Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weigh In 11/26/11 I DID IT...I SURVIVED

I survived THANKSGIVING with a LOSS. It was probably the black friday shopping we did. We shopped from 9pm to 7am. A lot of walking. I even had 2 eggs, 1 piece of toast, 4 slices of bacon and hashbrowns at about 4am. That and all that Baklava i ate all weekend. but it was soooo good.

Oh I forgot to tell you what I loss. I lost. 0.9 lbs. I am at 196.2

I put a small amount of each thing on my plate. serving sizes, and I still didn't eat it all. I got full quickly. Of course everyone around me was like, you need to eat more. MiL said "what would you tell your kids" I said, " i would tell them to eat a few more bites" BUT my kids are not loosing weight. they need to gain weight.

Later on when we were shopping I was hungry and she said "see if you would have ate more you wouldn't be hungry" UGH! I am so glad she don't live with us cuz my diet would surely be shot. For instance, I ran into the store to get something for DH and came out and she was sitting there eating peanut brittle. there was perfectly good and more nutritious fiber bars by her feet and she chose peanut brittle. though i think she forgot the bars were by her feet. Sure I am sure the peanut Brittle was good. Just like when i am standing in line and want a candy bar but I don't get it cuz i know a candy bar is 6pts. that is as much as a weight watchers meal.

Also when we were in Target I was telling her about my choice of getting longer pants and folding instead of picking up petites cuz i thought reselling them later would be easier if they were longer. She told me that i should keep some of my larger cloths in case I gain again. While everyone around me is telling me SELL SELL SELL. I am sorry but once i hit my goal and if my pants start getting tight then that is the time to check myself and getting back on track not put on my FAT cloths. She says it is a life style change. DUH! just becuz i reach my goal don't mean i stop watching my points and what i eat and stop exercising. She used my sister as an example of how someone lost it all and then gained back. Well my sister stopped watching what she ate and working out like she use to. I also told her that we need to start a savings for plastic surgery later to remove skin. and she was telling me. "just do exercises" there are no exercises that will tight skin. While she is all "yay you lost the weight" she isn't very supportive on other things.

This week I am going to be 'broken' I hope it is like last months. praying Monday starts working out again. This last week I only did 35 m on elliptical(Mon) 3hrs walking (tues) Body pump (wed), walking for 5+ hours (thurs-fri) So back to B.P, W.F, B.P/w.f, W.F and B.P routine.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weigh in 11-19-11

Well I am happy to say I am still in Onderland. When I stepped on the scale today I was sort of sad cuz i thought i gained a little but when i put the number in, nope I lost a little but a Loss is a loss. I lost .2 pounds. I am 197.1 whoo hoo.

Exercise is going great. i didn't get on the elliptical today but i been cleaning like mad all day. pushing that carpet shampooer is a workout. it is heavy to push. I also rotated a king size mattress all by myself. (not flipped but just rotated) I been tell dh we should do it and since I was cleaning I thought i would give it a try. Dh didn't believe me when i told him I did it by myself.

Clothing--i went out Friday cuz i had some kohls cash and a coupon to use and thought i would get a new pair of jeans. the 18W's i bought back in Sept are now loose. so i tried on pants. I ended up walking away with 14W pants. I even tried on regular non-W pants and i fit in 18's in those. whoo hooo. My legs still look nasty cuz of all the loose flabby skin. but thankfully is it winter and pants season. I also ordered new bra's I went from 44G to 40DDD. and the best part is these are PRETTY. My boobs are a sad sight too. I think dh better start a savings account for plastic surgery cuz boy I am going to need some work.

the Inlaws are coming for thanksgiving so it should be interesting. Thanksgiving, ahh all the good food but limited portions :( I will be working it off though with black friday shopping. I wish we could go to Body Pump on Friday but I know MiL is going to want to shop. I just want to take a family member to one of my classes so you can see what I am doing. yeah I kinda want to show off.

