Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weigh In 6/25/11 and Damn Elves

Nothing gained but nothing lost either. :( ok maybe there was but i don't remember what the number was after the point was. I really need to get back on track. somewhere along the way I have become too comfortable. Today though i fell off the wagon.

THOSE DAMN ELVES and their cookies.

I tried to stick to a serving. i tried so hard but then 3 cookies became 4 and 4 became 6 and so on. Finally I just said "here kids eat them" just to keep them out of my mouth. so now i have to either have a light lunch or a light dinner. It is 10:30 and i have 14points left for the day. I do have 8 activity points in case I need it and after dh leaves for work i think i will pop on the elliptical. I don't know why i bought those cookies in the first place. i have no control when it comes to elfin cookies. NONE AT ALL. Another thing i went off the wagon with this week was licorice. yep have to stay away from that. And those mini chocolate bars. i thought i was doing ok but i guess one day i had like 3-4 of them and at 2pts each that adds up. But in my defense I had a visit from my monthly witch and you all know how that goes.

It is a new week. I got meat for Sandwiches, i have my OG dressing for my salads. all will be right again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yeah it is that time we all DREAD


This year is my 20th reunion. i didn't make it to any others but i am kicking around the idea of going to this one. But this also makes me want to kick the weight loss in high gear. I know WW says try not to look more than 2lbs a week. But our reunion is in Aug and while i am considerably lighter than Jan. I am still not where i would like. I know, I know we all gain weight after school and there are some of us that are graced with good genes where we gain very little. and then there are some of us (ach hum) who are not only vertically challenged but gained alot of weight and as we all know on short people weight makes us look alot heavier than we are. So dependant on how much I can loose in the next 9 weeks is dependant on whether or not I will be going to this reunion. there is no way i will be at the 180 I would like to be. but if i could hit 200 that would be ok. But then I have to think about money. Oh crap, i just thought of something. i don't know if my dh will agree to me going out of town 2 weeekends in a row. i have a thing at then end of July too. (which reminds me i need to start pricing cloths to have a garage sale to earn money for that)

I been reading Facebook (amazing thing FB) and we have a reunion page and it just brings back alot of memories. My husband wont understand as he hated school but i enjoy school. Now that i think about it. Yeah at the time i couldn't wait to get out of there but now i miss it. We had fun. i wasn't popular but i wasn't a loner either. I had friends in ever clique and yeah i had fun.

On another note, my hubby got me a new camera and i am going to see if i can get a picture of me up. i wish i did a before picture but now i guess i can. maybe i can find a picture of me that my kids took without me knowing. but first i need to find my house. been doing alot of furniture moving and yard work today. I am not sure how many points I earned in Activity but yeah is should be over 10

Weigh In Day 6-18-11

Well I am down 1 pound from last week. almost to where i thought i was a few weeks ago before my scale died. i like what the old scale told me. I also like what my jeans told me yesterday. i have a pair of jeans that i got at a garage sale. that was before i got the pair from walmart. these i wore only when i went out but i didn't care for them cuz they were soo snug. even though they had some spandex in the jeans they just felt snug and were of a heavier denim. I even went so far as to put a rubber hair band on the button so that i can give me some extra give in the waist as it just was sooo snug. So we were going out yesterday and my other jeans were in the wash so i grabbed these. I was scared too. but when i put them on OMG. now they are too loose. I literally have about 3 inches in the waist and i had to pull them up from time to time. the butt area was baggy also. i went from needing extra give to needing a belt. I am still not going to buy new stuff till i hit 200 though. i have some bags of cloths by my mom from my broken sister and i am sure there are some smaller things in there. plus it is summer and my capri's are good but i think come fall i might need some new jeans.

