Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weigh In Day 5-27-12 SEVENTY POUNDS

I did it.  I am now at 70 pound loss.  I lost 1.8 pounds this week and am currently at 181 (Even) i didn't get to under 180 yet, but I am close.  Today was suppose to be splurge day but I really don't have anything to splurge ON.  I can't make brownies out of eggs, no cookies that are screaming EAT ME.  I guess i could have mac and cheese later if that hit.  maybe I will wait till tomorrow and splurge on Chinese with my Niece.

My wrists are looking so skinny.  I wish my legs would start to look like that.  but they are still flabby and gross.  I know they are smaller cuz my pants size keeps going down but they are still yucky looking.  My belly looks like a deflated balloon.

I am still doing Pump 3x a week.  Tuesday workout is still up in the air.  I do elliptical when ever I find a moment.  Yesterday I did elliptical while dh slept and watched Revenge on the Ipad.  that way he can't hear it. but right now it is rough cuz i can't put my hair up due to the keratin complex treatment that I had done.  but tomorrow at 2:30 I can put it up out of my face.  :)

What is hard for me is to not be judgmental.  I don't mean to be.  I know when i was larger I had the thinking of "I am ok, I feel good, I don't let this weight stop me"  But now that I am lighter, I think "i feel so much better, I am loving cloths shopping. I can do so much more"  I want others to feel like I feel like I feel.  I feel bad that people think they need to settle or they need to diet.  Diets is a failure.  Every time someone says "Oh you are doing the Weight Watcher Diet"  I have to correct them.  It isn't a diet.  it is a life style change.  I am not dieting.  I am eating a lot of the foods i always did but I am just making them lighter but using light cheese, low fat butter.  and such.  I am still having pizza, I am still having taco,  I am still having most the things I use to, just now in moderation.  I am conscious of what I am eating and making a better choice.  Some days it is hard and some days it is soooooo simple.  If I want something over points, i workout to earn it.  It is a balance.  Just take it one day at a time and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Run 5K

Can you believe I am actually thinking of doing a 5K run?  I know huh.  Ok it will be more of a run/walk cuz as some of you know and those of you that don't...I DON"T LIKE TO RUN FOR FUN.  LOL  I have a large endowment in the front and anytime i do run (even when i was in school)  I get stitches in the side.  But since this is a FUN run.  There is no time to beat and we can walk it if we want.

For those of you who don't know what a Color Run is...It is a 5K Run for Fun thing, where you start out and run through 3-4 color stations on the way where people pelt  you with colored dust.  By the end you look did they put it. "they end looking like they fell into a Willy Wonka… tie dyed… vat of colored goodness."

You can learn more about the color run here THE COLOR RUN

I have a year to start to work on my running.  like i said i don't plan on running the whole thing but i would like to run some of it

Weigh In Day 5/20/12

Well here we are again, another week, another weigh in.  So this week i lost 1.1 pounds.  not the 2 I was going for but a loss is a loss.  Two pounds you say, why?  Well I was trying to lose 2 because my sister lost 2 and I am trying to catch up to her.  But when you think of where I started and she started (lighter than me)  Being that I am so close to her weight is amazing.

I still look at my hands when I am driving and wonder when they got so skinny.   A lady at Pump class who hasn't been in awhile said I look slimmer.  I love that cuz I haven't been loosing a lot of weight but to know that my workout is still thinning me out is good.  Now if it would thin out my legs cuz they are still lumpy and gross.  Dh asked me the other day how you go about find a good plastic surgion.  I told him the doctor says you just have to ask around.  I am sure I could get some idea from asking at the doctor office where to look.  I told him that the insurance won't cover that.  He told me that is ok, that he will pay for it.  I know I am going to have to get my boobs lifted and a tummy tuck.  Both are currently looking like deflated balloons.  But this is all still over a year away.  I need to first loose the 40# for me to hit my goal.   Then they will want to way a year from that time to see where my skin is going.  I guess you can have a leg lift too.  But I just looked at some pictures. The after still don't look good but 95% of the people had Gastric bypass which means they lost fast and it didn't give their skin time to bounce back.  I also would love my arms done but first is boobs, tummy and legs.  I know I am thinking a head of myself.  if i had to choose which one first it would be legs.  Tummy i can hide in shirts.  Boobs i can roll up into a bra.  Legs are there and while in the winter you can hide them in pants, summer is swimming and shorts. (well i don't wear shorts i do capris.

