Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday's almost over!!!

how did you do? my christmas with the family isn't until Friday so we shall see. Dh normally makes rib roast but this year he decided to do Steaks instead. which i am ok with. i don't really care for rib roast. We also do ham for the little ones. I am making 7 layer dessert. yeah so so so HIGH in points.

Kids are off school and I thought i wouldn't be able to get to the gym but i have been able to get to Pump twice this week. Friday is still iffy. Inlaws will be here and not sure if i can sneak away. i have an elliptical so i can pop on that if need be. The scale has me back down to 193.8. that is good. Dh on the other hand gained 5#. probably from all the Toffay's he has been eating. They are evil but they are out of my sight cuz if not they would so be resting on my hips. Dh also hasn't worked out since who knows when. I just remembered we do our girls trip to MOA, a lot of walking so it should be all good. I hope the girls want to go to Stir crazy. i been wanting to eat there ever since i heard it was opening. Stir Fry, yummy

For those of you who don't know. Body Pump is now available to purchase for home use. So if you don't have a gym membership or your gym don't offer Pump. you can now do it at home. it is an awesome workout. works every part of your body. I been doing it 3x a week. when i tell family what i do they just say "ok" but when they see what the work out is they are "Awesome good for you" And if the Grannies in my class can do it, so can you.

Food Find Stouffer's Easy Skillet. OMG they are so good. One bag is 2 servings and they are GREAT portions. (i do add a little extra broccoli and shrimp or chicken to mine) The points factor from 7-9pts for a serving. Pretty much what you get in those WW meals but more food. So far I have tried Garlic Shrimp (my fave) Shrimp Fried Rice (yummy) Dh has tried Chicken and Vegetable (that was nummy) Chicken Alfredo (the sauce was a bit runny, dh prefers the WW bag one. says flavor is better) Today i picked up Chicken and dumplings for the man. They also have Garlic chicken (if it is like the shrimp one YUMMY) Beef and Broccoli (another asian one i have to try) Chicken teriyaki. Cheesy meatball rigatoni, ugh i can't think of the rest. One bag is $4 at walmart and if it is just you put other serving away and it heats up great the next day.

New years brings a lot of people with their resolutions to loose weight. since I am already on that train, i guess i will have to think of something else. I expect Pump class is going to be crazy insane next week. Need to make sure i get there early so i get my spot in back.

I am excited about the inlaws coming cuz my SiL hasn't seen me since Jan last year. that was 60# ago. I love when family sees you after a big loss.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weigh In 12-24-11 ugh

I went up 1.5 pounds this week. UGH I blame dh. I bought some Toffay candy at Aldi. 1 package. I split it with dh and then dh said "why didn't you get more, go back tomorrow" So i went and got more. 9 BOXES. The temptation was too much. i told him to freeze them. So we did. Ahhh better. Until he keeps bringing them in the house. So i need to learn not to check his drawer.

Oh and I am camping out in the Crimson Tent. So that could be it also. I have been broken for a week now. this is the longest for me. But is super light, there are times I think I am done but then I go to the bathroom and bright red.

This week my fitness wasn't the greatest either. If i would have done what i normally done I probably would have just been even. but I missed B.P on Monday but i did do the elliptical (doc appointment) Tuesday missed W.F (dentist) no elliptical though, Wednesday i made it to Body pump, Thursday missed W.F (Sam's program) no elliptical again. Friday i got to B.P. So yeah my normal 5-6 workouts were down to 2.5. No wonder I gained.

Next week is going to be a challenge, i can do B.P probably but not sure I want to do W.F. what i do all depends on what time the kids get up and if i can sneak out. Dh is off work so I am sure i can but we shall see. Inlaws get in on Thursday so i probably will miss B.P on Friday. Depends on when our trip to MOA is going to be.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weigh In 12-17-11

Well today I come in at a .5 lb loss. I am ok with that. a loss is a loss right and any loss in December is GREAT. As we all know holiday's pack on the pounds, which is why so many people make weight loss as there new years resolution. I am expecting a HUGE crowd in my gym classes come Jan. going to have to make sure we get there early on Pump days. I am at 194.2. I initially had my next goal set at 180 but my next goal is going to be 186. WHY? Because my sister told me she is at 187. so my next goal is to be below her weight. Yeah in hopes to get her motivated again that I am creeping up on her.. 7lbs away

