Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

4 tbsp crumbled bacon (I used the stuff from the salad dressing aisle)
2tsp minced garlic
1pkg ranch mix
1 can Healthy Request Cream of Chicken (better than 98% fat free b/c sodium is low too and it's already a salty dish)
1c fat free sour cream
1/2c skim milk
12oz whole wheat pasta (I used Rotini, but rigatoni or ziti would work well) (don't need to be whole wheat all the same points) 
18oz boneless/skinless breasts (i put a couple of breasts in slow cooker with some broth and garlic) 

  1. Combine bacon, garlic, ranch mix, soup, sour cream, and milk in saucepan until a thick sauce.
  2. Bake chicken until done and then slice into strips (or cheat and use Tyson LOL)
  3. Cook pasta as directed.  *Instructions say to top pasta with chicken then sauce, but I just mixed it all together first and I liked it better that way.  
Makes 6 servings
400 calories     5.5g of fat     9 WW+ points 

Weigh In 6-24-12

I am up again.  gained 1.1 pounds.  Weight Watchers says that it is ok, gaining here and there is ok.  in the past I have been ok with gains.  This time I don't like it.  probably cuz i don't understand why.  All the other gains I got it.  But this time i didn't get it.  I was working out like mad (well not mad but daily.  I was tracking my points except the cake...i don't know what the points were on that but my Fitness points would have taken care of that and even if they didn't i had the 49 weekly.  but yet still I gained.   At least I am at a point where it frustrates me to go forward and not at the beginning where you get frustrated and quit.

On a good note, my dog groomer says she notices that I am a lot happier lately.  So i guess the loss isn't only physical.

In hopes to pick me up i ordered new workout shoes.  I hope they fit, i had to order online but i got the same size i have now and they are the same brand name.  I love skechers.

Still kicking around if i want to try step.  maybe i need to add a little more cardio to the mix.  I still need to check out classes for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I heard though that Christine is teaching W.F on Thursday so maybe i will head back to the pool.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Just a little Bump

I have hit a frump.  The scale is NOT my friend.  I been working out.  Watching what I eat.  Even if I did miss something on my pointing, my fitness points would take care of that.  I earn about 50 of those a week.  But yet the scale is telling me lies.  And no they aren't sweet.  I even changed the battery to see if it would say something else.  I just am in a frump.  It don't help that I go to change my cloths or try on something in the store and see my flabby body.  I am ok when clothed but naked...ugh.  The loose skin and giggle is bugging me.  I can't do anything about that.  Dh won't even discuss plastic surgery until I hit goal.  Except his goal and my goal are two different things.  He wants me to be 110.  I keep telling him that I will never be that.  I have had 3 kids.  My body type isn't like that.  I have Buska Thighs, I would be happy with 140-150.  if I hit that...then have plastic surgery that will take off probably another 10-15 pounds..  So that means I have 40pound to go.  (not 60 like he says)  But that is if the scale starts to move.  I think though I want to look and make an appointment for a consultation with a surgeon to just see what we are looking at and the cost.  Dh says if I get there he will totally pay for it.  I so don't know why I am in this frump.  I mean seriously.  I went into Kohls the other day looking for a exercise bra. No luck so I bought a dress instead.  I love the dress.  I LOVE IT.  The best thing is it is a Large.  not an XL and not an XXL.  But I just want smaller boobs.  I don't know how women do it.  You know the ones that get implants to be BIG.  Why?  I don't want to go uber small but a D would be good.  Just so i can go in the store and buy a bra off the rack and not have to special order and hope it fits.    I am also upset cuz my sister bought me a Victoria Secret bra as a gift and I was so excited but it don't fit right.  I hate my boobs.  I hate my belly.  I hate my butt and thighs.  I did finally get through the squat track without stopping.  I am proud of that.  Anyway, I am just in a frump this week.   Here is hoping Sunday weigh in the scale is good to me and that next week i feel better.  Maybe i should start taking that St. Johns wart too