Monday, January 31, 2011

Dr. Oz

So I caught a tidbit of Dr. Oz last week and saw that he had a show today about the best time to..? excercise, kick your metabolism and so on. to help you loose weight. So i thought i would record it and see what he says. Now I don't like Dr. Oz. I think he is a FREAK. Just so way out there. So I listened to his show and took some notes and realized what he is saying is IMPOSSIBLE. So he says the best time to weigh yourself is 6:30 in the am. (or basically right when you get up not really 6:30 persay but directly when you get up. so for me that would be 6am) then he says the best time to excercise is 6:35 or right after you weigh yourself. this is where it gets impossible. there is no way i can do that. I don't have any fitness stuff in the house except the Wii. and honestly when i get up I am not thinking about working out. also the drive to the fitness center and having to get the kids ready. just not possible. I do workout in the a.m. though. so i guess that is good. he also says the best time to eat breakfest is after you work out and what he said did make sense. So i am going to try that. His theory is that when you eat then workout your body is burning the food then the fat. where if you workout then eat your workout is burning the fat. Got it! Best time to kick start your metabolism like an hour after breakfest. he says drink an ice cold water. I wonder if this man realizes that we have lives. he said best time to shop is 10am. i mean seriously really i would be following the clock and get nothing done on his schedule

Saturday, January 29, 2011

As i sit here with my Mac and cheese

I am in amazement at how many points I use to eat. I would eat practically the whole box before. WOW but it is soooo hard eating just part of it cuz I want MORE. but i divided it up and only made one portion and put the rest aside. I am going to make some broccoli in a minute. I love broccoli. i wonder if i will ever get sick of it. probably not huh

Dh told me he is using his cushion points today

ahh he is having some calzones or something and it make me mad. I want something nummy and sinful. I want some stuffed cheese ravioli and alfredo cheese with shrimp. only good thing is that i don't have to make him dinner tonite. But what to make us. have no Parm cheese so no spaghetti though i do have to get dog food so maybe i can pick some up then.

So it is Weigh in Day

and there was no loss. No gain either. What did i do differently this week. well i had less munching of veggies to fill the void. i slipped one day and went over 8pts. :( Instead of munching on fruit or a lower point snack i had a 3pt cookie which sometimes went to 2 cookies. even though i had the points for it, it would have been better to have something else. Also i bought Doritos for the kids and yeah i munched on them. I also moved from the sit down elliptical to the stand one which is a harder workout so it could mean that i built some muscle and as we all know Muscle weighs more than fat. Who knows what the reason. i guess my pt average right now is 32.2. which is good considering my daily points is 32.

Change in my thinking~~~ I use to go out and wouldn't bat an eye about grabbing a bag of chips, candy bar, mcD's or taco bell. I would eat 4-5 pieces of string cheese in one sitting. doing that a few times a day cuz ya know cheese, nummy. Now i think about the points and and put them down. Even though i really want that candy bar. :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

so finally got around to making this Pretty

but i am not so sure about this one. it just seems dark.

Today i got some small Healthy Choice meals. one is 4pt and one is 5pt. i got them for lunch but i want to add some fruit or veggies or steamed broccoli to the food to give it a little more oomph. could even do a small salad. but i think today i need to get my other half of the sandwich cuz i am not sure if i can store it another day before it gets soggy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today i was good

I went out today and despite me feeling some urges to snack. i didn't. i really wanted that snickers but at 6pts. was it worth it. I picked up some light string cheese and ya know it really isn't the best. i love reg string cheese. i wonder if name brand light would be better. i got the store brand. It just is kind hard. sigh.

