Saturday, November 7, 2015

so wellbutrine. and Plexus slim

So I am still waiting for the side effect of curbing appetite and binges but nothing.  I am a little thirstier which is good cuz i need more water.  But i don't think this stuff is working.  My libido is a little more.

Plexus slim.   i saw a co working using this.  mind you she is a tiny little sprite.  so she brought me a sample.  it is yummy.  she said it helps her hunger between meals.  this is good.  i need this cuz man between meals I feel hungry and it can't be always thirsty as i go up and drink water.  I got the combo of the accelerator and block.  The block really is just white kidney beans which is what i have here.  but eh. 

we shall see

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