Today (it really is the 19th) I am moving furniture around. i wonder how many points i get for doing that. it has house work but yeah this is beyond housework. Flipping 2 couches to the opposite sides of the house, shampooing the rugs (the shampooer is heavy) moving chairs and furniture around.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When is my eyes going to see what other's see

Alot of people keep telling me I am looking good and see the weight i have lost. but i don't see it. I think once i loose that fat blob that sits just below my knee then i will start to rejoice a little. I know my cloths are feeling looser and I need to seriously sit down and shorten a few of my pants cuz they are way Long on me due to loosing weight. i really don't want to go out and buy new just yet. when i hit my first goal maybe i will get some new pants. and right now it is summer so my capri's are good for a bit (course that is if it will warm up to capri weather. today is wet and gloomy and i put pants on but the bottoms got wet so i did a very 80's thing. i folded and rolled the bottoms (Come on girls you remember that, acid washed jeans folded and rolled with cardigan sweaters with collared shirt under and big hair)

this week i am going to try and hit waterfitness 4x. I am glad Emily isn't teaching on Friday. i never liked her teaching style. i don't know who Heidi is. but i will find out. tomorrow Mia isn't going to be teaching. The teacher we had today is teaching. she does things quick short jumping jacks that are killer on the lower legs. maybe that will help that fat blob i have.

On another WW blog i follow she asks what are some of my tool i can't live without

1. My WW calculator and WW scan points apps on my phone. I love the scan app becuz i can scan the bar codes and it will tell me the points. sometimes it don't come up so i have to go to the old calculator. i like that it is on my phone so i don't have to have to gadgets

2. WW online app for the phone. this way i can enter my food in where ever i maybe. it has resturants on there and i can look things up. sure there is some bumps that need to be ironned out on their end but i do love it

3. Metal dip cups. they are 1/4 cup so it is easy to measure things out and if you fill it half way that is 2tbsp of dressing.

4. food scale (though i need a WW one) i like it to measure out meat and know how much i eat. i don't use it ALL the time but it is great to have on hand

5. my scale. well when you are trying to loose weight you need to keep track on your loss and gains and if you gain go back and see where you F'd up.

6. Family and Friends. if it wasn't for them i probably would have fell off the wagon and even though some have stopped WW they are still there for encouragement and i hope that as they see me get smaller they may come back. even if they don't join WW they can see follow the plan that they learned when they were on there

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weigh In Day 6-11-11

Well it is weigh in day again. despite my new scale adding 6# on to my weight meaning that i was a fatter pig to begin with or that some where between Jan and now that it started to lie to us. i don't know but i will continue to weigh myself but not enter it into the WW site until i reach the weight that is in there. it is going to mess up the number. that being said. I lost 3# this week. YEAH probably more like 2# though i dont remember what the 0.? number was but since this week it said .9. I am thinking it really is 2lbs.

I thought for sure i would have plateau'd as i ate for crap yesterday. well actually the day was fine it was dinner that i screwed everything up by eating all you can eat beer battered walleye and then a piece of cheese cake. but i did workout twice yesterday so that is something right.

Tonite for dinner is walleye (not sure if i am going to do pan fried or broiled. hmm
with steamed broccoli and some sort of side.

I also need to get some more fiber bars as i am out and find myself wanting to eat things i shouldn't

Friday, June 10, 2011

today was going so great

and against my better judgement i got the all you can eat walley. problem with this is it is deep fried with beer batter. i think the broiled or even pan fried would have been better. i blame my hubby for not pushing me in the other direction. on top of that he got deep fried cheese curds. ugh... then when i got home i figured i F'd up my day might as well F it up more and had a piece of cheese cake. i used up all my weight loss points and some of the weekly cushion points. not a good thing to do the day before weigh in. damn damn damn. tomorrow is a new day but the sad thing is i am out of shredded light cheese for my salads :( well i am going to go upstairs and do the elliptical once more. at least it will burn off that cheesecake.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fighting (old post didn't publish doing so now)

Today has been hard. It seems I want something but not sure what. i been fighting the urge to eat and eat and eat all day. I am already at my limit for today's points. I want a fiber bar but what i really want is some oatmeal and sweetened condensed milk but at 7pts for a half a cup, i just don't have the points for that. I already ate some doritos and almost a whole zebra cake. not cuz it was good cuz really it didn't have much flavor (the zebra cake) but just cuz it was there. One good thing about summer break is i am not buying alot of junk food. i usually always have some sort of snack in the house to put in the kids lunches. i think i am going to munch on some carrots.