My musings for the week. There are times when I look down at my legs when walking up the stairs and thing "wow are these my legs" or I will be driving and look at my hands on the wheel and think, "man my hands look thin" I also don't shy away from the camera like i use to. I actually took a picture of myself the other day with my new phone. I liked it. I sent it to my family and my mom in her, oh so motherly love says "you are getting your pretty back, keep it up" While you can take that as a compliment i thought..."love you to mom that you thought i was ugly" I know my mom loves me. But still that caught me off guard. ;) Though don't catch me with my cloths off cuz Ewwww!!!! but I am going to have to live with that for awhile till I 1. loose more and 2. save money. But yeah Ewwww!

I am excited about the holidays in a few days. BiL's family is coming. The last time they seen us was Jan. I was 60lbs heavier then. Then after that I am excited about March, Scrapbooking crop. Yep, i was 60+lbs heavier that time too.

Another gripe i have is people telling me or even just saying "you know if you cut out sugar the weight will just melt off" I am sorry but i don't want to cut out sugar. Yes, i know the weight will come off, i will feel better, blah blah blah. but I FEEL GREAT, I am happy about my loss and I am happy that i can still eat things i enjoy in moderation. Why should i mess with a good thing? I like chocolate, I like desserts. Sure i can't eat them like i use to but I can still eat them from time to time. So don't even bother telling me about the sugar thing cuz (fingers in ears) La La La La I can't hear you.

Next week, ugh going to be rough on my workouts. Monday I have OB appointment. wasn't thinking but it is Body pump day. But i will do elliptical that day. Tuesday Dentist during water fitness. ugh. Well there is a B.P class at 12:10, so i guess i will go then. Wednesday, B.P. all good that day. but Thursday there is a holiday program for Sam and in laws are coming in for that. it is also during Water Fitness time. So i may have to do B.P that day at 12:10 also if Sam cooperates (DH is home so he can watch her) Friday is up in the air will be out of school. it is B.P day. DH will be home so i will probably be OK sneaking out with Sam and going to workout. then the kids will be on holiday break till the 3rd of January. what to do what to do. that is all up in the air on whether the kids will behave for me to go out to the gym. or will it be a workout at home deal. Thank goodness we have an elliptical and some fitness Xbox games.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekends are hard for me

I have a hard time sticking to the plan and always over eat. I was doing good yesterday, survived McD's but then i ate some brownie cheesecake things. urg. Today I am doing OK, big breakfast of 1 fried egg, 1 piece toast, hash browns with light cheese and 2 slices (aprx) of bacon. Lunch was hot dog with bun, snack some Kellogg crackers. now I am thinking of making a salad and starting my dinner. (ham and taters) Though Salad isn't going to be as nummy as i have no red onion. :( i will put yellow on but just isn't the same.

I found a recipe for some nummy creamy garlic shrimp but when i pointed it out OOOOH BOY! I am going to have to take a closer look at it and see if i can lighten it up some. (light butter instead of real)

I know some say don't deny myself and that will cause me to fall. I really am not denying myself of anything. Sure i would love McDonald's but i would feel so guilty and bad about myself if i ate all my points in one meal. And Really McD's isn't worth my daily points. If i am going to waste that many points i am going to go to a sit down or buffet. Something worth it. I did have some of my dd's fries and they were good. I had pizza that night from Dominoes. thank goodness i didn't get McDonald's I occasionally have some chocolate bars. That is what i love about WW, is I can have from time to time. And really look where that guilt has got me. almost 60# lighter.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weigh In 12-10-11 I missed eating Fast food guilt free

Weigh in today. I am 1.7lbs lighter. whoo hooo. 194.7 Almost at 60lbs loss. (though since i am not sure what my start weight really was, i probably am at 60lbs loss) I also found I am 8lbs away from catching up to my second sister. HA HA. Things i did different this week. Watched what I ate. I kept better track of what i ate. Normally weekends are a down fall for me and i don't watch what i eat then i am playing catch up all week to at least register a loss. Today i am doing good. Sure i ate too much pizza for dinner but I think I am ok with pts. I had about 15 points this afternoon so no more eating for tonite and if i do it will have to be either a salad or light kettle corn.

