Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weigh In day 3/31/12

Well another day another pound or 1.6 pounds :) I am now down to 186.2. According to Lily Slim Ticker i have lost SIXTY SIX pounds. wow that is HUGE. I have 46 more to go.

This last week while i didn't really track my food, i did exercise like MAD. I did pump 3 days, Water fitness 2 days and elliptical for 40min every day M-F. I am not sure what is going to happen fitness wise. Mia my Water Fitness instructor is moving. So I won't know what is going to happen till I find out who is replacing her. If it is Edna or Sue, I won't be going to Water Fitness anymore. I do not like their teachings. if it is Sheryl then YES. Or maybe they will get a new person. Then it will be wait and see. I have a choice of 2 land classes. Those are Tight and tone - Mix your cardio and muscle training and see the results. We'll get your heart rate up and build your body at the same time. Primary focus is on core and glute toning and strengthing or Turbo Kick - practic your boxing punches and martial art kicks to an aerobic pace. This will get your heart pumping and your mind working. I guess I will have to decide if it comes to that.

This next week I don't know what it will bring. I am out of African Mango. I am not sure if dh ordered me the one i put in my wish list. But i guess it is good that i am off it. it will tell me if that munching urge that is minimized is really from the A.M. cuz if it comes back with me off. then i know that A.M. is working. The A.M. i picked also has phase 2 in it and something called phase 3 to help with sugar absorbtion. But that would save me from having to take 3 pills, also i just have to remember to take it 15min before lunch and dinner instead of 30min before breakfest and lunch. And it will save money cuz the phase 2 will last longer (i will still have to purchase it for dh)

As for dh, he lost some but now is back to yo yo'ing the 2#. but every once and while he will loose some and keep it off. He isn't exercising anymore though and just is sort of watching what he eats and taking phase 2. He just doesn't have the motivation that I do. I mean if you are going to be sitting up in bed watching tv couldn't you take 30min out of that time and pop on the elliptical, After all it is right there. you can watch tv at the same time.

.next week I don't know will bring. I have to get my workout in as much as I can beginning of the week. as kids have a half day and then are off Friday and Monday. Thank goodness we have an elliptical machine in the house. I also have some of the music from pump so i could do some bicepts and squats and shoulders if i need to . My motivation is loosing weight, feeling good, fitting in cloths and YOU. I know there are quite of few of you who joined WW becuz of how I am doing on it and that is AWESOME. If you need any advice, tips or anything. leave me a message. If I know you from my mommy groups, feel free to PM me on face book and i will share my cell number and you can text me anytime. if it wasn't for friends and family to help me through some back slips I don't know what i would do. I also have a group on facebook i could add you to, we are called the apple bottom girls. it is a small group and some members aren't very active. sometimes i feel like I am talking to myself. I know my sisters and niece post some. PM me and I will add you to that if you want.

Well bloggers, thanks for listening

Oh I think when I hit 70Lbs loss I will do a give away. I am still figuring that out but I think it might be a set of greeting cards, I wish i would have thought of this when i ordered that WW calculator and ordered a second. Maybe I will think of something big when i hit my goal

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today is a rough day

I am just having a bad day today. Yesterday I couldn't stop eating chocolate cover peanuts. Even though my tummy felt icky I kept saying "one more bite, just one more". This a.m. I woke to a feeling of dread. I am sick of working out, I am sick of watching what I eat, I am sick of feeling guilty when I do eat something I know I shouldn't or too much of something. But it don't stop there. I am sick of getting up early, getting the kids ready, making them lunches. I basically just sick of the day in and day out. I know I have it easy compared to some but today is just a day where I want to do what I want, be where I want. and just not have a care in the world. But sadly it isn't so. I got up with the kids, got them ready for school, lunches made, kids dropped off (on time for once) then I came back home, took the trash out, sat on the computer for a little bit. Got dressed for the gym and then headed off to Body Pump. After I stopped at the store cuz we were out of trash bags, I couldn't remember the thing I wanted to pick up. I just remembered though...hopefully Sam won't remember I said I would get her a liquid pencil. I made myself lunch, sat down watch Secret Circle while I ate. Got laundry loaded and washing. dishwasher unloaded and reloaded. Now I sit here and have 40min before I have to head out and pick the little brats....oops I mean Angels up from school.