I can't wait for my garden to start producing so i can go out and grab some cucumbers or tomatoes and just munch away. YUM

Lawn Chairs

while my old scale was lying to me and the new scale is telling me stuff i don't want to hear. there are a few things to be happy about.

1. Even though I weigh more than i thought i did 2 weeks ago. I am still light enuf to sit on my folding lawn chair that i have had since camping 12 years ago. I always hate looking for camp chairs when the cheap ones the weight isn't high enuf but the expensive ones are too expensive

2. I am now the weight that my license says. Now to push to below that.

The kids have been off all this week for summer break so i haven't got much of a workout in but today i am going to go on the elliptical. Next week they start summer school so i can go to the Centre in the am and do Water fitness on tues, wed, thursday without being confined to the 2hr limit i have in kids kove. so i can do my full 90min and get hot tub time in

still not sure what i want to do with my weight. i will still weigh myself every week but part of me wants to not put it in my WW diary cuz it will say i gained when it truth it was the new scale. so maybe i will just hold off and put it in when i go to the weight i thought i was. but i will still keep track. i am not going to sluff off and not weigh myself and that really is the point right.

Today i totally had a lunch i shouldn't have which don't give me much for dinner tonight. so thinking a salad and a sandwich will be ok. or maybe just a salad we will see.

Monday, June 6, 2011

So it didn't lie :(

the 2nd new scale didn't lie. i am heavier than the old scale that means one of 2 things. 1. that i gained 6 lbs in the last week or 2. that the old scale had my starting weight wrong. i am going with option 2. becuz dh's weight is also off by the same amount which means I was a fatter cow than I thought back in Jan but this also means i still lost 32lbs :) yeah me Sadly though this also puts me back farther from my goal. But I think i know what i want for my mini 200 lb goal. I either want a mani/pedi or a massage or maybe a professional hair color. hmm My big goal when i reach the major weight loss i will be happy with 140-150 is a tattoo or 2. Not sure if my dh knows this or not.

Also i just found that i have 4 followers to my blog. EXciting. i have only had my sister since i started this. Anyway, thank you all for following me and listening to me ramble

Tonite for dinner is spaghetti. I know i know high carbs but i finally do manage to stay to 1 cup oh noodles or abouts. certainly not the big portion i use to eat and i have a salad with it.

Speaking of Salads. my dh came home and said that he was sick of salad. can you believe it. sick of salads. i could eat a salad every day if i chose to. he wants some other sides but i am at a wall with what to make. since it will be only for him (as my kids won't eat it for sure) I don't know what to make for him. Today he is having fruit with his meal. I just don't know how we 2 can be so different. i seriously could eat the same thing every week. if i only knew how to make 7 meals i could rotate them weekly and i would be ok with it. but he wants different not the same ol same ol. ugh and sometimes i just want classic, comfort food. and sometime i don't feel like cooking and i will just have a pb&j. but he wants something home cooked everyday if possible. i am just sick of cooking, cleaning up the mess only to cook again. rinse and repeat 3x a day (sometimes 4)

So if any of you followers know of any good side dishes you can make for 1 or 2. please pass them along. i would be much grateful

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weigh Day or not 6-4-11

Well normally I come on here and tell you it is weigh day and tell you how much i gained or lost but sadly our scale bit the dust. We did get a new one but apparently that one lies to us. So we are going to try a different one. and if that one tells the same sad story then i guess it is what it is. but if it lies to me does that mean it lied the whole time and that from the beginning i was 7lbs more and then does that mean i still lost 32lb. i don't know how this factors in with all my numbers.