I am not an expert on weight loss, I am not a teacher. But I have lost 45pounds since the start of this. And my husband and his excuse of It's Only don't work. you have to be accountable for what you do and what you eat. If I gain, I know why and I don't say when i eat something i shouldn't "It's only" if i am going to splurge on something i know it will come back. If i feel i need to splurge on something i try to workout before i splurge so my body is in burn mode or i try to eat my splurge at the beginning of the week so i have all week to work extra hard to burn it. My husband also hasn't exercised all week, he kept saying "I will next week" that paired with his weird sleep schedule cause him to eat at the wrong times. (3rd shift) I have regular days. I wake up eat, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, maybe an evening snack (depends on how late i eat) Thursday Night was an It's only for hubby. he was up most the night (sleep schedule) and when i got up i saw that there was a cup on his side of the bed. He ate mini chips ahoy and milk. WHY not sure. there was stuff in the house better. if he wanted sweet he could have had a fiber bar. I had grapes, carrots, melon, salad making all for him to eat. but yet he goes for the cookies, not sure where that bag of licorice is. He needs to take charge of his diet and stop relying on me to feed him. On work days he looses. but on off days he don't. hmmm is that becuz i am making his meals for him on work days.

I got off track. The bottom line. Try to avoid the "It's Only" trap. be aware of what you are eating. if you don't know the points, call your buddy to look up the points for you. look them up on your phone and if you can't find out if it is ok to eat, avoid it. You never know, that It's Only could be 20pts and there goes 2/3 of your days points.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doing an Eating Life style change sucks sometimes!

I don't want to say Diet cuz really that isn't what I am doing. I am eating a lot of the stuff i always ate, just in moderation and serving size. More aware of what each is and do i have the points to eat it. BUT


I love endless pasta bowl. I usually get the Alfredo with Fettuchini and chicken and the spaghetti with 5 cheese marinara. OMG it is soooo good.

On another note, Hubby and I have eaten 3+ pounds of broccoli this week. i bought a bag on Friday from Sam's club and it is almost gone. I say Plus becuz i had some still in fridge. Also I ate 2+ in tomatoes. But i am kicking myself for not getting a couple bags of carrots cuz we are out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

So anywhere between a 16W and 18W

that is where i am. I went to Walmart in Hudson today and they had the JMS (Just My Size) jeans that I got a year or so ago. I can't wear those anymore cuz they are too big. My Walmart don't care JMS jeans anymore. So i went and tried on a pair of 18W (took a pair of 16W with me Just in case) the 18 were a bit snug and i thought about getting 20W but then thought to myself "self in a few weeks they will loosen up cuz you will be thinner" so i got the 18W pants. I wish they had more than 1 color but i guess i have those 16W i got from my friend's garage sale. Now to just get a couple pair of yoga style pants. My Niece gave me a bunch of cloths from my sister and some of those are 20W so will be doable even though they are sort of loose.

Microwave meals. i tried the Smart ones Fettuccine Alfredo and broccoli and it is NUMMY! though you need a little protein to fill or you still get a bit of a hunger. So today i made it and I added some extra broccoli (zero points) and shrimp (1 pt) it was a nice size serving for only 7pt meal. shrimp for 10 is only 1pt. If you don't like shrimp i am sure you could add some chicken into it. I would have never thought to eat broccoli with my fettuccine Alfredo.

Today i am going to mow the lawn and do elliptical. tomorrow is water fitness day. i really need to get into stillwater and see if they have swim suit. i am going to need 1-2 more to get me through the winter. the pool is killer on your suits

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weigh in Day 8/20/11

Wow i am back. turns out the issue with publishing my blog was IE. not sure why i didn't think to switch to Google Chrome is beyond me. i wonder if that is why i can't post responses to peoples blogs either

Well i am posting 3 new post today 1. is last weeks weigh in 2. is my mid week musings and 3 is today's weigh in.

Today's weigh in has be at a 2lb loss. Now before you say Yay, remember i also gained last week. this still put me 1 lb up where i was before. but at least its not a gain right and we are heading back down and oh I FLIPPING fit in 16W jeans. So i guess all in all it is a Yay.

Last night while in the bath i noticed my knees are showing up again. i also a took a picture of myself and saw that 1 of my chins made and exit. so those are all YAYS. I have more energy (though still looking for motivation) also the extra curricular stuff is AWESOME (at times ;) )Now if my heel will heal from when i stepped on that rock (and keep stepping on them, yeah yeah i know, SHOES! but barefoot is so comfy and that stupid snow thrower throws rocks in our grass.)

Now this week more water fitness, watch closer what i eat and NO MORE NUT ROLLS. Sam's club had those fiber plus bars in store, comes to about $2 a box but they only have the dk chocolate/almond and the chocolate chip combo box. no peanut butter and no coconut.