Today I took Sam to Mcdonalds. oh how I miss that place. I use to able to go into those fast food place guilt free, get a value meal and eat, with a real soda, full of sugar. Today Sam had a happy meal and i had a sampling of her fries and then 2 side salads. which i found weren't as low in points as I thought cuz the dressing is EIGHT points for one package and they say that is a serving. OMG thankfully I normally will only eat half a package for 2 salads so it is all good. But i found myself watching people and feeling envious of them and what they were eating. I wish i could go into McD's and just say, "I want a number what ever with a coke." but knowing that my Filet O' Fish is like 12pts (guessing) and fries are like 8pt and the soda is probably a good 6pts. 26 points for one meal when my DAILY points is 29 (well 26 really but i was doing good on 29 so i kept it there) I just cant in good faith go in there and have a value meal. It is killing me also that i keep hearing commercials for the new and Improved fries at Burger King. I want to go and try them but I haven't yet. i am thinking I will go after B.P or W.F next week. maybe if i keep my breakfest light and eat it righter after I am working out when my metabolism is in high burn gear, it wont be so bad.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Would you like to make it a meal"

Today I had Subway for lunch. It is a great meal. I usually get a foot long ($5) then eat half with ice water and then take the other half home for lunch the next day. I also get mayo on the side as the packets they give you are light. But I always find it funny that they always ask "would you like to make it a meal today" HUH I am eating Bread, cheese, veggies. that is a meal. how is adding chips and a soda making it a meal. What it is making is my scale to go up and my ass to get bigger. Seriously Subways White chocolate and Macadamia cookies are SIX POINTS. Oh but they are so good but now that i know they are 6 points I won't be getting them again. My half sub is 9 points. hmmm cookie or sub. which is bigger and better for you. The other thing that bugged me is I sat there listening to everyone and so many people said "I would like a POP with that" sorry dude it is a SODA. not pop.

The other funny happened this AM. Hubby was watching Good morning america and there was a report on a women who lost 100lbs on weight watchers. He was all "see she lost 100 lbs" and I am like "What, what does that have to do with me. I have lost 60# already. I am still working on loosing more." Ugh, plus that women is taller than me. Also she told them that she lost it in little bits. which is what I am doing. I told him i have goals. This is coming from the person who really isn't watching as closely as he should be and he stopped exercising. This is also him telling me about this as I was heading out the door to go to body pump. it just upset me a little cuz he is acting like I am giving up and stopping. NO I am not. I still exercise at least once a day (sometimes twice) and watch what i eat. I soooo want to try those new BK fries i keep hearing the commercial for but i haven't yet. If you want to read the article or see the video clip, you can go here

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weigh In 12-3-11

Well this weeks weigh in puts me at .2lbs up. Not surprising since i didn't really keep track of what i was eating. I thought it would probably be higher since i had a pastry from Panera's and way to many slices of pizza on Friday. New week

This week they also rolled out upgrades to Weight Watchers Points Plus. I don't know all the new things yet. What i do know, they took 3points away from me. But gave us the option to change that if we cared to. I was doing good on 29points so i put it back. if i find myself plateau i will lower it. I also know they are planning on rolling out sometime in the future a scanner app. Not exactly sure how that will work compared to the scanner app i already have but we will see. I do not fully understand the Activity thing.

I am assuming they switched the points and option to change it for those people who are complaining that they have TOO many points and they are just not loosing weight on the new program. I don't know, i seem to not have any problems.

Last month there were 22 days i could go to the gym (i don't do weekends) of those days I went 17 days. Of the 5 days that I didn't go. One I went on a field trip with my son's class and walked for 3hrs. Second day it was a holiday. and Third day It was black Friday shopping and I walked and shopped for 12hrs. I think that is pretty good. This month started and I am so far 50/50. missed Thursday cuz of car issues. though i probably would have been OK to go. I wish my dh would look at the 10min workout infomercial i put on his tivo. though of late he hasn't been working out AT ALL. last time he stepped on the elliptical was Wednesday. to him it is a chore. To me it is a means to an end. It is all how you look at it. Sure i would love to not workout like i do cuz that would mean more time for me to do things i want but then what will happen.

Weekends are also rough for me food wise. I wish there was something i could do. but the temptations are wide. Today my workout consists of Snowblowing. i may or may not go on elliptical later.