Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mid week meanderings

Well it is Wednesday that means today was Body pump. I was going to attempt to go to Water fitness and B.P but sadly i didn't get the garbage out before taking the kids to school. But that is ok because i did 35min on the elliptical. On the high points I didn't drop the tension down as much so i got a bit of a harder workout on it. normally i go I3R2 for 3min then I6R6 for 3min (I=incline R= resistance) Today though I did the second one at I6R7 so slightly harder. Tomorrow is Water Fitness 1hr30min. I probably won't get on elliptical unless dh comes down to play his video game in the evening. I really don't like doing elliptical with him watching.

I am not happy with my mid week scale check. Though really the only number that matters is Saturdays, Right. I am already at my 12 sessions for working out. actually today was day 13. i have to go at least 12 times for the insurance to cover $20 of my gym membership and when my membership is only $35 that money cuts the cost considerably. Sadly though our insurance is switching and I don't think the new will do the $20 payout. :( But thankfully for what I get for $35 it is actually pretty darn good. I think if my sister had a gym like mine she would go a lot. Almost all classes are free and they have free child care. a Ton of extra programs for minimal cost (children stuff, swim lessons and more) I am so glad the YMCA quit New Richmond. and that the town took over cuz the cost went down and service went up. LOVE IT.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weigh In Day 10-22-11 Funny

last week i was talking about how I gained .4 pounds and I was OK with it. it was only .4 pounds. well this week, while i lost 1.7 lbs. I am .4 pounds away from flipping Onderland. DAMN And i even figured out how to put a song on my blog (all be it with some ugly link) Oh well next week I will defiantly be in Onderland.

What did i do this week. Well I exercised 5 days (today I will probably go on elliptical if the man ever comes down stairs to play the computer. So that will be 6/7 days with Sunday being rest day. My schedule is Mon-Body Pump (B.P.) Tuesday- Water Fitness (W.F) Wed-B.P Thurs- W.F Friday- B.P and then Saturday Elliptical with tummy crunches at 15min mark. Occasionally i do little walking jaunts but really they don't burn much calories. so i haven't been counting it. i did 1.4 miles on Tuesday but it only burned like 50 calories.

Any of those days if i feel i went a little over board on snacks, I will do an additional 35 min with tummy crunches on the elliptical. I could even do some Wii or XBox fitness if I care too.

On Friday I increased a few of my weights in Body Pump, I talked to my sister, she said to go heavier, less reps if i want to build muscle and lighter/more reps if i want to tone. I think I want to build muscle right now becuz muscle helps boost metabolism. i will tone later. I still am lightest for the chest presses though, once i can get through the full set without having to pause a few times then I will increase my weights on that. though i wore a pair of my favorite pants and now know what i feel like and what I look like don't match. :( I also wish i could start tightening some of this flabby skin. Anyone have a recommend for a firming lotion.

Today we are going to old country buffet. last time i went was I think 2 months ago and that splurge put me back a bit. I am going to watch what i eat this time and they don't have the shrimp 5 ways which wasn't very good to begin with, I will have a salad though. i wonder if I can sneak in my own dressing :). No dessert for me today. it really wasn't that tasty to blow that many points on it. but if i do I will be sure to get on elliptical tomorrow too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Wednesday--Damn you Chocolate Cover peanuts

Why do you have to taste so good? I bought a bag the other day and I put them in little snack baggies in hopes to curb the eating. One baggie one serving. but NO today I ate 2. yesterday I ate 2. I am going to go on elliptical later though to ease the guilt from the second bag today.

Today I also went to Quiznos. Yes I checked the points before hand. Sadly they no longer have the side salad option on the menu. so I just got a small ham and cheese but dude left of the tomato. I swear I got a tomato last time. I left wanting more. I love Quizno's. I soooooo love it. I could eat a large no problem. it is sooooo good. Next time though I will be going to Subway because for the same price as that small (with ice water) I could have gotten a foot long at Subway. Sure I could have gotten a large at Quizno's but the difference is that Subway I can eat half (same points as my quiznos but more food) and put the other half for later. Quizno's really don't do well as left overs. Subway I also get spinach on there and I can get light mayo.

Body Pump was today. I find it funny how every time I go I find a new muscle that I didn't know was there. Today the class was HUGE. I should have figured that when I got to the Centre and there was no parking except on the street. Not sure what was up with that but I think most were at B.P. I almost didn't stay as the only spots were at the front and I don't want to be at front. but a spot opened up second row from the back and I squeezed in there. Todays muscles that are notice are the ones between my shoulder blades and my chest. The chest is funny becuz when i was doing the chest workout I was thinking "how can this be working my chest when I feel it in my arms" but i guess in it's own way I was working the chest. Tomorrow I have water fitness with Mia. I am a bit sad becuz the one person that I knew in class that I looked forward to seeing to chit chat with and commiserate after, is going to have to cancel her Centre membership for awhile due to lack of funds. :( She will be missed. Though I still will see her after school as our boys are best buddies this year. I also lost my little walking trips before getting the kids cuz my BFF started homeschooling one of her children and now our pick up schedules dont mix.

My BFF said it I look amazingly skinny, so I wonder if Body pump is helping me sculpt a little where Water Fitness is burning the fat. I don't feel thinner and my scale isn't saying it is so but i keep thinking in my head, Muscle weighs more than fat. I know I am building muscle.

So that is my mid week pondering.

oh I do have a question. Is there a good lotion to help firm up your skin. My legs are getting all flabby and loose. Good thing it is pants weather now but yeah it is kinda yucky feeling all mushy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weigh In day 10-15-11

Well today I am at .4 lbs heavier. While I am not very happy, I am not uber disappointed. I know what needs to be done. I need to start keeping track of what I am eating. which I totally am NOT. I need to reinstate the grazing plate (baby carrots, celery, cauliflower, green pepper and radishes) to much off of instead of munching on things i know i shouldn't.

