Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Young Living Oil and on to new things

Well I am going to say Young Living Oil for me is a bust.  I lost nothing on these oils.  The thing I hate is there is no information on what to do.  No way to research it and no Help groups to find.  You basically hear from word of mouth and then fly by the seat of your pants.  I took the oil. changed nothing else.  Lost nothing.  If I am to change anything other than adding oil, (drinking more water, watching what I eat) then the oils aren't the reason, it is the changes that I made.  Not sure what I am going to do with the remaining oil that I have.

On the new thing...my sister started SlimQuick Pure and she said she so far has liked it.  So I am going to give it a go.  I have been reading reviews and they sound good.  I figure can't hurt to try and it is less out of my pocket than those Oils were.  Maybe this will give me the boost I need.

Also the kids are now back to school.. I am going to see if I can hit the gym again.  If not I will cancel my membership.  Looks like the only days I will be able to go is Thursday and Friday morning and Saturday (depending on what i work)  this Friday i close so i could hit the Pump class in the am.

Stay tune...I hope to tell you that I got over my plateau

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Young Living Oil - Week 3

Well I am on week 3 of these oils.  Well technically it should be week 4 but I missed a week because I didn't have any pills made up and I just kept forgetting.  I still haven't lost anything on this trio of oils.  Sure I still notice my appetite is less but other than that na da.  Finding out information about this "diet" plan is slim.  I don't know if taking just the oils and eating normal is what you should do or watching what you eat and the oils.  If it is watching what you eat then the oils really aren't the key to weight loss.  We all know calories in calories out.   This week though I did get on the elliptical 3 times.  I think I am going to go pop on again before work.  I am an active person.  I do on a low day 10,000 steps and on a high day 23,000.  I do some how have to get my weight lifting back in my fitness plan.

If anyone has any ideas on this Trio oil diet plan.  give me a shout

I have next weeks pills made up.  I will continue with these oils until they are gone. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Young Living Oil

Long time no post hey...So I thought I would give this a try.  This oil trio touted as a weight loss tool.

I heard some stories how they lost X amount the first week and blah blah.  So i been on it for a week. I actually been remembering to take one in the am and one in the pm.  And are you ready...dun dun dun.  I lost nothing.  I actually gained 2 pounds.  But those 2# showed up the last day cuz almost all week I held steady at 182.5.  And this was even with me being broken (AKA women time)   So I thought for sure there would be a loss since I weighed in during that first day which I for sure was bloated. 

Yes, I know it has only been a week and I will continue on with this oil since I spent the money on it.  I hope next week the results will be promising.   I am stuck at the 180's.  I need some boost as I am not working out like I use to due to me working now.  Sure I am on my feet but I lost some of the muscle I once had.  We hopefully will get our basement finished and then I can set up a workout corner and get Body Pump for at home. 

Any way on to this oil.  I must say I have noticed the appetite has been curbed a little.  I can't say anything about the energy as this morning I was so worn down it wasn't funny.  I was exhausted.  But i think that was due to how hot it was in the store.   I think once this first batch of pills I made up are gone I am going to up it to 4 drops of each instead of 2.  

Stay tuned to this blog if you are curious about this oil.  Will it be a weight loss trio or have I bought into Snake oil?  We shall see.  I must say though.  When I belch it smells like peppermint.

Good luck trying to find any independent blogs or write ups on this.  I have a hard time finding anything except by people selling the oils or by the company.  I just want to find REAL people with REAL results.