Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weigh In day 4/30/11

well it is that day of the week. where you have to step on the dreaded scale. Like i knew i would i went up slightly. gain of 1.5 pounds. Why is it expected. cuz like all of us women have to go through monthly. the dreaded Aunt flo is visiting. but at least this month gain isn't as bad as last months which was 7lbs. So i expect my loss next week to be higher than normal and that WW will scold me.

Dh also seems to have gained this week but i don't think he is tracking his food like he should. he expect me to and i can't. i can't keep track of mine and his and put his work out points in. it is just too much on top of taking care of the kids and the house and everything else. i just manage to make him low point meals and if he choose to snack or eat something i haven't given him then that isn't my fault.

I am starting though to get over my fear of using some of my fitness points. i realize that i am working out and that sometimes i need a little something but i hope not to let myself to out of control. i am ok with using some Fit points but not all.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monthly visitor and elliptical

Damn i am going to be broken again during Weigh In. i hate that cuz then it shows a drastic weight gain usually. last time it was 7lbs. why are we always plagued with this. i do remember a thing on Dr freak (oz) about WW and how this is what we have to do. Men get a straight shot in weight loss and women have hurdles.

Elliptical. I love it. i love having it in the house and even dh loves it. only thing i hate is keeping the kids from playing on it. it is nice that on days i don't feel like going to the gym i can just go up there and get my workout on. I have also been meeting my friend at school earlier and we have been walking before picking up the kids. Today was water fitness day. 90min in the pool yikes.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weigh in day 4/23/11

this week again i went over my points a bit. but factor in the working out and the right meal choices (even though they put me over) i lost 2 lbs. i am at over all 26lbs weight loss since the start of this adventure. Thank goodness we don't do easter and the person who use to make the kids baskets is now 6hrs away and we haven't seen a basket from her in 5yrs, i don't have that pull of easter candy saying eat me. Course i do have cadbury eggs in the freezer. i have only eaten 2 of them since i bought them a month ago. with those Special K fiber bars it gives me that numminess of the candy bar but not the crazy points.

I did do the elliptical again yesterday. I was going to be eating a carb loaded meal of spaghetti for dinner and i wanted to get my body burning before i ate it. i did 30min. so total of 55min yesterday and yes i was feeling it this am. i didn't get up and workout cuz i was so stiff. maybe i will work out later after dh goes to work and before i eat. i am making a ham today YUM

Weight Watchers yelled at me. not sure why. Said i am loosing to quickly. you have to loose less than 2lbs blah blah. why it said that today when my loss was only 1.5lbs is beyond me. or is it that they total loss is too fast. I think any loss is a good loss expecially when you are extremely over weight. Some weeks i am loosing fast, and some weeks i am loosing slow. and some weeks i am not loosing at all. it is just the way it is. I am at the weight i was when I got pregnant with Camden. i am only 20lbs away from 200 which is awesome. So screw you WW and yelling at me for loosing too fast.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Elliptical is in the house

We have been shopping around for an elliptical. i have been scouring the websites and all the ones of good price i was iffy on. i wanted something that would last, is quiet. A bunch on the websites got good reviews but then the bad reviews i read just threw me. i took dh to 2nd wind fitness. now when you see that name what do you think of. preused fitness machines at low prices right. Well yeah NOPE sure they sell some used stuff but alot in there is new. But dh stood on the Octane and loved it but just couldn't decide. the Octane is what i work out on at the gym when i go. So then we went and tried out the Sole. It felt ok to me but it hurt dh's knee. back to the Octane. then dh was instant on the PreCor. i was skeptical cuz finding one to try was difficult. I didn't want to buy one only to find it hurt dh's knee cuz after all it really is for him to work out since he refuses to go to the gym with me. Finally we found a dealer and were able to try it out. i was still skeptical cuz remember i am an Octane girl. So our PreCor was delivered and set up yesterday. I got to pop on it this AM. let me tell you. it is a work out. I love that it goes up and down and changes resistance. the Octane was always just one thing. this machine does up and down. so you can go up and it is like you are taking higher steps. I did 25 min this morning and let me say i was working out. i could feel my back sweating. and it is soooo quiet. i can work out and dh can sleep. i could have pushed for the remaining 5min but i really was thirsty. Dh popped on after me and he said come help me. i said what did you want to do and he said what you did. ok...he got on and lasted 7min. he went 1min into when it raised the resistance and then collapsed like he ran a marathon. yep, he is going to have to work up to 30min. shoot i am going to have to work up to 30min cuz yeah it is alot harder than the octane. i also have to move the machine over cuz i can't see the tv and i am going to have hide the time cuz then i watch the clock.

