Monday, April 8, 2013

Day One Detox Epic Fail

Ok really not that bad.  I didn't follow it to the tee.  I was doing good most of the day.  This is how my day was suppose to go and then I will (parenthesize what I did)

Shake made with 2 scoops vi powder, ice, strawberries, chia seed, coconut oil
(I made my shake but didn't do the coconut oil didn't have any yet)

1 cup Plain Greek yogurt with some honey and almond shaved
(I figured if I can have strawberries above why can't I have fat free greek yogurt with strawberries.  I had 10oz, I was out and about and one container was 5oz)

Same as breakfast (I had this with coconut oil this time.  but it was soooo thick, i even forgo'd the ice this time.  I had to choke it down, it was just too thick)

avocado with lemon...(I don't like avocado unless it is in guacamole.  I had 2 Vi snack bites and some cauliflower/broccoli salad.  I also ate 2 hard boiled eggs,  I was cooking them and had to see if they were done...yoke wasn't so i just ate the whites...that should equal the avocado right)

Same as above.  (I had an almond joy flavored shake.  I just can't have the strawberry.  which is strange cuz that was my go to shake but for some reason they are coming out toooo thick.)

now i should be done for the night but if i get hungry I might just steam some broccoli (it has to be eaten)

I worked out killer today.  Pump and elliptical.  I do miss my attack class though.  :(  but i still have Wednesdays class.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Body by Vi

I am sure some of you have heard about this product.  If not let me tell you a little bit about it.  It is a meal replacement shake.  But it is far different from anything like slim fast or protein powders.  It is the shake mix that tastes like a cake.  Yup that is right CAKE.  And there is so many recipes you can try.  Straight it tastes like vanilla cake...but add stuff to it (pudding powders and flavorings) and you have something MORE.  Almond Joy Shake, Snickers Shake, Butterfinger, strawberry cheese cake, rootbeer float.  You all know that there are times you just want a candy bar for breakfast.  Well now you can and it is good for you and full of nutrients and keeps you full, where a candy bar you will be hungry again not long after you eat it.  2 scoops of powder (what you use in your shake) is 90 calories.  Add in some light almond milk at 30 calories.  then a few add in and you are looking at under 300 calories for a meal.  You replace only 2 of your meals with this and then a sensible Lunch or dinner (or breakfast if you like.)  Just replace 2 and see the results.  It comes to about $2 per meal.  So before you look at the cost think about that break down.  Yes 2 bags will cost about $100 but you are not buying food for those 2 meals (well i guess if you have kids you are)  I know some people are so squeamish about it all.  But I have been reading success stories and it does work.  I broke my plateau on this shake.  I even got my husband to take it.  Even if you don't use it for meals, it is good for dessert option.  Tastes like a blizzard from DQ.  Kids can have it also.  Great for mornings when you are rushing.  If you have a kid who don't like to eat breakfast...make him/her a dessert breakfast that is good for you.   There are so many other things.  You can do the project 10 and if you loose 10# you get your name put in to possibly win $1000.  If you can get 3 friends to sign up (heck it is healthy and good for you so why not) you can get your shakes free.  Here is a link to the fact sheet   If you have any questions...feel free to email me Leah.  If you would like to order, visit my page Leah's Body By Vi  The best thing is they do have a 90 day guarantee if it don't work then you are out nothing.  But if it does work, you will be amazed and want to share.   I am not a promoter so I don't get paid if you join.  I would just get the free if I get 3 and I would be grateful for that. If you want me to get you a sample I can do that too.  Just let me know.  Where do you know that you can have a snickers for a meal and still lose weight.  Edited to add.  that I have lost about 6# on these shakes (small number compared to some but remember I have been doing WW for 2 years now) tomorrow I am going to get measured again.  I will update you on that and see if I lost inches.  I think tomorrow I am going to attempt the Body by Vi Detox.   Wish me luck.