Saturday, July 18, 2015

Le Vel and Thrive

So I took my last set of pills the other day.  I still have patches left since they sent me the wrong set with my last order.  Once those are done I am done.  They didn't really do anything for me beyond some energy.   I didnt have the HUGE boost of energy others say.  I didn't get any weight loss.  I didn't have my appetite curb.  Cravings still there.  Some say they had energy and were able to kick the soda.  Nope Na Da here.   I guess I will have to try something else.  I was looking at Skinny Fiber but YIKES it is pricey.  course so was Level.  skinny fiber you can get 6 bottles for $179 so i guess it isn't that bad and I was paying just under that for one month of pills and patches for Level.  But finding anyone who has actually used it and lost is hard.  Sure I see a lot of stories but are they true. 

One thing I dis like about LeVel. is that there is no support system.  With Visalus there was groups and i could ask any question and get help.  with LeVel.  i have no clue if i am doing anything right.  it don't really give you instructions.  just take the pill then 20 min later slap on the patch. 

So far the only diet program that worked for me was Weight Watchers

So anyone try anything out there and it worked.