Tuscan Basa

Tuscan Basa
Serves 4

1 tbsp olive oil

1 cup thinly sliced onion

1 cup diced green pepper

2 tsp minced garlic

2 cups diced tomatoes*

2 tbsp capers

1/2 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp crushed red pepper

4 basa Fillet**

1. heat oil in large non stick skillet over medium/high heat. Add onion and green pepper and saute for 2 min. add garlic and saute an additional 30 secon...ds

2. Reduce heat to medium and add tomatoes, capers, cumin, crushed red pepper. Saute for 5 min stirring occasionally

3. Add fish to skillet, spooning sauce over fish, cover and simmer for 10m or until fish flakes

* you can use fresh or canned diced tomatoes

** Basa is in the Catfish family. I think you could use any mild fish like tilapia if you can't find basa

According to WW it is like 4 points for 1 fillet.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I need to head to bed before

i eat another cookie. sure i have enuf points for another one but i don't know if i can stop at 1. so off to bed i go.

Got on the Elliptical today

Man was it hard. it's been a long time since I took that machine for a spin. I wanted to DIE 10 min in. But i pushed through. That is a good thing about working out in a public arena, you want to stop but you don't becuz the fear of looking wimpy with the person next to you watching your time. So I pushed past that 10 min PAIN and continued on. I did 32 min, heart rate at highest was 150, traveled 2.75 miles and worked up a sweat. Gave me 4 activity points though i think it should have been like 6. It is hard to judge how hard you worked out, did i do low, moderate or hard. If it was how it felt to me it was hard but if it was according to WW description is was moderate. ah well if it was hard and i put moderate that is more points i don't know i have in activity i guess and more quicker i will lose right.

Really do need to get an elliptical for at home cuz i think i could see myself doing 30 at night also, exspecially watching some tv while i do it. Today I was reading Harry Potter Year 4

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recipe tried Mashed "potatoes'

8oz cauliflower florets
3 sm yukon gold potatoes cut into chunks
2 cloves of garlic peeled and chopped
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 c milk
2 tsp butter
Pepper (dash)
1 tablespoon chives chopped (fresh)

Cook the cauliflower, potatoes and garlic till fork tender in water, drain and mash with the butter, milk, salt and pepper. stir in chives

Now i have tried this (i halfed it just in case i didn't care for it) and while it still is no substitute for a delicous bowl of mashed potatoes. it is passable. i think if I made this for someone they wouldm't know that it was cauliflower. though i know so it kinda makes me feel weird. I also added a little chicken bouilon to it but i also do that with my normal mashed.

According to WW this is 2 points per 1/2 cup

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today was a baaaaaad day

I was heading out after i dropped off Sam at school. I didnt eat lunch yet. so i grabbed $2 from dh's wallet and headed out. i knew that a taco at taco bell was 4 pts. I also wanted to get a triple layer nacho which i assumed would be about 4-6 pts cuz it was just chips and beans and some nacho cheese sauce (i have cheddar cheese sauce and it is only 2pt for a 1/4 cup). I should have checked my WW mobile but i didn't. i was trying to figure out how much chili would be for my sister. I had to eat. I was going into the grocery store. So I get my taco bell. 2 items added up to $1.88. ok i eat it and it was good. go shopping. get home to make dh something quick before i have to head to get the kids from school and while doing that i figure out what my points are OMG. my triple layer nacho is NINE POINT. if i would have known that i would have just got 2 taco's at 4pt each. OMG. i blew almost all my points. then i been wanting macadamia and white chocolate cookies. So i checked and Pepperidge farm cookies are 3 points. ok so i eat one on the way home but they were so friggin tasty I had to have another. yes, i knew that i was going to be over my points at the end of the day. but i had to have it. that is why there is that 47-49 cushion points built in. for slips. i also had some activity points banked but still. it was a bad bad day. Oh and i found a recipe for my cookies that comes to only 2pt per cookie and if i substitute the sugars for the splenda mix. i think i may get it down to 1.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

why can't i have anything in this house

it seems like everyone thinks that what is mine is their also. i know there are some family members who believe that what is in the house belongs to the family but NO not in my house. Currently on my son's radar is my fitness stuff. my wrist weights are being tossed around and being called butts, my scale is always snuck into the boys room and my cheap food scale that i bought to tide me over till we can get a weight watcher one has lasted 4 days. FOUR days and my son decided to take it and when i went to retrieve it from his grubby hands the spring inside broke off from a piece and i don't know how to get it back on cuz you can't take the thing apart and i was loving my scale. it helped me weight 3oz of lunch meat for my sandwich and get my noodles right for my spaghetti. So yeah i am a little miffed.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

~*~*~*~*~Weigh In Day*~*~*~*~*~*~

Well I just weighed myself for the second time in a week. I am down 7lb. went from 246.5 to 239.5 Whooo hoooo

When dh gets up for work, he will weigh himself and while yes i want him to loose too. I am secretly praying he hasn't lost more than me. Cuz then he will gloat. he already gloats cuz he has more points then me and so he can eat more. Yeah cuz he is male and weighs more than me is the only reason.

