Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weigh In 1/29/12

Well here we are again, Weigh in Day. I am up this week. .6 pounds. It was expected. I didn't really workout much this week. i went to Pump once and i did the elliptical once but i ate like i was working out. This week is a new week. Full week of school for kids (why i missed Monday) but i did do the elliptical early that morning. Tuesday had running around to do to look for shoes for Funeral and oil change. Wednesday, funeral. Thursday, not sure why. Friday Pump. Saturday, i went on elliptical despite being uber sore from Pump. Today nothing (yet) I might go on elliptical later this evening.

Today I tried Rachel Ray's Cheeseburger Eggrolls I must say they were pretty good. though i think i need to add the sesame seeds next time (i forgot to pick some up) I also need a little LESS of my better burger seasoning (not in recipe i added) but it was like a little cheeseburger pocket. I didn't make the Russian sauce she said would go with it. but i mixed up some ketchup and mayo and cut up some pickles. it was nummy. and the points were low. about 3pts per egg roll. My plans is to make these for the scrapbook crop. We do a meal on Friday where everyone brings something to add to buffet line and i am thinking of things I could bring that will be low in points. I know I am going to over eat either way while there. Thankfully the hotel has a fitness room :) and pool.

The funeral brought a few things up. One is pictures. there needs to be more pictures of me. I can't always be behind the camera. One great thing about loosing weight is I am not shy of the camera anymore. I have taken quite a few pics of myself. I also don't cringe when I walk past a mirror at the store. Yes I am still fat but if i couldn't loose anymore weight I am ok with that.

FOOD. Highly recommend Lean Cuisine Sandwiches. they are so nummy. the shrimp alfredo dinner though was bland and watery. prefer Smart ones and just adding shrimp. also the roasted cheesy potato and broccoli L.C. is better than the Smart Ones, but the S.O. was still good. Of the L.C sandwiches, i so far have only tried the Ranch Chicken Panini and the Chicken and ranch Flat bread.

I am sure there is more I wanted to blog about but right now i just can't think of it.

This weeks goal...try to get down to 190. (that is 2lbs)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weigh in Day 1-21-12 happy but sad

Well weigh in day came and went yesterday. i got up early and weighed myself but it was way early (i did go back to bed) so then i weighed myself again when i got up the second time and it was lower, i am going with that ;) i lost 1 pound. not the 2 i was aiming for but a loss is a loss. I want to get to 190. I also have a month to hopefully get to 185 by March crop. (180 if possible but i won't be greedy)

This week i don't know how i will do workout wise. Tomorrow the kids have off and this is usually the day i do body pump. Also we are having Wintery Mix so the roads may be slick. so if i go out in to Pump i don't know. I may reschedule the oil change i have set up too. Wednesday is also Pump day but I will be missing that also which is the sad part. I am missing for a Funeral.

I have been to funerals before. But they were for older people who lived full lives and it was just their time. Well except my Uncle Dan, he was a great man and a car accident took his life and while yes he was older, he still had more life to live. But this funeral is for someone my age, someone who wasn't suppose to die. She was suppose to get her heart and get better and be healthy again. She got her heart but she didn't get better. She also leaves behind two little girls. Two girls who won't have a mom when it comes time to date, get their periods, go to homecoming or prom and when they get married. She leaves behind a husband who now has to decode girl code. Sure he would have to do that anyway but he would have had his wife to help him. And her friends. While i didn't know her extremely well, our children went to school together. Camden and Kira went to Ready Set Go for preschool then when and we chit chatted while we wait for them after school. Then her dd went on to Jr. K while C went to YMCA for preschool (yeh he did 2 yrs) When C started Kindergarten at Somerset, Kira also started. So Tonia and I's paths crossed again. This year is when I started to get her more during parent pick up at school. Our kids are now in 4th grade. I will miss her laugh and smile. She was always so happy, and I am sad that I won't get to know her better. I am sad that we lost a good friend. I am angry that she waited for this heart and she didn't make it. Our kids are moving on to Middle school next year and she isn't here to see it. I am just sad that she was so young and taken so soon. I have never been to a funeral where her young daughters will be to say goodbye to their mom. I am ok with funeral but I am not ok with seeing children hurt. A few of my friends are also bringing their children to the service to say goodbye and be their for their friend. So needless to say it is going to be an emotional week.

