Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thriving week 2

I wanted to update you on Thrive by Le-Vel.  I am on week 2 but there is no loss of weight.  My energy and clarity seems better.    But my appetite I think is the same.  I know my friend said she feels fuller longer but I don't.  But I also am not the greatest at drinking my water.  I have to think about drinking it.  Water never was my fave.  Another reason no loss is Monday weigh in day and I started feeling the Curse coming on.  So that would explain the no loss.  (also no gain so that is a plus)  Today is Saturday.  And I have off.  That is usually bad as I have a tendency to eat things I shouldn't.  Though I think I am doing good.  I have had 2 4"pancakes (no syrup) and some Almonds.  and my coke Zero.

I will still Thrive.  Though I need to do my shake with a scoop of Visalus.  I just can't get past the flavor of of the Thrive shake.  My friend says 2 things of french vanilla creamer and it is nummy but I did that with vanilla almond milk and it still was off to me.  But the 1 scoop of visalus is good cuz it give extra calories cuz really the Thrive and almond milk is only 140 calories and for me that isn't enuf for Breakfast.  I need at least 300 for the morning.  Chewing gum though helps get me from Breakfast to Lunch.

So Tomorrow will be the start of Week 3...stay tuned.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tomorrow I start Thriving.

Not sure if you heard about Le-vel.  I know I had a fb friend who I met through Visalus and then he left that and started with Le-vel.  I never really thought about it until my best friend told me about it recently and how she feels so much better emotionally, has more energy and lost weight to boot.  Yeah I need the energy and the weight loss.   I have gained 10# from my lowest average of last year.  Last year at this time I was 182 and stayed pretty much there give or take a pound or two.  but I went up to 192#  in the last few months.  and have been stuck there.  give or take a pound. I know part of it is lack of fitness.  It isn't that I am not active.  I am.  I work full time at hobby lobby and am on my feet all day.  Some days up and down a ladder.  Some days walking back and forth to register and on truck day...lifting box after box of stock and pricing (that day I get 25,000 steps in)   but I stopped lifting weights.  I have also stopped keeping track of what I eat.  I also fell back into that routine of candy bars and such.  I don't eat much fruit or veggies and the only shake I regularly eat is my morning shake on the way to work. 

Anyway...I am going to start thriving tomorrow.  That consists of 2 pills in morning before I do anything else.  20-40 min later, slap on a DFT patch and have a shake (I do that now anyway)  The Shake I guess though is only 4 days (you only get 16 servings) and that is it.  Still going to watch what I eat.  I do have 4 bags left of my Vi if I need a shake on my off days I can still have it. 

I still need to figure out fitness.  Maybe I will start a 30 day squat challenge and something else.  I do have Body pump for at home but it just isn't the same as working out in the group class at the gym. 

Stay tuned.  Hopefully I will have good result cuz as you all know...on Body By Vi.  I lost nothing.