I am hoping to get the house done so Monday I can see if they will have a noon showing again and then I want to go see Breaking Dawn

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Found Myself In Onederland...Weigh In 11/12/11

Well it is another day another Weigh In and guess what. I officially can say I made it to Onederland. This weeks loss what a biggy. 4.6 lbs lost. WOW 197.3 the scale said today. I was worried cuz yesterday I stepped in afternoon and it said 201.5 and usually I fluctuate 2 lbs in the day. I also ate 2 arby's potato cakes and I was afraid it was going to bite me in the butt.

What did I do this week. well I kept track of my points. If I messed up or wanted something extra I worked out extra. My daily points are 29. My average is between 32-39 (more lower than the higher. I eat extra cuz I am working out like MAD.

Working out. what am I doing? Well I upped most my weights in Body pump. I added W.F to my Wednesday workout (i do B.P on that day) and if I can find time I do 35 min on the elliptical in the evening. I do about 1hr to 2hrs of working out daily 5 days a week. Weekends though are light. I usually only do 35min on Saturday on machine. today I didn't do anything. As I am TIRED. Dh has been keeping me up by watching tv at night. I find it highly rude but he seems to think nothing is the matter. His speaking "you are snoring so you are sleeping" that don't mean i am sleeping WELL. Last night he watched H.P. Deathly Hallows and I really wanted to see that again but i couldn't stay up all night.

Clothing, I really need some new yoga style pants. my jeans are Ok. I am in size 16W-18W. my shirts depend on the maker. I have a LOT of flabby skin. i need to remember to take my fish oil to help with that and I am trying Jergens Skin firming lotion. I am going to be ordering new bras and I know my chest is smaller. going from a 44G to a 40DDD. I don't know if they will fit as they still don't carry my bra size in store but I am getting closer to being able to buy bras off the rack. Today I got a new winter coat and a new pj bottom. I will get more later. my pj bottoms are all HUGE. my pj chemise shirts are all from before I was pj with sam and now they are sooo big but those are ok to wear cuz they are shirts but my pants are getting funny, uber long and then i step on them and walk out of them

I am excited about the Scrapbook Crop in March cuz no one has seen me since before I started the journey so it will be nice to see the reaction from people seeing me 60+ lighter.

Hubby is still struggling. but he has no self control. Today for me though is an off day. I woke up with a wicked cold sore, my top lip is swollen and sore, my face feel like infection is raging through it. so eating and drinking is hard so I am eating easy to pass my lips food. dinner is going to be buttered noodles and parm cheese. my go to not feel well food. going to have to make sure i get on machine either later tonite or tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Blatherings

Well today was an awesome day. well except this evening when no children are listening to me. not sure how many times i have said "get to bed" but yet they still are bouncing in and out of the rooms.

This AM the kids got up 15min before when i normally get them up. We were all in the car and trash out by 7:35. I stepped on the scale just to see where I am at (been at 200.2 for 2 days) and I was at 199.3 AWESOME. I got the best parking spot at the Centre. YEAH! since the kids were moving today i was able to get in 45min of water fitness before I went to B.P. I had to run into town for Salt for the dishwasher and dh said to go to Panera. (yes Panera for lunch YUMMY) It was just a great day

Points wise, I went over. went over by 10. i actually been going over pretty much all week lowest 4 and today is the highest BUT I been exercising like mad. Seriously been averaging anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours a day. Monday was B.P and Elliptical in evening. Tuesday was 90min water fitness and elliptical in evening. Today was W.F and B.P and elliptical in evening. tomorrow is 90min W.F. but not sure if I will get the elliptical in evening. depends if dh goes down to play his video game cuz then i will get to sneak on. I don't like to workout when he is in the room cuz either he is sleeping and having the TV on will bug him or he is in control of the TV.

other than my little overage I am doing good. now if i could just find energy to do my house work cuz really i have like what 2 weeks before the inlaws come for thanksgiving and my house is crazy messy

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weigh In 11-5-11

Yeah that picture about sums it up. No I am not in Onederland. I gain 0.2lbs this week. Why you say. Because 1. it was halloween and you know what means, little candies coming in this house. and 2. it was my Dh and I's birthday and you know what that means CAKE! I made dh a delicious cake that I couldn't stay away from. Home-made Cream cheese frosting that was the bomb. I was also broken this week and that made the fight to stay away from the chocolate even harder. But i guess 0.2lbs could have been worse with all that temptation above. Back on track this week.