Speaking of points. my weight loss also made me loose 1 precious point. :(

Today for dinner is spaghetti and meatballs. Making it the way i always do but using some leaner meat.

Also I pulled out the EA sports active. did a work out doing that. though i wish i could wear the leg strap so i can't do any lower workout which is ok i guess cuz i get a lower work out when i go to the Centre.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The old me

The old me wouldn't have flinched at picking up a bag of sour licorice from twizzler and ate half the bag on the way home (btw it is 4pts for 2 licorice pieces) The old me would have washed it down with a Reese Peanut butter cup easter egg or two from walmart. (btw it is 5 point for ONE) The new me walked out with niether of those most delicious of candies.

Sigh and i really did want some.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well today was a iffy day

I did good up until dinner when i just wanted a bowl of noodles with parm cheese. yeah i know healthy dinner but i am still in my point with 3 to spare. i will just have a cup of kool aid and an apple or orange today. that and I had 3 twist and shots. but i also did excercise by snow blowing. BTW it is friggin cold out there. When i snowblowed it was 4 with a wind chill of -14 right now it is -22 windchill so yeah cold. i have a feeling that the driveway is going to be drifted over again in the am but I am certainly NOT going to be snowblowing in the am. maybe later in the day if it is bad but NOT in the am. Tomrrow the kids have no school so i can sleep in at least till 7am when dh gets home.

I picked up some weights at Target. they had Wrist Weights on sale. i got the 1lb weights and then i got the 2lb weights. So now i can do some Wii boxing and have weights on my wrist and i can do the EA sports active and use the weights instead of the strap.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So yeah maybe i should have only had half that

i ate a lot for lunch. but one thing i don't understand. i made baked potato. says 1 larger potato is 5 points but what consitutes large. Large as in large baking. or Large as in what comes out of a bag which when compared to large baking it actually medium. I have 14 points left for the day. dh was going to take me out to dinner so i will probably use those up and some of my activity points. Going to order a food scale and that will probably help me with some portion sizes. Dh is getting antsy though and wants to weigh himself. Sorry weigh day is saturday. though i worry cuz I am working out on top of points so my scale may be different if i am putting on muscle.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today is almost done. this is what day 5 on WW

I went over my points by 1. but I also have those 14 activity points. so it took that one point from that. my oops was Lunch. Silly me thinking that a Wheat wrap which seem smaller than a slice of Bread would be more points then a slice of bread. so instead of having one sandwich and then some veggies, I had 2 sandwiches. But since I am over that means no snacking unless it is zero points and no kool aid :(

Tonite I made the chicken with Balsamic vinagar, sweet onion and thyme sauce. it was 5 points for just the chicken. Dh loved it but I didn't like the sauce. so I am going to have to look at some other Sauces out there. I also think i need to pound the chicken a little flat as it took a long time to cook through. the sauce also was a little thin and it probably could use a little garlic.

So that is my day in a nut shell. I am a little curious to see our weight loss this week. Dh went insanely crazy with the banana and chocolate chip mini muffins. i need to get some more mini muffin tins.

Totally F'd up my Lunch

who knew that one whole wheat Tortillia is going to be more points than 1 slice of white bread. Sure the Wheat is better for you but seriously. So instead of having 1 i had 2 wraps for lunch. AHHHHH each wrap is 3 points. i could have had a subway 6inch sandwich for less points. SERIOUSLY. Live and learn. Though I am going out to snowblow the driveway so i will be at least earnins some activity points. Does anyone know how you add an activity to the list. i had to put down mow the lawn for my snowblowing. they dont' have snow removal on there. Never mind they do have it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The day has come to an end.