I realized that I am almost out of African Mango. I am not sure if I want to continue on with the one I have or do I want to look for one that is cheaper. $44 is a little steep to spend monthly. But there are so many brands out there. Some reviews are great and some aren't so great. It is so hard to decide. Then there is one that has both phase 2 and phase 3 in it. for $44 that would eliminate my phase 2 that i am taking now and i can have it in one pill. Maybe I will try that one. Amazon has it for $39 so i guess not to bad. but I will have to change my pill taking. as the instruction are different. says 15 min before 2 meals . huh?

Anyway, more on today. today is just a munching type day. i want cookies, i want chocolate, I want CAKE. I also don't like the numbers on the scale. i really need to buckle down and watch what i eat again. I been slacking

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weigh In 3-25-12

Well I am back to where i was 2 weeks ago. 187 Lost 1.1 pounds this week. So lets keep this momentum. I am not sure if I want to continue with the African Mango. I am kinda on the fence. it is kinda pricey at $44. but it is keeping my munching in check. (for the most part) but loss wise I am not seeing a HUGE increase in pounds like it said. Of course it also said to follow some cleanse diet but even so, I am thinking i should be at 14# loss (which is half of what they said i could loose) and I am not. Maybe I will give it one more month. Though I have to wonder that if i wasn't on the A.M. would I have gained more when I went on Vacation cuz really i did eat A LOT of sweets. A LOT. and to have a 2# gain isn't too shabby and even barely exercising for that week and some days. I am still taking the phase 2 when i remember. I take it in for lunch and dinner. I will be continuing that. Dh is also down and he isn't exercising but is taking the phase 2. he is down to 225. (he was 275)

This week i bought some new capri's I barely have any summer cloths and we are getting and early spring. I got 16's. though they are little on the snugger side, not so much that i feel like a squished sausage. but they didn't have any capri's in 18's. I don't know where women shop for things like that cuz i saw none in Kohls. but that is ok. in a month i am hoping that they will loosen cuz i will loose more weight. Dh is now down 2 pants sizes too. Target though is a joke when it comes to cloths for women. I tried on a pair of 18's and they barely went on. That and they have layering tanks for $9 when i can go to Walmart and get tanks for $3.88. and they even have patterns. I got an uber comfy tank dress from Old Navy. (wish they had some patterns or other colors) I got black and i think I will get some cute scarfs. or maybe if it cheaper just get some small bits of fabric. to tie around the waist and maybe even some of those tanks from Walmart (i already got a couple)

I know some of my fb friends and some family are doing WW too. I am so excited to see everyone sticking to this new life style change. it isn't a diet. Even though i am not religiously counting my points anymore I am very aware of what I am eating. sticking to servings and I am very good and guessing what a half a cup is. You will get there too. the hard part was cutting back on carbs. I love carbs.

I am going to make a separate post later when i have more times of some of the tips i found work well when trying to get around things like the candy bar craving.

Keep up the good work ladies (and men) we can do this. If you started a weight loss blog, let me know, i would love to follow along. if you haven't. you should, it is nice to have a place to chat and let your feeling and struggles known.

thanks for being my follower

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just some Wednesday thoughts

I been rocking the fitness this week. it is day 3 and i have already worked out 7x's. I did Pump and Elliptical monday, Water fitness and elliptical Tuesday and today i did Pump, elliptical and a 30min walk around the schools. I also did a little walk on Tuesday but really it was so short it was more of a stretch. Today was a good food day. Well except that peanut butter thing but i had the hiccups and only thing that i know that cures those instantly is peanut butter on a spoon. if it wasn't for the hiccups i wouldn't have had the pb.

I really need to be on track with what I eat. normally I am good but since being gone for that weekend i find it hard to break that munching trend i did that weekend. URG!

My husband try and try as he might just yo yo's up and down. If he put thought into it he would loose but he stopped working out (good thing we got a fitness machine we both use and I am still using it) he says he watches what he eats but either he is eating too much or eating not enuf. I do know for a FACT that while he may stay in his points zone, he isn't making wise choices. When I go up, i know why. I went up from my vacay, i know why. I am not candy coating what happened. He gets frustrated with some gain and then turns around and say eats left over toasted ravioli from olive garden. I gain, what do i do, try and curb the munching, eat more fresh veggies and salad and work out like a crazy person. Do you see the difference?