Today i think i talked dh to go to Ikea to look at desks and shelves. but he wants to go to fudruckers if we go. yeah way high points. so i am going to have to make sure i workout and eat light so i don't go over by much

Thursday, August 18, 2011


today i went to water fitness. i weighed myself and as long as i don't fall off the wagon i am good. back down to 206.9 after my nutroll binge and then i was broken. As for the shock, I stopped by my bff's garage sale to take a gander (i had to go to the library anyway) so i bought a pair of 16W pants. i knew i wasn't a 20W cuz the ones i have are loose and so even if the 16W didn't fit they would eventually. but when i got home and tried them on. they fit. sure they are a bit snug but i can button them, i can breath. so yeah i probably am a 18W but on the lower side of 18. whooo hooo considering that i started at 22/24W

now i hope this post with publish as i still can't post my weigh in day from last saturday. btw i gained 2lbs but i was also broken that weekend.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weigh In Day 8/13/11

Well today is weigh in day. Sad to say that i put on 2 lbs. but i am going to be broken later today (i can feel it) So i am hoping that it is from that. I am ok with it as gain from time to time is expected and i have lost it before and i will loose it again. As long as that 40+ lbs don't come back.

This week i bought myself 4 new shirts. i know i said i wouldn't buy new cloths till i hit 200 but i was school shopping and they were there. There are so many cute shirts out there but i didn't get them cuz they were too dressy. I am a SAHM I had to be honest and think where would i wear that. i can't justify buying a shirt if it only going to be worn a few times a year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Incredible shrinking me

I sometimes get amazed at how much i lost. but then i also think "man i was flipping huge" Today i went through different feelings. Water fitness. I felt awesome, i was working out, then I went to kohls where i tried on cloths and found that my fave pair of pants that made me feel good, actually looked aweful so i felt yucky again, but then i tried on a shirt that makes me look fabulous (even in crappy pants) bought 4 shirts and a sweater for myself today. i will look into pants later when i don't have kids in tow and can try them on without worrying about kids. so then i came home and worked out. Felt tired. Then i ate dinner and bad bad me made the kids food but couldn't let the noodle go to waste so i ate a bit of those. now i feel bad though i did work out for 1.5hrs today so i guess it is ok. But i feel FABULOUS again becuz when i was donating stuff to courage a bag ripped so i got a new bag and filled it. saw a pair of pj bottoms that didn't fit last year. and thought what the hey, so i set them aside. well i went to change my cloths and thought to try them on and OMG they freaking fit. not even a bit snug at all. last summer i couldn't even get them on. So great when my cloths tell me things that my eyes can't see.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weigh In 8-6-11 Take that DeKalb

2 weigh in's this week. if you add in the 1.1 pounds that i lost on Wednesday with the 3.3 pounds I lost today. i lost 4.4 pounds this week. TAKE THAT DEKALB and all your nummy food and hot breakfest at the hotel. i only worked out 2 times this week too. Course dh gained all he lost cuz he isn't working out like he use to. he also eats alot more than me. I know he is a guy and should eat more than me but here is an example. i made breakfest the other day. i made egg mc muffin sandwiches with hashbrowns. I made Hunter 3 regular sausage (5pts) but Hunter didn't want them. offered them to dh which he took. He just eats without thinking. i was making spaghetti and he wanted bread with it. when i was making it he said "that's not enuf" so you kinda get what i am saying. he also is a muncher. and he will eat and come back 20m later saying he is hungry. I am shocked at the loss this week as i really didn't workout much. i did 2 days of water fitness.

Now I want to say to those who think they can't loose weight and don't have the will power to do it. IF I CAN YOU CAN. I was a see food eater. if i saw it, i ate it. i didn't think about it. I went through life not thinking about what i ate and kept thinking "i didn't eat alot" when it turns out i did eat alot. 60+ points a day. didn't think twice about grabbing that candy bar at the check out. eating a big helping of chips. a cup of mashed potatoes. a full rack of BBQ ribs. I am now at eating serving sizes of things. Yes i can still eat all the types of food i use to but i eat it in serving sizes. i love mashed potatoes but i only have a half a cup. pizza sure. but not 2-3 pieces. 1 piece with a salad or steamed broccoli. you get the point. you can have the yummy stuff but you just have to stick to managable sizes. oh and if there is a food that is a trigger. don't buy it. Elfin Cookies are my downfall. Sour licorice is also bad bad bad. and if you do have something yummy, try eating it slowly. that small piece will last longer and you will savory it. (like doritos) one thing though that is hard is eating out when running errands. all the fast food joints are uber high in points. my fall back is usually Arby's with a jr. roast beef and salad (about 6-7 points) washed down with a ice water or a diet soda. a taco at taco bell is 4pts.

here is hoping my loss continues next week. i am 6lbs away from my mini goal of 200.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wiegh In 8-2-11

I know I am 4 days late on the weigh in but i was out of town for 6 days including my normal weigh in of Sat and no access to a scale. I wasn't sure how this vacay would effect my weight loss. I was out of town with my sister's eating alot more stuff that i thought i should. not sure about the pointage as my sister kept telling me "there is no points in naperville/dekalb" LOL Also my MiL's house isn't weight loss friendly. she had flipping king size hershey bars with almonds and yes i ate 1.5 of them. in my house i buy mini candy bars that are 2pts. i can eat one and be ok but you open a big and you just absent mindly eat it.

Anyway, i stepped on the scale when i walked in and while i did gain a pound from what i weighed myself on Wednesday before i left. i actually lost 1.1 pounds from my last weigh in on Saturday.

things i realized while i was gone is that I have a lap. 2. i can go up and down the stairs at the convention easier. i didn't tire or get winded. and 3. i have more pep in my step which my sister noticed that i moved a bit faster than her.

now i just need to go through the 4 bags of cloths i got from my broken sister and see what fits, what will go in my grown into pile and what i don't need. tomorrow i hope to go to water fitness in the am.