One thing I noticed with weight loss is your confidence is higher.   Sure i am still shy but i talk to more and more people.

Update on Hubby, he is currently at 220#.  He started at 275.  So he practically lost the same as me but the sad part is, HE DON"T EXERCISE.  yeah at the beginning he did but now he does nothing.  I hate it cuz I bust my butt every week.  BUT he is just loosing, I am building muscle and thinning out so I am loosing more inches then him.  I keep saying he can come to pump class with me, go to the gym.  it would only cost $10 more for him to be added on.  But i know if he goes to Pump with me he will want to start at the weight I am at and then he will get frustrated cuz he won't be able to lift it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Been awhile...sorry

I am not to fond of this new set up on blogger.  Sunday was weigh in.  I am down 1.5 pounds.  I am at 183.9.  i have 4 pounds to go till i reach the next mini goal of under 180.  I have 5 pounds to go till i reach my sister.  :)  I am still chugging a long.  Some days are good and some days are harder.  Water Fitness is on the back burner until they hire a different instructor.  Edna is just too slow for me.    This Thursday I am going to check out the Tight and Tone class.  I also been taking small trips on my bike.
I went for a consult for my Varicose veins.  He recommends this procedure...
Ambulatory phlebectomy. With ambulatory phlebectomy (AM-byoo-luh-TOHR-ee fluh-BEHK-toh-mee), tiny cuts are made in the skin, and hooks are used to pull the vein out of the leg. Only the parts of your leg that are being pricked will be numbed with anesthesia. The vein is usually removed in 1 treatment. Very large varicose veins can be removed with this treatment while leaving only very small scars. Patients can return to normal activity the day after treatment. Possible side effects of the treatment include slight bruising and temporary numbness.
First I have to see how much it will cost.  Then if that is in the books I am thinking of doing it in the fall since the doctor said i would have to wear compression stocking for a bit after the procedure.  and  those aren't attractive with shorts :)

The other thing on my mind is that I have a bit of followers on here.  There are quite a few people who I have become roll model to.  This is new to me.  I am not use to be followed.  I always was the follower.  This is strange to me.   But it also makes you feel strange.  You have to be on your toes, you can't F up.  No falling off the wagon,  If i gain it can't be by much and it makes the need to loose that much greater cuz people are looking to you as inspiration, as someone to say "look if Leah can do this, I can too"  Don't get me wrong, this is good cuz it keeps me motivated and on track.  Some people say that it isn't good to compete but i do well with competion.  Right now my compition is my sister.  I am trying to reach her.  Like i said above, i am 5lbs away.  This is also good for her cuz she can feel me breathing down her neck and it give her motivation to go. (though her motivation isn't as strong as mine :)  So find what works for you and go with it.  Find a partner to diet with.  Find online friends to push you.  Find a workout that works for you.  Fit a workout in as best you can.  My little sister has that problem fitting a workout in for her.  I know she could if she tried.  Make time for YOU.  I started this journey with my husband.  We have lost the amount of a small person (over 100# together.)  My husband lost his way, yes he is still loosing but he stopped working out.  he would probably be farther if he kept it up but what can we do.  He is still loosing (it sucks though cuz i workout like a crazy person and he sits on his butt)  But if it wasn't for him pushing, i would still be where i was.  if it wasn't for me pushing him, he would have gave up.  So find your partner, find your muse.  You didn't get this way alone, You won't get skinny alone either.  Start small...and you will end up going big