This Friday though i am going to skip pump and do a little retail therapy. We are having an early spring (some days it feels like summer) and I am short on a few essentials. Capri's and cute summer dresses. ( i don't wear shorts as my legs still look gross, flabby hanging skin) So i am on the hunt for a few of these items, Target, old navy and Kohls are my destination. Also i need to go to Joann's for some card stock. I am finding I enjoy cloths shopping now. I use to hate it so. my bff could tell you that. Every time she would say she was going shopping i would roll my eye. I hated it. I hated shopping in plus size, i hated not finding pants that are petite and large. and if you did you looks funny in them. I hated it all. but now i am all for buying a cute shirt or pants. I even had to dart in the one loan Capri's i own becuz the waist was to wide. Who would have thought i would be darting in my own pants. But I inherited the Buska butt and thighs. it is what it is. I have a think waist though. Good thing that things like the J-lo butt is in hey. :)

Well i suppose i should get going. busy day tomorrow. Water fitness and Doctor appointment. May or may not tweak my non birth control birth control. stupid other pills cause my libido to be uber uber low.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Long time no post huh

Well 2 weigh ins came and gone. one i missed due to not having a scale with me (who brings a scale to a hotel hey) So my numbers this week are....da da da dum...I gained 1.9 pounds. am i shocked NOPE, am i disappointed NOPE. do i know why YEP. But considering what happened I am amazed I gained so little.

What happened...I went on vacay :) (well kinda) I hadn't exercised as in gym or elliptical since i think Tuesday March 6..I think...lets just say

it has been awhile. I did go in the pool for some fun swimming on Saturday march 10th. I also unloaded and loaded my car of scrap
crap (can we say HEAVY) so i did some heavy lifting. Also when we were at the hotel i took the stairs anytime I could and our room was on the 4th floor. We also walked to lunch and dinner instead of driving. So I got some workout in there. But food wise that weekend. OMG did I eat so many sweets. I had 7 layer bars (if you haven't had these OMG, one piece has got to be 6 pts) I had a ton of those. Then our Hostess with the mostest made these pink slippers. they are nutter butter cookies with some sort of peanut butter fudge and then had some sort of white chocolate (dyed pink) those were so good. We ate at Panera's and TGIF. yeah lets just say I wasn't watching what i was eating. I was taking my phase 2 and my African mango so maybe that is why the gain wasn't soo bad.

Scrapbooking I got a picture from my niece from a camping trip we went on. OMG, it is shocking to see where i was. I am also amazed i made it up the mountain at Devil's Lake. Anyway, we went out and took some NOW pictures and I did a layout. here it is.

I am finding things so much easier to do. I was just out in the garden working and it is nice to have the energy and strength to finish without taking a break. the only reason i didn't finish the second plant bed is cuz I came in for a drink and a rake. or i would have finished both.

We have been having some unusually hot weather though. I hope it isn't how our summer is going to be cuz while I am lighter still don't care for hot.

Tomorrow it is back to working out and Body Pump. I think I am going to be in a world of hurt Tuesday ;) I would have gone to Pump on Friday but my nieces were here.

So that is where I am. hoping to get back on track this week. elliptical and gym. i think one day i may have to miss due to a doctor appointment

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weigh In 3/3/12 African Mango and phase 2

This weeks weigh in is also on day 5 of African Mango and a week into me starting phase 2. African Mango Super Fruit pill is what I take. it isn't just African Mango but it has a few other fruits in there that they have found to help you loose weight. Not only does it help with weight loss it helps with the emotional eating (which i don't have) and Cholesterol. A.M also helps boost your metabolism which helps you burn more. Now this isn't a miracle pill. You still have to use it with a weight loss eating plan (i hate the word diet) and exercise.

Phase 2
Phase 2 Carb Controller™ is an all-natural, non-stimulant white kidney bean extract that is used as an ingredient in a variety of nutritional supplements. It is the first carbohydrate blocker clinically proven in multiple studies to delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. This, in turn, reduces the caloric impact of starchy foods, and also lowers the glycemic index.
Now again this doesn't mean you go out and eat a butt load of carbs but for me who has lowered her carbs considerably from where i was. this is really helpful.

Are these working? I don't know, I only have been taking them for a week. But I will tell you that I lost 2.4 POUNDS this week. I also can tell you I didn't do my normal full workouts 1 day in pump, 2 days in Water fitness and 2 times on elliptical (1 was on the day i did pump) I can also tell you I ate normal. I had spaghetti, pizza, home made egg McMuffins, Tostadas. So no i didn't live on protein shakes and salads. I lead an average life this week. I guess we will see what this will result in. if I continue to loose like this I will be buying a second bottle of A.M. If you would like to try either of these I put a link to where I got mine on the bottom of this page. I also want to say that I know some of you are leary on suppliments. I want to tell you that these are natural. No stimulants are in them. Phase 2 is just white kidney beans and African Mango is a few super fruits in a pill form. Both were featured on Dr. Oz. (yeah i know tv doctor but still)