Friday, June 26, 2015

Goodbye Le-vel

well this is going to be my last month on thrive by Le-vel.  it isn't worth the money.  I haven't lost anything on it or feel like my appetite is less.  I know this is really just a side effect on some but i was so hopeful.  I do feel slightly more pep but not enuf to warrant the cost of it.  i am sure i can find something else to get that Pep.  i just got replacement patches as they sent me the wrong ones.  if it was a preference of color that is one thing but i ordered and paid extra for the ultra and they sent me the regular.  so now i have 2 months of patches.  not sure if i want to order one month of vitamins to go with the second patch set or just take some multi vitamins.  i probably will just take a multi. I know there is many who have had success with thrive but i am just not one of them.  i also lost nothing with Visalus but i do love the shake flavor and will continue with those for my am breakfest when i don't have time to eat (early mornings on the way to work)  IF anyone has a weight loss plan let me know.  In the last few months i have put on 20 pounds.  i know it is me...i have fallen to bad habits.  stopped drinking water as often and eating more junk then usual.  i think i am going to try doing some weight watchers again.  (ha try.  i been saying i am going to try a lot)

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