Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day One - African Mango

I started taking African Mango today. I do not expect the result that the box says becuz I am not following the diet in there. That diet will just not work for me. Even if it increases my weekly loss to 2lbs a week I will be ok with that. 3 will be even better. So far i noticed my appetite seems suppressed. i also am still taking phase 2 carb absorber.

Today i found that i can do cross leg jumping jacks in water fitness, I can cross my legs when sitting on a chair and i can sit criss cross applesauce. I haven't been able to sit that way in a long time. I think the skin on my legs are finally starting to snap back a little also. I do know my hands are thinner and my feet are back to a size 6.5 mostly. ; )

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weigh In 2/27/12

I know that it has been a quiet week via my blog but I just haven't been in much a mood to blog. This weeks weigh in I am at a 1lb loss. I should feel good about that since I haven't exercised but 2x. This last week i also started Phase 2. I also am going to start African Mango this week.

In the weight loss world there is a new drug that is going to be released. It is called Qnexa. it is touted as gastric bypass in a bottle. It won't be a drug I will be taking becuz 1. I am not extremely Obese anymore. 2. I am doing well on WW. 3. one of the side effects is kidney stones and since I am a frequent creator of those, i don't need something to make me create more.

The way that the African mango works for weight loss is in speeding up the body’s metabolism. Toxins block the body’s ability to absorb the proper nutrients and energy needed to burn fat and increase metabolism. When this happens, the body is at a stalemate and cannot burn the fat needed for weight loss. When African mango extract is ingested, it eliminates nutrient blocking toxins which allows the body to acquire the energy it needs to burn fat. Also, in terms of weight loss, the African Mango contains loads of Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps to increase metabolism for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In metabolizing these products the body in return has more energy to exercise which leads to increase in fat burning energy. Also vital to weight loss is the production of Adiponectine. Adiponectine is a hormone that regulates how the body absorbs glucose. Adiponectine also increase blood flow for better circulation.

Now don't think that this is a weight loss pill. It isn't. You still have to watch what you eat and exercise. This is a Weight Loss Aid not a miracle pill.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weigh In 2/18/12 ugh

I gained this week. I thought for sure i would at least have broke even. but at least the gain isn't much .7 pounds. I got sick this week so my workout was only 2 days. Praying things improve so Monday i can head back to the gym.

Did anyone see the report on ABC world new yesterday about the FDA reconsidering a diet drug? Seems interesting. here is the link http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/02/17/fda-to-reconsider-once-rejected-diet-drug/ but by the time they approve it I might be at my goal.

this week I am starting Phase 2. It is a Carb blocker. made with White Kidney bean extract. I am going to see if I have any positive results from it. the problem is trying to remember to take it 30min before a meal. As soon as this mysterious bonus my dh keeps talking about comes through I will pick up some African Mango(Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger) that i read about in a womens world. I also would like to try Sea Buckthorn- suppose to help stop fat absorption.

Now if i could just get over this flu then all will be good and i can go back to working out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weigh In 2/4/12 shocked

I am not sure how i managed it. but i lost this week. I fell off the wagon a bit, by eating a lot of sour licorice. Also we went to five guys and had burgers and fries (16+pts for the burger) My fitness was only 2 days of body pump also. but I am down 1.1 pounds. 190.9 almost got to the 180's soooo close.

Friday in Pump I went up weight in a few things. up to 5kg in bicepts (that is 11lbs) I also did 10lbs in shoulders for a bit but it was hard. But 3lbs is too light, and they don't have any 4lb weights so i am going to go get me some to take to class. My BFF and i have also been walking a little before getting the kids. not the long trip like we use to do but it is something. it is weird doing that when it is Feb cuz we are usually in winter hibernation from walking till at least end of march. i also usually get some work out from snow clearing but there is no snow to clear. we are having a weird winter.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Why do they have to taste so good. I would be ok with plain ol twizzlers but i should have known better than to pick up the sour stuffed licorice. I have no self control. Even when i know what the points are I still can't stop eating them. Salad for dinner it is. I didn't go down the aisle looking for these things. My kids have 100 day coming up on friday and both need to bring in 100 of something to make a class trail mix. i went down there to get licorice bites and m&m's But Sam is sick and I know how much she loves those red and yellow sour stuffed ones. so i got one (or maybe 2) bags. urg stupid stupid.

I was doing good all this week and then BAM fall off the wagon and smacked my head.

Today I missed Pump. :( my poor little girl is sick. I probably could have went.

One thing I did recently. i got a new pack of panties. I love it cuz they are pretty, they also sit lower which means no more showing out the back. I didn't think I would like them since they are more hipsters than what I am use to but they are nice. I think i might go and get another pack and retire my old fat ones. Or at least put them in the AF drawer. (if i ever get her again)

I have a whole stack of pants to be put in garage sale this summer. even my 16Ws are getting loose. but not to the point of me getting rid of. which means those capri 16W's will fit this summer. :) I also noticed my Old Navy Tshirts are feeling a bit Longer.

sorry for the change in background. I am looking for a different skin but this will do for now. facebook would post my blogs cuz of Pyzam