Exercise wise I am doing GREAT. I worked out 6 out of the 7 days (tomorrow i am not sure if I will get anything in as dh sleeps in the room with the elliptical. I could probably do something on the Wii. I increased my weight on Friday in Body Pump. so not I am back down to crapping out on some of the reps but I will be able to push through it and eventually go up again. I was rocking it on Thursday in water fitness. I get more of a workout in the second class than the first. I did skip they gym on Tuesday but I cleaned out the garage so I still got a workout in.

This weeks plan is to TRY to keep track of what I eat and the points I take in. Continue with my workout. I also need to start cracking on my house cleaning as in 2.5 weeks I will be invaded by the inlaws and my MiL is a freak when it comes to house cleaning.

I am trying to use some skin firming lotion to help tighten the flabby skin, yuck. I also colored my hair today. I was feeling RED. :)

Well that is it in a nut shell.

One last thing (talking about women stuff, if you don't want to hear, stop reading NOW)

. I started BC pills to help with my cycles. I am happy to announce that my cycle came and went with barely a blip. no severe cramping and only spotty discharge (except day one which was brown and yucky) lasted 3 days and gone. so if that is how it will be I think I will not have to do the hysterectomy. YEAH

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wow That bag is heavy--am I being realistic or just careful

I know it has been awhile since I posted. OK it has only been a week. I skipped Weigh in. Well I didn't but i just didn't blog about it. I put on 0.7lb. So bummed. Yeah I know it is only 0.7lbs but Ugh i been working out like MAD. Sure I haven't been tracking much but I thought I was doing good not going CRAZY on the food. Apparently my thinking Muscle weighs more than fat don't fly. But it is so nice saying that. This weekend was a hard weekend as it was both DH and my birthday. DH took me out to eat on Saturday. i would have done OK but I ordered a blooming onion. Boy those are good. Then on Sunday I made a cake with cream cheese frosting (my first venture on the frosting) and man was that cake good. On top of it, today I am starting my cycle. OH JOY But fitness wise I am doing good. Sunday I did elliptical, Monday I did B.P, Tuesday I didn't go to the gym but i did clean out my garage all day (lifting, sweeping, walking) and i also did elliptical. Today I did both 35 in W.F and the hour class in B.P. I been averaging 5-6 days of working out a week. Today though I went up in weights on the back track and did good. now to see if I can go up in the chest workout. I just wish it wasn't such a big jump. back track I am pushing almost 20#. Chest and arms I am doing 4.4. squats I am doing 8.8. so if I go up in weights for chest and arms it will jump from 4.4 to the 8.8 that is the next number to go to. that is a big jump. I was thinking of wearing my wrist weights but that still will be 8.4lbs. i just don't know if I will be able to do that. I guess i could try it and if it don't work drop down again. Or i can use hand weights instead of the bar. then i could push 6lbs. i guess we will see on Friday.

I mentioned the garage. I was cleaning out the garage (wow i didn't get tired this time) and I came across these bags of mortar. They got hard being stored in the garage and I am not sure what to do with them. Maybe come spring i will take them to the dumpster on Saturday. But i noticed that the bags are 50# bags and HOLY CRAP they were heavy and all i could think was "DAMN and i was carrying that around on my body, no wonder i have more spring in my step these days"

Today in B.P I got to talking with a friend and she was saying her goal is to reach the pre-pregnancy weight. But her's is practically her weight out of school. I told her my goal is 150 or a size 10 jeans. I would be happy with 140. Anything under that is frosting on the cake. She asked what my WW weight is. Well for my height that is 115-120 but i don't think I will ever see that again. Am i just being realistic. She was shocked that I thought i couldn't reach that. But I am 39 years old. Sure I feel younger but really, I have had 3 kids, my body has changed, my metabolism has changed. I don't think I will ever see that weight again. So am i selling myself short. I did say that if i hit 140 I am not going to stick there. but I will be content there. I will continue working out and watching what I eat and if I go lower that is ok. But I am not going to bust my ass to get there. My sister weighs I think 122. I don't think I will ever be skinny like her. Am I just being realistic or do you think I am selling myself short. (ha short that is funny)