I will just leave it at this. Goodbye Tonia, you were an inspiration to us all. Despite feeling ill, despite going through all you have gone through, your smile and your laugh gave us hope and inspiration. You will be missed

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello Weight loss friends

I was going to post on Wednesday but with the SOPA thing, i felt it was bad etiquette to post. Yesterday was Pump day, I rocked it. I am loving my new sketchers for working out in PUMP. They are still Shape ups but the are lighter and more flexible. they are meant for runners but they work out for aerobic stuff too. The are called Shape Up Liv Just like the website says, they feel like they aren't there. I use to be one who says "why spend money on name brand shoes when you are paying for the name" but i love sketchers and have only worn them for workout/walking shoes.

My testing came back from our insurance thing. I am in normal range for everything ;) though sure I am on the lower (or higher depending on the test) of the spectrum. I am still with in normal range. Dh on the other hand is low in his HDL cholesterol and it says in the margin that he can raise this number by doing aerobic exercise. I have to laugh cuz I am always pushing and teasing him to workout and he always says he will "tomorrow" this week he did work out 2 times, that is 2 times more than last week.

I also started watching biggest loser, it sometimes is hard for me seeing those people lift what i believe to be unsafe amounts of weight considering they are just starting their workouts and loosing what seems to me as extreme amounts. I always have read that it is best to loose slowly rather than quickly and 2lbs a week is a good number. Sure I would love to loose more. It would be awesome to loose 7# in a week. I just don't think i could go on B.L. 1. i don't like to sweat 2. I like my WW, I like to be able to eat things I would normally eat but in moderation. I also look at the numbers they are weighing in at and look at their bodies and think "I didnt think my body looked like that" maybe I am delusional in how i looked, but i didn't have a butt tummy, It got me worried that i looked different then what i look. Yesterday though it showed me a women (she got kicked off) and it showed her before and currently after and she lost 54 pounds. now that is how i feel. I feel thin like she looked, course i won't go out and run a half marathon, (I don't run, too much on top and again i don't like to sweat) But still i want to know if they are loosing all this weight so fast, where does the skin go. I have lost 60 pounds and my skin is still hanging around and I lost that weight slowly.

I guess I think if I wanted anyone screaming in my face it would be Dolvett. the other guy is just flipping mean. I am glad that Jillian isn't on there anymore, i can't stand her.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weigh In 1/14/12

Well i lost that pesky 2 lbs i gained last week. i started back to my working out even though i missed Friday due to some pesky testing we needed done for insurance.

These days i look down at my body and think "is those my legs" Why do i say this, becuz I am wearing Jeans. not jeans for just dinner out and then take off when i get home but jeans and being comfy in them, relaxing on the couch, laying in bed, not feeling confined and uncomfy jeans. Yes to some who don't know me or where i came from I am still obese. But my friends and I who know where i was at, i am uber thin. If i couldn't loose anymore weight I would be ok with it. I am 192, i have lost over 60 pounds. My knee no longer bugs me, i have more get up and go. I can fit is normal size cloths and not plus size and elastic pants.

I hear people say how they love their body, big or small. And yes when i was 254, i always told people "I may be fat but i don't let it stop me enjoy life" My MiL is one, she is all about the enjoying food and life. But now that i lost some of that fat, i now look back at my thinking and how delusional I was. I kept saying "I am fat but I am healthy" "i am fat but it don't stop me from enjoying life" but it did. I was self conscience when i went out to eat, I was wondering what people thought. I hated buying cloths, sure if you are fat and tall your options are wide for cute plus size cloths but when you are fat and short, it is hard. Though i was always active, i did water fitness and elliptical work. I would have never thought of doing a Body pump class. The Energy you have. I am sure i would have more though if i got better sleep. So yes, I am still enjoying food (just lighter) and enjoying life. I am happier.

What do i miss? I miss fast food. I haven't had a filet O fish in over a year, if i get any french fries from McD's it is a few swiped from my kids. I miss eating candy bars without feeling guilt. If I am out and about and need to eat, I have Subway or Arby's. I miss Wendy's, I miss McD's and most of all I miss Taco Bell. oh taco bell YUMMY. I also miss buffets, specifically Chinese buffets.

On to Food...This week they had Lean Cuisines on sale at Rainbow, 50% off. so we stocked up. and when i say stocked up I mean that i have NO ROOM in my standing freezer. I tried the Chicken Ranch Flat Bread Sandwich. OMG it was soooo good. And did you know Lean cuisine has started putting WW points plus points on their packaging. SWEET, though dh found that we can use our pizza oven to cook the sandwiches. sure it take a little longer than microwave but the bread toasts up so much better. and we do doctor it up a little by adding some extra light cheese. It is funny when talking with MiL, she is like "one of those meals. they are not enuf for me i have to eat 2" sure one meal is kinda tiny but if you pair it with something else, like some fruit, small salad, veggie on side or adding extra veggie, then it is OK. it is all about slowly decreasing your food and shrinking your stomach. listening to your body cues when it says it is full. A lot of people no longer have that in their body. Eating slowly so that your body has time to trigger your brain saying "ok you ate enuf" My husband eats too fast and takes too big of bites. this is why when he is done eating, he still is hungry. Also people are so concerned about waste. they will force themselves to finish it, even though they are full. Cuz you know you can't waste that, that is what doggy bags and storage containers are for. When i go to Subway, i get a foot long sub, i don't eat the whole thing, i eat half and take the other half home for the next day. We are going to go to Stir Crazy when we scrapbook, I am going to get the all you can eat, i can take the second trip to go.

