Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am going to miss weigh in this saturday

i am going out of town and won't be near a scale on Saturday. So weigh in is going to be delayed till Wednesday morning. but currently I am at 209.4. that puts me at 2lbs lighter than Saturday. now if i stick to eating right on the weekend which shouldn't be a problem since all the adults are either doing WW or something else. it should be ok. i have veggies and salads ready to go with me. I am also going to be hitting the fitness room i hope but definatly doing the pool. so i will be getting in my water fitness and probably teaching my siblings a bit about what i do. I am also excited as dh isn't complaining about me going and even gave me money to top off my garage sale money.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

weigh in day 7/23/11

Today i sit blogging while watching my garage sale. it is called the garage sale diet. Sweat your butt off during the humid and hottest days of the year. it was 95degrees with a heat index of 118 (at the highest) heat index means what it feels like. you are also so busy that you aren't munching and grazing on food and you are moving and standing around keeping active.

So this week i LOST yeah. i lost 1.7lbs. according to WW that is 35lbs lost. but according ot me that is 40lbs lost since the other scale was telling me lies and the new scale added 6lbs to my weight when we bought it. i am thinking that the new scale is right cuz when we would go to the doctor it would tell me heavier than at home.

I have 11lbs to go till i hit my first goal of 200 lbs. that also means that i will feel good getting me some new cloths. not alot of new cloths but some to tide me till my next goal of 180. oooh that sounds good, no longer in the 200's

Next week I am going to see my family. I hope they tell me where they see my weight loss. i don't see it yet. ok i do see it in my waist. my hour glass is coming back and i feel thinner as in i am not hiding in big cloths, i am buying more fitted. What else! I am not waking up stiff and sore. I can do the dancer's pose in water fitness. I will also be picking up some bags of cloths from my broken sister. so i hope there will be something in there to suppliment my closet. I also got some awesome shirts from a friend in FL.

now i hope i can stick to my diet next week. i should be ok since my sisters and mom will be there and we all have to eat light. :) they will have a fitness room at the hotel and a pool. Not to mention the assembly is where you have to go up and down steps so i should be ok, i won't be able to weigh in till Tuesday so see you then.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Garage sale time

I wonder how much weight i am going to loose getting this garage sale going becuz

1. it is hotter than hell out there. Seriously, the heat index is in the 100 degrees. so not only is it hot but humid. so you are virtually taking a shower every time you step out

2. I am active, moving boxes,walking around, standing

3. i am busy so no time to munch on stuff, also the heat suppresses the appetite.

As for number 2. I am thinking back to 40 pounds ago. I could never have set this garage sale up on my own. I would have been so tired and worn out but now that I think about this. I am not. I am doing so much with so much more energy and this is even me going to sleep late last night.

I sit and people watch and see over weight people and think "are they doing something about it or are the content with their weight. Do they know they can do something or do they just leave it be" Even when I was 40# heavier i was always aware of my weight. i hated it, i hated living like i was. i just didn't have the power to do something and stick to it. sure i was working out but I was taking in more calories than i should so it was doing nothing. Though i don't think i would be successful if my husband isn't doing it also. Maybe all these overweight people just need a friend or buddy to help them. I know my friend gave up on WW. She wanted to do it on her own. Maybe she would have stuck with it if she would have admitted to people, got a buddy, went with me to work out. I am not going to hide it. Gloss over it. I AM FAT!!! sure i am told i am a good person but this good person want to introduce her to a skinny person. I don't know if i would have been successful if i didn't have my friends and my family helping me along the way.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weigh In Day 7/16/11 UGH

So this weeks weigh in has me at gaining .6 pounds. Seriously. Well i guess there is no splurge day in my future. I am going to have to watch what i eat closely and I thought when i went out to the Buffet i was good with my choices. (well except the cheese cake) I stuck to one serving of taters, got the baked fish. sure i got breaded shrimp but it really wasn't alot. i got a half a cup of the pasta thingy. had a diet soda (was going to just do water but dh got soda before i said anything) grilled zuchinni. :( but that caused me to gain 2 lbs and it took all week to almost loose it. it was probably that damn cheese cake at the end. those are 8-10pts. and you know what, it wasn't even that good and it caused me to feel bloated. :(

This brings me to the question...what is the point of the 49 points if it is just going cause you to play catch up on your scale. i know i didn't use all those 49 points. they are there for times when you have a party to go to or want to eat out. but apparently for me if i use them then i fall off the wagon and play catch up all week. so i guess back to the grind. no splurge day today. This week i should loose something becuz i am setting up for the garage sale and it is suppose to be HOT so i will be sweating off the weight