but all in all I am glad we went with this one cuz it is going to give us a challenge everytime instead of getting into a same ol same ol pattern

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weigh in Day 4/16/11

Well it is weigh in day and on weigh in day you don't always take the first number the scale gives you so i usually weigh myself a couple times and take the number that pops up the most. this week I lost 1.5 pound. i am surprised i lost anything considering i ate like shit but i did work out so i must have worked out enuf to have me loose. Keebler Elves are the devil. Cheese garlic french bread is evil. Dh should know he gained 4lbs. Good note though is the elliptical should be coming soon. I also got a new pair of shape ups so i hope that helps my knee.

One good fact is that Hormel black label bacon is 1pt per slice. AWESOME. where sausage is like 5pts for 3 links (unless you go with turkey sausage)

now for a bit of TMI. if you don't want to continue i understand. but I am finding issue with gas. now we all know women to pass gas. we say we don't but we do. I usually am in the AM and AM only. Also they have no scent. but lately i find there are days where i am very gassy and they smell worse than my husbands. I am thinking it has to do with all the broccoli I am eating. I think GasX will be my friend everytime i eat broccoli.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am giving cinnamon a go

My mother told me to try to take Cinnamon for weight loss. It is suppose to help with sugar and fat metabolism. my mom says it is suppose to help stave those sugar munchies. But as i was reading up I read that is also, 1. helps with menstural cramps and flow (bonus) 2. helps with heart function 3. helps with muscle and joint pain (bonus my knee is an example)

I am on day 2. so i haven't noticed much. we shall see in the weeks to come. dh is also taking it too

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weigh In day 4/9/11

yeah i know you all are so looking forward to this day. Well guess what i am down again. that little weight gain last weekend was due to me being a girl and having that monthly visitor we so enjoy looking forward to (NOT) soooo drum roll please.

SIX and A HALF pounds lost

Now mind you weight watchers is telling me that i am loosing too fast but i think for me loosing a couple pounds, no pounds, alot of pounds. Is typical for me. I am watching what i eat. no longer eating the stuff i use to and if i do i have to make sure i have the points for it. and if i don't have the points i make sure i work out to earn the chance to eat it.

Husband is slowly learning this too but he flubs up more than me. for instance yesterday. we got domino's pizza. we share a medium. i had 3 slices (mind you i hadnt really eaten much that day so it was kinda like dinner and lunch rolled into one) and he had 3 pieces and a serving of Buffalo wings with dressing. sometime in the middle of the night he finished off the 2 slices and one of my healthy choice meals. that was probably during the change over of day points but ya kinda get where i am going. He relies on me on work days to give him low point meals but when he is off work it is when he has issues sticking to it. nothing to keep his mind off things and so he watches tv and eats/munches.

thankfully though we are getting an elliptical and so he will be able to workout and help him earn points for those splurges. even if he don't use it I know I will. i love the elliptical at the gym. so it will be great for me to get my work out on during the weekend or when the kids are off.

oh and i found something that is so nummy. Special K Fiber bars. so far i have tried all 4 and they are delicious. good for when you are just craving that candy bar. size of a candy bar but half the points as one. the coconut carmel reminds me of the girl scout cookies. the peanut butter one YUM. they have chocolate chip and dark chocolate and almonds. 3 points each.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wiegh In day 4/2/11

Well i gained it all back that I lost last week. 7lbs. now there are a number of ideas on why. it could be that my scale was wrong last week and i didn't loose that much. I weigh myself on the same scale wearing the same cloths in the same spot on the floor. 2. i didn't log in my points right. 3. Damn Monthly Friend causing bloat. I am thinking it is a combo of 2 and 3. So i need to start keeping better track of my points and serving size. But ya know right now i want some cookies so i think I am going to have some. I will just work out extra hard this week. 2 days water fitness and 3 days on the elliptical. Cuz you know I am broken and just want some dang cookies. that is what the cushion points are for right. i will just watch what i eat the rest of the week.