I suppose this is enuf of my meandering thoughts. it is early Saturday and I am really tired, thank you 4 legged alarm clock for waking me up early

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weigh In 1/7/12 New Year

First Weigh in of the new year and Sadly i have a gain but i am ok with that. I gained 1.9 lbs but given that is a gain over the holidays of just barely 2 lbs that is OK. Why did I gain? i didn't really watch what i ate this week. and i didn't really exercise. Things came up that i just couldn't get to the gym.

Monday - in laws were leaving at the time i would be heading to the gym, couldn't very well say "OK lock up when you leave, good bye love ya"
Tuesday - After being hostess with the mostess, i needed to De-holiday my house.
Wednesday - Silly me scheduled a dentist appointment for Sam during Pump time. (note to self : don't do that again)
Thursday - is Water fitness day but i didn't feel like going, I did do XBOX exercise game for 15 min though.
Friday - I went to body pump, didn't hurt to bad since i barely worked out.

I didn't go on elliptical either which i would normally do if i missed a gym day becuz Dh is home on vacay still and is hogging the bedroom TV or sleeping so I can't workout while he is in there cuz he makes comments or if i watch something asks questions throughout.

So back on track this week. I have a new phone so i have my mobile app downloaded so there really should be no excuses why I can't log my food. My workouts will resume also. Now that the insurance changed, we will no longer get $20 paid to my gym membership. it might cause me to slack a little since i don't have to reach the 12 session minimum anymore. I know i will continue with Pump, my water fitness though. not sure with winter months. I will try though. :) Our gym is also planning a big remodel. thankfully they will stay open during, they are adding on to the front of the building so the Pump room and pool will stay the same. I can't wait to see the result. they also said the remodel will slowly increase the fee but only by max of $4. they know that price matters and don't want to raise it too high. I LOVE MY GYM.

I love that when we did our yearly trip to Mall of America that i walked without need of sitting down. last year i found every opportunity to sit (i also was broken and crampy) but back then i thought i was fine. I was fat but healthy. now i realize how not fine i was. That is why i don't understand how women choose to get 400, 500, 600 pounds and think "I am healthy, I am ok, the doctors are fine with it" Do they not see how not fine it is? me loosing 60# and now i see how much more energy i have, how my legs don't hurt anymore, If I stay this weight I would be ok with it but I am not going to stop, i am going to continue. For me, for my family, for my friends to show them "IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO" Yes you may be happy at your weight but the world open ups a whole new bunch of possibilities when you loose some too.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weigh in (on 12/31/11) Final weigh in of the year

I sent 2011 packing with a 3.3 pound loss. though i am probably going to gain it back this week as I haven't really worked out this week. Monday I missed Pump cuz the inlaws left and they were heading out around the time I would leave so it would have been a little rude to take off mid leave. Then Tuesday was suppose to be Water Fitness but i felt the need to de holiday my house and pick up some. 5 adults and 7 kids can sure leave a lot of clutter. Though the kids had fun. Wednesday Sam had a dentist appointment during Pump Time. I know what was I thinking. (take note, no appointments between 9-11) Today, I just didn't feel like going to Water Fitness. I did try out my new XBOX game. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 Very good workout. i only did a small smattering of what was on there. but what i did worked. I haven't got on the elliptical either cuz dh has been on Vacay for 2 weeks and hogging the bedroom. i can't workout with him in there cuz he makes comments and watches crap. I would like to watch my shows in peace.

I am at 192.5 (or i was on Saturday :) tomorrow is Pump. it will probably kill me due to lack of working out. I am anxious to go cuz i got new shoes for it. Good shoes. they better be at $70.

Dh ordered me my WW food scale that i been wanting for a long time. I am looking forward to getting rid of the cheapy one i have. MiL got me a new WW cook book, I really should look in there. I am also glad that all the chips and snacks that were here for MiL's visit are now GONE. She didn't need to buy another bag of doritos. ugh, the Baklava is frozen, temptation averted. now to get me back to drinking my water and not the soda. sure it is zero points but i liked it when i was down to 1. a day.