Monday, July 11, 2011

Grazing Platter

I know if you are like me, you walk through the kitchen and grab things. If you have kids there are usually quite a few things that you grab that really shouldn't. For instance yesterday it was cookies, fritos, and almonds. sure while almonds are good for you they are high in points, so you have to be careful when eating them. Why did I grab those things? cuz our "snack" cupboard was bare. Today i went out and got some more 'snacks' Carrots, cauliflower, radishes, and green pepper. So i made myself a grazing platter consisting of those four things. I am lucky in that I can eat them without the need for dip. My hubby needs dip, sucks to be him. All of those are zero point foods and I just recently learned that Green Pepper is a food that boosts your metabolism. BONUS! So i set out my grazing platter and when i run through the kitchen I can guilt free grab away. Sure it isn't as tasty as the fritos or the cookies but it is good for you and filling. So what would you put on your grazing platter?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weigh In Day 7-9-11

Well i lost. course i knew i would since the first half of the week i was in emotional turmoil. I also excercised ok this week. today i am going on the elliptical as i talked the man to take me to Country Buffet for their Shrimp thing going on. Shrimp made 5 different ways and one of those ways is coconut shrimp. YUM.

Oh are you wondering what i lost this week. I lost 3 lbs. That means i am now below my weight that i was with my old scale which means i can start entering my weight again on WW. according to WW i am now down 34 lbs since my start weight but if you add on those 6 lbs the new scale added. that means i have lost a shocking 40 lbs. i have about 80 more to go so i am 1/3 their. but that also means i am 12 lbs away from my mini goal of 200. i am also light enuf to comfortably sit in folding chairs.

Sadly my weight loss is causing these veins on my lower leg to pop out. only on one leg but it is sooo disgusting. i think that is one thing that will have to probably be taken care of.

I am extra excited seeing my family in a few weeks becuz the last time they saw me i was 40# heavier.

I do find i am becoming a Weight Snob though. i look at people and wonder "why arent' you doing anything" "do you enjoy being so over weight you have to utilize the electronic carts at walmart" Even when i was 40# heavier i didn't use those stupid carts. the only time is when i was pregnant with Sam. I want to scream that IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am not an emotional eater

That is the thing i have learned with all this crap with hubby. He is giving me the silent treatment for gosh knows why. i literally woke up Sunday morning to him in a sour mood and not talking to me at all. he hasn't said but a few words to me in the last 4 days. Sunday it was mumbled "i am so sick of this marriage" Monday it was him beeping "i forgot my wallet" and today was "is bailey outside" oh and when i gave him a hug Monday or tuesday it was "come on i am trying to do ????" yep that is all he has said to me. Not sure what I did (if i did anything) or what is the issue. just know that he is not talking to me and internally when No one is looking I break down. I been putting on a good front but inside i am a wreck. I have also been under my points daily. when i am upset i have to force myself to eat.

I weighed myself for shits and giggles and it already registered i lost a pound.

On happy news. I finally tried the Special K cracker chips. and they are good. 3pts for 27 chips. that is a pretty good deal huh. Other happy news is that my garden is all flowering so we should have fresh veggies soon

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weigh In Day 7/1/11

Well i lost this week. I was 218.? last week and this week I am 215.2 I am one pound off of my weight on WW (what my old scale said i was. I am also 15# away from my first goal of 200. I think when i hit 200 i will see if dh will agree to me getting my hair professionally colored. next goal after 200 is 180. then after that 160. we will go down by 20lb. If i get to 140 I will be ok with that. Since I am short my ideal weight is like 115-120 but i am almost certain I will not get down to that. I would be happy with 150.

I wish i would have done WW sooner. All that time I was working out and nothing was coming off. i probably would be at goal by now. But i thought i wasn't eating alot. but it turns out my points for the day were like 60points. I would down 30 points just by eating a box of cookies on a splurge day or when i would eat the whole container of honey roasted cashews.

I have been noticing large people alot too. I see them and some of them seem so happy and put together and think "wow i wish i was so self confident about my size." they wear cute cloths and just seem to be put together but then i think that is probably cuz they have spouses that are ok with their size and love them for them. My neighbor is plus size and her husband is thin. there are just people out there who like pleasantly plump women. You would think my dh would be more understanding as he is not thin in the least.

Some other exciting news is, i bought size 9 underware. i think the last pair i had were 11's and they were starting to feel like i had bags on my butt. I think those will become that time of the month undies. I can now grab both ankles. now what i mean is when we do waterfitness. they have this after workout stretch where you reach in back and grab your ankle and it stretches the front of your leg. well i could only grab one ankle for the longest time. but now i can grab both. the left still take a bit of effort but i can grab it and that is all that matters.