I have 7 points left. i can use them to snack on something but not sure what. maybe some popcorn and a cup of kool aid. Tomorrow is a new day.

Food Food Food

I find myself thinking about food all the time. I find myself wanting to eat all the time. It is insane. I find myself looking at the next meal. right now I am STARVING. maybe probably thirsty. I really do need to make myself some kool aid. (1pt per cup as i use half the sugar and half splenda) Water is just getting monotinous (sp) One can only eat so many carrots, so many celery stalk and so much cauliflower. I also find I am jeolous of the hubby. he has 53 point. FiFTY THREE. i get 33. so he can have some extras if he wants. but I can't afford it. though i did earn 4 extra points today from working out. Won't use them though unless i need to . I do have 22 points for the rest of the night so ya know. i think maybe i will have something nummy.

Today is a little better

1. i have a pepsi Max
2. my breakfest was only 5pt

though my life is sucky cuz i got my phone wet. DAMN. it is my point calculator.

I went and worked out this am. earned me 4 points. Dh said he wants to take me out to eat wednesday. so any extra points are needed.

What i really want is a snack. a REAL snack. some chips, some cookies, cake, something sweet. or some bread with cheese, noodles and butter and parm cheese. i want something FATTENING seriously. i have to take Sam to school soon then when i get home i will have lunch. i think a ham sub with a side salad is going to be it.

I need to find some low point snack options. if anyone has any ideas let me know

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Made a chicken for dinner

it was OK. not as nummy as those rotissery ones from the store. I am currently at my limit for points today. good thing it is 7pm and time to start getting kids to bath and bed. I will have some fruit later to snack on as that is zero and i had my fill of veggies today. i have apples and oranges. YUMMY! I need to get back to Walmart for some more Apples and Oranges though this week and then Aldi's for some more Cinnamon snack.

Aldi's has this low calorie snacks and foods called Fit & Active. They have a snack that is mini rice cakes with cinnamon and white chocolate swirls on top. They are Sooooooooo good. I gave one to the man for work and he came home and said "you need to hide these" They also have a version of Special K bars but they aren't as nummy as the special K ones.

I have to order the food scale from WW though (per dh's order) as he keeps asking me, how much is this and did you weigh this. dude, i think i know what a serving of Chicken looks like. he never saw the whole. Deck of cards is your meat and such and such.

Today has been a rough day

Today I have been fighting the urge to munch all day. It has been so hard not to cave and have a big ol bowl of buttered noodles with parmesan cheese. Munching on Veggies and fruits between meals is getting OLD. one can only eat so many carrots, cauliflower and oranges. I have been also trying my hardest to drink more water. What also sucks is that husband gets 53 points where i only get 33. Why cuz 1. he is like 17lbs heavier than me and 2. he is a man. So for me to get more points I have to work out which is ok. but today i haven't. though i do have the 5points from yesterday. I don't know how that excercise points work. said something about pooling it and using it throughout the week as i like.

We got a new battery for the scale. weigh day is Saturday (since that is when i got the battery) I was only 1.5lbs off of my guesstimate of my weight. Husband was off like 16lbs off. LOL!

This points thing is hard though. but even harder when i am managing for two. i have to go in and put down dh's points also. he does things when he is at work and is munching but yeah so it really is hard.

I think another thing that makes today hard is I have no pepsi max. so i was stuck drinking a coke zero. so my day has just been off. i drink cans alot faster than my bottle cuz it goes flat faster. So I am going to check to see who has Pepsi on sale.

So my start weight is 246.5lbs. There I said it. I am 4ft 11 inches and fat. Healthy but FAT.

New Me New Blog

I thought I would start a new blog. I just started Weight Watchers with my husband. So i thought i would blog about things, the diet, recipes i tried or snack I have love (or hated). I know i have a blog already and really it is a general thing about life love and layouts. but i know alot of my scrapbook friends go there so I am going to start this one for my weight loss.