Last weekend I got sick and was broken. So I ate stuff I shouldn't trying to find something I could taste or things that were easy cuz i didn't feel good. that also brought on me not working out fully until Wednesday with Body pump, then thursday with water fitness and then Friday Body pump. So i missed a B.P and W.F. class. I did do a little bit on tuesday (15m on elliptical)

I am thinking that it might be good for me to get one of those point clickers. I dont know. i do know that i want a better food scale and would love a point calculator. Yeah i know i have one on my phone but this one will also keep tally of my points too. I just don't know.

Today i am recovering from Friday's Body Pump. I really hurt myself. I think I will go on the elliptical later though.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid week ponderings

Well coming off being sick, bad reaction to my hair straightening attempt and being broken. Caused me to be tired and weak. Over the weekend i didn't really eat right as 1. i was sick and 2. i couldn't breath so i couldn't taste the food. I did work out last week through the beginning of getting sick but Saturday and Sunday kicked my ass. Monday my eyes were still sore from the bad reaction to the hair straightening thing I did. Tuesday I did do 15 min on the elliptical. I meant to do the other 15 later that evening but the night go away from me. I probably would have done the full 30 but my fan i use was down stairs and i really do need to get a different one for working out. one that blows at me instead of my back. Today I did Body Pump. yep i can feel that. I haven't weighed myself this week yet, i am scared to. I know the last time i weighed myself i was up 4lbs.

One thing i have a hard time with is munching. when i am home i want to eat, just to eat. I am bored and should be doing things but I don't so i want to eat. I am not even hungry right now and am fighting the urge to eat a fiber bar (my faux candy bar) Thankfully I will be getting the kids soon. I do still need to order some white Kidney bean supplement and some thing call L'argine or what ever it is called. i will look it up again from the friend I saw it from. ok here it is. i am putting it on here so i don't forget.

1. White Bean Extract to block absorption of starchy carbohydrates
2. L-Arginine Supplement to build muscle

I was thinking number 2 to help with Body Pump so i can do all the reps cuz i am finding I am pooping out. Try as i might i just can't keep up. Well i better head out, i want to stop at the store before getting the kids. making pan fried chicken. maybe i will put some tilapia in to defrost for me

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weigh In Day 10-8-2011

Well it is another week done. This week finds me at 1 lb heavier but I am also "broken" today. so that could be water weight from being "broken".
This last week I have also been sick with a head cold and my excercise has been kind of low this week due to low energy. Hoping next week will be a pick me up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday---it is hump day

Well here it is the middle of the week and excercise wise I am doing good. I missed Body pump on Monday because i had an eye exam but I did 35m elliptical. Tuesday I had Water Fitness but I have a cold and so i only stayed for 70m and not the full 90m. But to make up for that I did elliptical later on in the evening. Today was Body Pump. I took things light today because of my cold. I will probably do 35m on the elliptical later again. Someone has to use that machine we spent a pretty penny for cuz it sure isn't my husband. Yes, my husband pooped out on the excercising, he also took up smoking again but that is a whole other story. This lack of excercising is probably why he keeps yo yo'ing the same 2 pounds. up to 240 then down to 237. and up and down and up and down. This week I might have a weight gain as I am going to be broken. I also am no longer doing my walking before getting the kids but i might just do it with my ipod. My walking buddy no longer has a child at the elementary (a whole big other story) and that is who I walked with and we would end up at the elementary to get the kids :(

This Saturday we are doing a 2mile walk for and organization called TurningPoint. it helps Domestic Violence and sexual abuse. I can do charity walks but you won't see me doing no charity runs. This girl don't run unless my child's life or my life is in danger. Even when I was thin I hated running. HATED IT. now though i don't want no black eyes from getting smacked in the face by my chest.

Speaking of Chest. i been seeing ads for the Genie bra. anyone try those? i notice they had them at Bed Bath and Beyond and thought maybe if i had a coupon off I would try them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weigh In 10/1/2011 So Close

I am so close to Onederland that I can taste it. This Weeks weigh in has me at 200.2 Yeah i know I couldn't just loose .3 pounds to push me over. But technically i hit 200 and that was my first mini goal. i probably would have hit it if i had been more diligent with my food diary. I am just awful when it comes to pointing but it must be just right balance of fitness and points that I am still loosing

Dh and I are considering dropping WW but still pointing. since we both are bad about putting our points in and we really pretty much know what we are eating if we need to point something we can via online. I would keep it if there was a way to become lifetime online but there isn't. So if anyone knows a good place for food points similar to WW food list. that would be great. i have a couple restaurant sites.

Evil are the caramel chocolate coconut elf cookies. they taste just like girl scout cookies only they are 1pt more. 2 cookies are 4pts. but ahhh they are sooo good.

This week I am going to miss Monday's body pump as i have an eye appointment. today i hope to hop on the elliptical before dh takes us to eat.

On the health front I was told there is 2 options for my monthly cycle problems. BC pills (not for BC obviously) and partial hysterectomy. I am leaning towards the hysterectomy as it isn't guaranteed that the BC will help my issue and if it does i will be on it for life and it will probably cost just as much as the other option in the end. The problem with the hysterectomy is that I have read it could cause weight gain and I know that is mostly with full ones but i have read some stories online where the Partial also caused weight gain and i have worked too hard to loose these 50# that i am scared. I am not frightened of the procedure as I had 3 c sections so i know what to expect with abdominal surgery. i wonder if they could do a tummy tuck while they are down there ;)