Sunday, October 25, 2015


I have been having a hard time keeping my weight in check.  I know i need to drink more water.  I know I stopped going to the gym but I am still very active at work.  I think I eat ok.  but my scale is creeping toward 200 and I don't like it.  So I was talking to my seester, and she got on phentermine to just help her get her to a level where she can maintain.  Said I should talk to my doctor about getting on that.  well she was hesitant to give me that for who knows why.  she did prescribe Belviq but then the insurance denied me and since it was $225 out of pocket.  It wasn't feasible to do out of pocket.  So plan B was Wellbutrine.  I said "prescribe that one cuz even if the insurance denies it, the cost out of pocket isn't as high"  So here I am day 4 of welbutrine.   It really isn't a weight loss drug.  It is an antidepressant, but the side effect is weight loss.  So now we see.  Today I am starting 2 pills a day.  That second pill is going to be tough as I always forget it.  Morning pill is easy cuz I already have been taking pills in the morning.

That brings me to my morning pill.  I started Le-vel's thrive again.  No luck.  No loss, No appetite curbing.  nothing.    So I am done with that. 

I will check in next week with an update on how things are going.