Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weigh In 4/29/12

Long time no blog.  yep it's been awhile since you have last seen me.  Every time i have thought about blogging I have been on the wrong computer.  Not that I can't blog from my husband's computer but his font on his computer is so SMALL.  Of course now that I am on the new blogger set up (don't like it right now) it is way small also.  Ok first my weigh in from last week.  I lost 2 lbs last week.  The scale showed me 184.  Whoo hooo.  This week though I am back up to 187 with a 3lb gain but the good news on that is it is because Aunt Flow is visiting (at least it better be) cuz if not I don't know what would be the cause as I have been watching my points, doing my workouts.  Yes even using some of my activity points.  I have been being a good girl all week.  Splurge day though isn't as fun.  I find myself still not wanting to eat what ever I want.  Still thinking, "no I can't have that" The morning is fine, but the evening when i figure the points and realize that i don't have enuf points for dinner is when i worry.  Right now I am sitting at 14 points.  I would love to have some mac and cheese today but i don't think that is going to happen.

on the good news front.  I bought a bike.  but i need a different bigger seat cuz man that seat hurts my bum.  Bad new is my water fitness instructor is leaving.  I already know that Tuesday is going to be replaced with Edna.  Edna is too slow for me.  All the other ladies like her and her quirkyness but for me she is not enuf aerobic.  So my choices are Turbo Kick, Tight and Tone or not going to the gym and just going for a bike ride. (or I can do an additional pump class in the late afternoon but i rather keep it to the am.  I guess I will sit in on both classes and see.  I would like something Aerobic.  Thursday's swim instructor is still unknown.  Currently Mia is teaching till the 8th.  Edna is on vacay.

There was more i wanted to chit chat about but i don't off hand remember what that was right now.  so I guess this is me signing off.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weigh In Day 4/15/2012

Well I decided to make Sunday my new weigh in day. Usually after weigh in I have a splurge day but it was ending up that I was splurging not only Sat but Sunday as well and then I was playing catch up all week. So now with weigh in on Sunday, I am watching what i eat Sat cuz I know I am weighing in Sun and then splurge day is Sunday so that I am only catching up for Sun and not the whole weekend. Monday is back to the gym and watching my point.

So Drum Roll. this week I am at 186.5. Last Weekend i was 187.8. I know i didn't blog about it or even log it on Weight Watchers. so I am down just over 1lb. but I was also broken this week so i don't know if that has anything to do. I am just happy to be below 187 cuz it seems i just couldn't get below that number. i have 6.5 pounds till my next mini goal of 180.

One good thing about us not doing the main stream holidays is that I am not competing with the easter candy in the house. Ok yes i bought some m&m's but i didn't touch them till yesterday and that was only cuz Sam opened them.

I am looking into possibly getting a bike. it has been years since i rode a bike. Also my Water Fitness instructor is moving and that will leave tues and thursday without something to do unless of course they replace her with someone decent. if it is going to be Edna or Sue then i guess i will have to move on to W.F. To what i don't know. there are 2 land class i might look into.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips and Tricks to Weight Loss

Here are some Tips and Tricks I have come to figure out in My journey to the incredible Shrinking me. I hope you find them useful. I will add to this frequently

Fiber Bars - They are a good replacement for Candy bars. They are great to keep in your purse or car for when the urge to munch is great and the temptation to buy that candy bar in the check out line is GREAT. My favorite brand is Kelloggs' I love the chocolate peanut butter, coconut and caramel, chocolate chip, and the dark chocolate and almond.

Light Cheese (NOT fat free) - this is a staple in my house and I am always buying when the deals are good. While yes, real cheese is great, these work just fine. They are usually 1pt per 1/4 cup where as the regular cheese is like 3pts. Big difference when you only are getting 26-29pts a day.

Light Sour Cream (again NOT fat free ewww) this is just as good as regular, just 1pt per serving. with this you can make your own veggie dip and have a great addition to the Zero Point veggies ( this is if you need dip for your veggies, I don't) This is also good for potatoes and tacos and well anything you would use sour cream in.

Sara Lee Delight Bread products. These are AWESOME. Yes the slice bread is a little on the sweet side but at 1pt per slice of bread (or 2pts for English muffin and buns) This is great. Even the Sara Lee Whole grain original English muffin is only 3 pts.

Little metal dip cups - if you didn't know these are 1/4 of a cup. or 4 tablespoons. These little cups were essential in the beginning cuz when I would measure my cheese I would use the cup, salad dressing, half of a cup was 2 tablespoons. These things are not just for ketchup for dipping.

Light Mayo (i prefer Kraft) This stuff is a good substitute for the real thing. It also comes in handy when making say Tarter Sauce. I make my own Tarter but chopping up pickles, onion, carrots, and capers and putting it in light mayo with a dash of either pickle juice or lemon juice. Let it steep in the frig for a bit and Wahlah Tarter Sauce that is way better than the Jar and only 1pt per serving.

Frozen Weight Loss Meals. My fave brand is Lean Cuisine and each one has points on them. next comes Weight Watchers. Healthy Choice not so much though there is a couple that are good. My tip to these to make them go farther is adding a little extra light cheese to it, extra Broccoli. Adding some extra shrimp if your meal has shrimp. or just having a Salad with it.

Salads - ah these make things go farther. I can have my slice of pizza with a Salad and be ok. Kid want McD's , I get a Salad and their apples. (though don't use all the French dressing, it is 4pts a bag).

Donuts- Want a donut. best way around that is get your kids one, ask for a bite and then walk away. I have found a bite, curbs that urg and since your children are going to only share a bite your temptation to eat the whole damn thing is gone.